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WWOOF Hosts NH218
2016-10-20, 13:45
We loved having Candy Tsang from Canada, WWOOFer i16/16077, staying with us. She was really into farming and The environment around us. The alpacas are always a treat as they are a very inquisitive when guests come over. It's always a pleasure being a WWOOF host to like minded travellers. 

Daniela Riccio, Little Valley Farm. WWOOF Hosts NH218
WWOOF Hosts NI343
2016-10-20, 13:43
We have been host members of WWOOF for 1 year now and have had 4 amazing ladies stay with us and another arriving this week. It took some time for us to decide to join the WWOOF program as we were unsure of how we would feel about strangers staying with us. We contemplated joining for about 2 years.We have been host members of WWOOF for 1 year now and have had 4 amazing ladies stay with us and another arriving

I can honestly say that what we have received out of this experience far exceeds anything we might have thought. The ladies have given us assistance in keeping our farm running smoothly and helping us to catch up on jobs that we just get too busy to get to sometimes. On top of all this we have also learnt so much. Sabrina from Italy, a dance teacher, started us on the road to learning Salsa, something my husband and I would not have done without her. We are really enjoying it. Elodie from France introduced us to milk on cake, helped us during calving time and was so interested in everything to do with Australia that it made us appreciate even more that we live in this great country.

Salome and Robin with their exuberance and excitement for this adventure in Australia have kept us on our toes and helped us so much during a busy time. It was fantastic to look on google and see their homes in Switzerland. Salome’s house is over 200 years old. It is hard to imagine!! On their last night they cooked us Älpermagronen. Wow, delicious. We now look forward to meeting our next WWOOFER on the weekend and can’t wait to see what we learn from her.

Overall it is hard to explain but having WWOOFers stay with us seems to increase our enthusiasm and happiness here on our farm. We get to share what we love with like-minded, interesting, enthusiastic people and they get to share with us.

Tracee & Phil Burke WWOOF Hosts NI343
WWOOFer i16/16077
2016-10-20, 13:39
With a background in environmental science, I am keen to learn and get involved in organic farming, Australia is renowned around the world for their sustainable agriculture and rise of permaculture practices. I was backpacking around Australia for three months, not only did I want to see the bright lights of the cities, I also wanted to go out into the country side and see the wild side of Australia. WWOOFing provided an alternate travelling experience, meeting real Australians in their native country side habitat. Their kindness and generosity renewed my faith in the human race. Their willingness to teach and share their passion for organic farming and sustainable agriculture gives me hope that change is happening and we all have to play our part if we want to see and be the change in the world. 

Living in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada my backyard gardening skills were limited. I've been to 5 vastly different hosts/properties in 4 states and I've learned so much more than I could ever hoped. Its been a life changing experience which motivates me to go back to Canada and practice what I've learned and share this infectious enthusiasm that all organic farmers have for their trade. Its been an amazing journey and I highly encourage anyone who is even remotely interested to try and give it a chance! 

Check out my video about WWOOFing in Australia:

Candy Tsang  WWOOFer i16/16077
WWOOF Host NI010
2016-10-20, 13:38
On the 11 of January 2014 a lightning strike started a fire that burnt my property destroying my hay reserves and rendering all my fences non-functional . At the time it started I had a young man called Seb from France staying who fought bravely to save my home and and chook house he also helped us slaughter and bury 200 of my sheep that were badly burnt. Seb stayed on for another 3 months and helped me rebuild my farm along with 3 German girls Louisa, Julia and Fran who spent the remainder of their time in Australia on this Blackened landscape in 40 degree heat mixing concrete and helping with repairs. 

Although I have not rebuilt my hay shed and some of the fences are still needing attention the farm is now a living breathing healthy productive part of this planet as am I who without the wonderful company and support of these wonderful 4 people would have struggled to recover.

Thank you WWOOF and Thank you Seb Louisa, Julia and Fran to whom I will be eternally gratefull.

Howard Gadd, WWOOF Host NI010
WWOOF Host WP224
2016-09-14, 12:26
Having to learn different languages and cultures - it has been brilliant - we hope to learn much more
something quirky - we had a beautiful lady from Japan stay with us - we had a vase with a inscription on it
only one letter - behind this vase on the wall hung a picture of a tree - the young lady mentioned that the writing on the vase was Tree .... we were quite amazed .. as the vase was given to us years ago by our daughter we later brought the picture when we moved into this property last year ... quite universal you might say ..
Hans & Bella
WWOOF Hosts WP224
2016-08-28, 09:49
We say: your proposal is very important for people joint and make a community serving side bi side w/o differences. From Cali, Colombia
WWOOF Host NI154
2016-07-19, 13:34
To wonderful gang at Wwoof,

This video will give you an idea of the wonderful young people who have come into our lives through wwoofing, these two young girls had us laughing for their entire 5 weeks stay with us and I "adopted" them as my German granddaughters.

I hope you enjoy the video as we did. We have just said Auf wiedersehn to another young German lass who was with us for 5 weeks with similar excellent work ethics and great sense of humor.

Being a Wwoof host has certainly enriched our lives.

Fondest regards,

Steve Langley
WWOOF Host NI154
WWOOF Hosts SA169
2016-05-13, 12:14
All the Wwoofers we have had over the past 12 years have been fantastic. our lives are enriched by the sharing of cultures and experiences we have had with hundreds of Wwoofers that have shared our lives and our home

Coodlie Park Farm Retreat WWOOF Hosts SA169
WWOOF Hosts SA241
2016-04-26, 12:08
I had now a wwoofer returning for the forth time, on this occasion including her parents and staying at our house for three weeks as guests and friends. Wwwofing is just a wonderful occasion connecting lovely people all over the world. Thanks for putting in all the work.

Karin & Joost, WWOOF Hosts SA241
WWOOF Hosts NI094
2016-04-20, 10:27
We have some great wwoofers in the last year and all have been very helpful. Our most recent wwoofer was a young Japanese boy who was so appreciative to be here he insisted on cooking some delicious food for us.

Peter took him fishing one afternoon in our canoe and he had such a great time and even caught a fish which he bought home and cleaned and cooked himself Japenese style. It's great to be able to give overseas visitors a real Aussie farm experience.

Peter and Jennifer Hosts NI094
Hosts WW157
2016-04-20, 10:22
We had many great people stay over the past year most of them very willing to help and get their hands dirty. We do have a lot of fun with most of our Wwoofers.

We had an excellent Austrian Wwoofer named Ingrid who would have worked 7 day's a week if we wouldn't have sent her away with a friend to explore some of Esperance's beauty, she came of a dairy farm and new of hard work, she pulled one of the kids when one of our dairy goats had issues kidding all by herself. She helped with dishes, washing, folding etc even after a good days farm work on top of this she cooked us some delicious Austrian dishes (one or two as a wish request) and they took me back to years ago when I was on snow skiing holiday's in Austria with my parents. We told her when she left she set the bar high for future Wwoofers.

One recent Wwoofer Swiss born Italian, Laura, came very close to match and she got along very well with our kids too, our daughter Laura was very impressed to have another Laura stay with us (first time she met another person named Laura) and instantly they were best friends ;-)

Lawrence & Leonie Hosts WW157
Hosts VN190
2016-04-20, 10:20
We have had only one WWOOFer this past year but we really enjoyed having him and we are sure that he enjoyed himself as well.

He stayed with us for a month, at first for 4 days and then for 2 more weeks, and then until he was to return to Japan. While he was with us he moved the cattle on a regular basis, planted and cared for some new native trees, and started a new vegetable garden from scratch, including getting seeds started, planting them out into the garden bed and watering them to get them established. In his spare time he enjoyed fishing in the river that runs through the property, riding around in the little Polaris vehicle we have and riding bikes around the area (he doesn't have a driver's licence).

He caught quite a few fish, mostly Murray Cod. Some of our friends who came camping on the farm taught him to swim. Once he learned he swam in the river every day to improve. We have been extremely happy with the impact that his work has had on our farm. He was very proud of what he had achieved with us and happy to have had this wonderful outdoor experience. We hope to keep in touch with him and welcome him back, as a friend, if not as a WWOOFer.

Ian and Olga WWOOF Hosts VN190
Kathleen WWOOF Host VM161
2016-01-12, 11:39
Hi Wwoof team,

I just want to say how wonderful it has been to welcome my first disabled wwoofer - Jaqueline Wiese from Germany has only 1 hand and a stump that ends at elbow level. Jaqueline has a can do attitude and nothing stumped her!

Jaqueline performed every woof task set without hesitation. I would just like to recommend her to anyone who might at first sight have hesitation. Don't be fooled - Jaqueline's good arm is strong muscular and her mental application is brilliant. Jaqueline was a joy to have around - and a good cook too!
Diana Träger
2015-12-23, 15:38
Ich kam nach Australien mit der Hoffnung, das sich irgendwo ein netter wwoofer-Platz auftun würde.

Was ich bei Steve und Kerry gefunden habe, hat alle meine Hoffnungen überstiegen.

Es war ein absolut herzliches Willkommen und ich fühlte mich sofort wohl und aufgenommen bei Ihnen!

Es sind beide ganz wunderbare Menschen und ich habe die Zeit mit Ihnen sehr genoßen,

sie sind zu meiner "australischen Familie" in meiner zweimonatigen Zeit geworden!

Und auch der Platz wo sie leben ist einfach nur traumhaft!

Ich habe mir im Vorfeld gewünscht, die Möglichkeit in Australien zu bekommen, das "echte" australische

Buschleben zu erfahren, abseits von allen Touristenattraktionen.

Steve und Kerry leben in einem wunderschönen Fleckchen Erde, wo man die nächsten Nachbarn nicht sehen kann,

aber dafür morgens mit Kängurus, Papageien und Kakadus frühstückt.

Ganz neu war für mich, das man Pferde mit dem Auto suchen muss und mit der Peitsche zusammen treibt, da das Grundstück für

meine deutschen Vorstellungen einfach nur ungeheuerlich groß ist und die Pferde nicht in Boxen oder kleinen Koppeln leben, so

wie ich das von mir Zuhause kenne.

Und diese Art der Pferdehaltung, so vollkommen frei, war schön zu erleben.

Die Pferde zu fangen, zu reiten, mit ihnen zu arbeiten und sie am Ende des Tages einfach wieder frei laufen zu lassen hat

unglaublich Spaß gemacht.

Neben der Arbeit mit Pferden, wie fangen, füttern, reiten, für Gäste herrichten, mit Gästen und Steve ausreiten, habe ich bei allem was gerade so angefallen ist mitgeholfen.

Sei es beim Renovieren der Veranda, dem Streichen von Zäunen, dem Putzen von den Unterkünften und Sanitär- und Campingplatzeinrichtungen der Feriengäste, reparieren von Zäunen oder mitgeholfen im Haushalt.

Aber bei all dem ist der Spass und die Freude nie zu kurz gekommen und während der australischen "smoke-oh", der kleinen Pause zwischendurch, hat mir Steve einfach unglaubliche und faszinierende Geschichten aus seinem Leben erzählt und mit seiner Lebensfreude

und Einstellung auch mein Leben verändert.

Und wenn ich nach der Arbeit durch das Buschland geritten bin, Kängurus und Papageien gesehen habe, aber keine Straßen, Häuser, Autos und dann Abends die Gemeinschaft mit Steve und Kerry genießen konnte, da habe ich gewusst,

das ich keinen perfekteren Platz zum wwoofen hätte finden können!

Ich kann nur jedem, der das Leben im Busch mit Pferden und tollen Menschen erleben möchte, von Herzen diesen Platz empfehlen!

Dezember 2015


I came to Australia in the hope to find a nice WWOOFER-place. What I have found at Steve´s and Kerry´s farm was much more than I could imagine. I was a absolutely warmly welcome and from the first moment I felt immediately great with them.

Both are really wonderful persons and I enjoyed the time with them much. During my two-month stay far away from home they became my „australian family“. And also the place where they live is a perfect dream.

Before I started my trip I wished to have the opportunity to see the „real“ australia, away from tourist attractions. Steve and Kerry live at a wonderful peace of earth where you can not see the next neighbours house, but therefore you have breakfast with kangaroos, paraketts and kakadus. Completely new for me was that we searched the horses by car and we put them together with the horsewhip. The land is for my german imagination so unbelievable huge and the horses do not live at stables or paddocks or something like that like I know from home.

This kind of horse welfare is increadibly free and it was nice to see. To catch, ride and work with the horses and let them free at the end oft he day was amazing and made a lot of fun.

Beneath the work with horses like cathing, feeding, riding, preparing for the guests, with gueast and steve riding, I helped with everything what came up. For example, fixing the veranda, painting and repairing the fence, cleaning the appartments and sanitär- and campingstuff from the holiday gueast or the everyday houshold. But at all of them I never missed the fun and the pleasure and during the australian „smoke-oh“ (short break in between) Steve told me unbelievalbe and fascinating storys from his life and changed with his vitality my own attitude towards life.

And after work when I was riding threw Bushland, I saw kangaroos and paraketts but no streets, houses or cars and enjoyed the society with steve and kerry in the evening I knew that I could not have found a better place for WWOOFing like here!

I just can warmly recomend this place to everyone who wants to enjoy the life in Bush with horses and nice people and in this meaning I also wish Steve and Kerry the best for the future and that they will have a lot of fun with the next generation of WWOOFer.

Dezember 2015

2015-11-11, 08:56
We've had a second volunteer ..a wonderful woman from Chicago who helped us immensely and was a joy to be around. We're waiting on our 3rd Wwoofer at this moment with a vegan meal prepared for his specific dietary needs and haven't heard a word from him on his arrival date. So it goes here in Idaho, we're hoping for the best.
Bernd WWOOFer i15/42033
2015-11-04, 11:10
I'm Bernd, a German former wwoofer who traveled the long way from Melbourne back to Melbourne this year. During my stay in Down Under I met a lot of great people, especially at the wwoof places.
So as I came home I decided to make a song about the tour and those Aussies who became friends to thank them and to show other people what you can get out of wwoof when you come here! There are a lot of pictures to watch, so enjoy it and get an impression of working holidays in Down Under.

Bernd WWOOFer i15/42033
David Kiernan
2015-10-15, 08:53
Hi my name is David & I am a wwoofer from Ireland. I stayed with my host Robin (NV277) in Inner Pocket, NSW for six weeks in August/September 2015.

The whole experience was completely unforgettable. On the property, Robin lives perched on the top of a mountain in a network of cabins & treehouses in an area of two competing ecosystems of deciduous forest & old rainforest, surrounded by beautiful national parks. The site overlooks cape Byron below & is an absolute joy to look out upon every morning - particularly to watch the sunrise over Australia's famous most easterly point.

During my stay there, my duties included planting trees, weeding, trimming vegetation, cleaning one of the cabins to prepare for construction, feeding chickens & generally giving a hand here & there to complete various tasks as they arose. The work was always enjoyable & Robin was forever within reason with his projects.

As a host, Robin was absolutely wonderful. He is a beautiful, kind soul that opened up his amazing home to me & made me feel as though I had a home away from home. He was incredibly hospitable & always made sure I was happy & comfortable & for my 6-week stay I had my own double bedroom with incredible views of the ocean & valley below. It was truly a dream.

Robin was also incredibly knowledgable about the local area & was always happy to chat to me over a cup of tea, the history of the region right back to aboriginal times which was fascinating & really gave me a deeper & greater appreciation of the land I was on.

The whole hinterland of the Pocket & Byron Bay, to me, must be one of the most beautiful, lush areas of coastal Australia with Robins patch of land being an absolute gem that has touched my heart & I will cherish my stay there for many, many years to come.
2015-05-03, 23:26
A review of 2014 saw 49 wwoofers pass through our life. Wonderful helpers,
great companions and friendships forged. Thank you Wwoofer Australia.
2015-04-27, 22:38
I love the country of Australia with its endless horizon and I love listening to Australian music
2015-04-27, 14:12
Hello, I'm an Italian wwoofer in Australia and I want to share my wonderful second wwoof experience.
I found on the book the host VG097. Peter and Jennifer live in Bendigo (VIC) in a nice property where they grow organic vegetables and chickens. After a quick visit I decided to stay with them for 3 weeks. The accomodation was great, a clean room with a big bed and a personal toilet and bathroom. I couldn't ask for more.
They were very pleasant, Jennifer is a good cook and she surprised me almost every day with something new, always organic food. Peter is a very nice guy able to do basically everything. Mainly I helped him in his conservation property with fencing and collecting seeds, but I did a lot of other things too like planting trees, making a garden bed and more, I never got bored. During the free time Peter bring me to interesting meetings about conservation in Australia and one of these meetings was focused to find the Plain Wanderer, a very rare endangered bird. We found the bird so I was very lucky to see one of them and all the team was very happy. I also had many rides on the mountain bike tracks around Bendigo, using one of the Peter's bikes and at the end of my stay in Bendigo I got the bike as gift.
I recommend to everyone to have few weeks with Peter and Jennifer, they are lovely people. I hope I'll meet them again in the future.

P.S. Their dog, Derek, needs a lot of attention, she's a very funny dog!
2015-04-24, 08:49
We have just said a very sad farewell to the most beautiful young man, he Wwoofed for us for a month. Christoffer always has a joke to share and a smile on his face. He is a kind and considerate person and we really miss him already.

Sadly due to my health suffering from months of overworking we had to take a short break from Wwoof hosting. So he had to move to a nearby farm. But seeing other people's experiences about developing long term friendships we are truly inspired. It feels like parting with a son. Luckily we have already arranged to see him as he has moved to a farm near us, and we hope he will return to us soon.

Christoffer is the second Wwoofer we have been lucky enough to develop a very strong relationship with, Cara is also like a member of the family, popping in from time-to-time.

Sure the experience doesn't always work like that, but what a gift when it does. We love hosting our friends from other places.
WWOOFer i14/10333 Benjamin
2015-04-21, 10:48
My name is Benjamin, I just returned home to the US from a 5 month holiday backpacking around Australia. I became a wwoof member ahead of my trip after hearing about the organization on previous travels. I only ended up using my book one time during the trip as my expected one week stay turned into a wonderful month at Rogin and Linda's (Hosts QT018).
I felt so welcome and comfortable, it was an awesome experience with lovely people at Taylorwood. Working with Rogin was great, every day was something different and I certainly learned a lot. He even took me on a few day trips doing different things like working on a catamaran, attending a council meeting and flying his airplane.
Linda was very motherly and caring surprising me with treats, making sure I always had everything I needed and even sending me to the salon for a haircut! I couldn't have imagined a better wwoofing experience than I enjoyed at Taylorwood. They even provided me with a car to explore the beautiful Whitsunday area and also surprised me with a trip out to beautiful White Haven!
Rogin and Linda were absolutely wonderful, period! Thank you for the awesome oppurtunity to meet amazing people like the Taylor's and be able to spend time in foreign places on a backpacker budget. I will definately recommend wwoofing to my fellow travelers, especially making a stop at Taylorwood!

Benjamin i14/10333
WWOOF Hosts QU265
2015-04-02, 13:57
Our funniest WWOOFer story:

Having a Korean woofer called Wu and trying to get him to stop when he was on the mower . We were saying "Woo Woo!" and he was waving and saying "Yes me Wu!"

WWOOF Hosts QU265
WWOOF Hosts NW121
2015-04-02, 13:56
Had a lovely lady from Belgium stay for a couple of weeks. She was visiting her daughter who lived nearby. Everything delighted her and she worked so hard for such a little person. It is so nice to give an experience of farm life here to someone from so far away.
WWOOF Hosts NW121
WWOOF Hosts VM218
2015-04-02, 13:54
I had a Korean Guy stay Called No Hite (an ongoing much loved joke right there) and he is the nicest most honest loving wwoofer I think I have ever had come and stay. He was a penniless traveller happy to be homeless as he roamed around Australia. Sometimes he would come back for a night or three unannounced but never unwelcome. All the wwoofer's worried over him but with his big smile and super attitude shone through and he was never worried. (Though he said if he told his mum she would be mortified) He dug and dug and no matter my attitude he was always happy to help and ready to serve. His appetite was wonderous often finishing all the food on the table include anyone's left overs. I will always remember Hite (no) and forever cherish his good grace and friendship.
WWOOF Hosts VM218
WWOOF Hosts TH238
2015-04-02, 13:53
We had a couple of Asian friends come to WWOOF with us. On our first day I boiled up a big cook-pot of scraps for the dogs including a couple of whole rabbits, on my outside gas stove. That evening we had rabbit stew for dinner and one of the girls ate very slowly and said very little. It turned out later that she thought we were eating the rabbit from the outside cook-pot - entrails and all!
WWOOF Hosts TH238
WWOOF Hosts VM355
2015-04-02, 13:51
Our family has loved being part of the Wwoofing community. We’ve met some amazing people from America, Japan, Germany and China. Our son can now say ‘Enjoy your meal’ in 4 different languages! And we have friends all over the world! One of our first wwoofers was a young lady from Germany – she stayed for a couple of weeks at the beginning of her Australian holiday. She chose to come back to us for her last 2 weeks too. It felt like our teenage daughter returning from Uni – so comfortable. We didn’t stop swapping stories from the past 6 months. We are still in contact and look forward to catching up with her again one day!
WWOOF Hosts VM355
WWOOF Hosts QU258
2015-04-02, 13:49
This year has been no different to past ones - we seem to get the most engaging and dedicated wwoofers visiting our farm. With our new certified organic free range pork it has been challenging at times but certainly worth while. We like to take our wwoofers fishing and snorkelling when we can out from Cape Kimberley near the Daintree in our boat and many wwoofers have had the additional experience of catching their first fish. Check out our facebook page for photos and videos. Looking forward to another exciting year.
WWOOF Hosts QU258
WWOOF Hosts NN207
2015-04-02, 13:48
We have had some lovely emails from WWOOFers months after their stay with us. They have arrived home and clearly their WWOOF experience is a treasured part of their travels.
Hosts NN207
WWOOF Host WW133
2015-04-02, 13:43
We have recently returned from Taiwan were we celebrated the marriage of one of our very first Wwoofers back in June 2011. Miranda is now part of our family, she calls us Mum and Jim Dad, our daughter she refers to as her sister and our daughter Pamela once wrote to Miranda "You are the Sister I never knew I wanted". Miranda met a lovley Australian young man and it is an absolute joy to have her here in our country as part of our family. We always introduce and refer to Miranda as our adopted daughter. We often wonder what we did to deserve this most speacial young woman in our lives. Miranda has even made a book for us, our daughter and my 91 yr old father (whom she absolutley dotes on) books with some of the beautiful photos she has taken here at the farm. Very sad for her family back home but they seem okay knowing that we are taking good care of their daughter here in Oz. We are all looking forward now to her extended family visiting her in Oz and coming for a visit to the farm. Thank you Wwoof for being the vehicle that send this beautiful young woman into our lives.
Hosts WW133
WWOOF Hosts NH161
2015-04-02, 13:39
We had a WWOOFer from Japan nicknamed Hero. He was a chef in Japan, and became so interested in Australian cooking that he took up an internship with an Australian pastry cook and has gone back to Japan to set up his own business "Hero's Pies". While introducing Hero to our Australian cuisine he showed us how to cook sushi rice and make sushi rolls, and also showed us how to make a number of interesting Japanese dishes incorporating our pecan nuts. Since Hero's stay we have offered each WWOOFer the opportunity to make a dish from their country incorporating our pecans: we have eaten some delicious meals!
Hosts NH161
WWOOF Hosts VM216
2015-04-02, 13:37
Emilie and Tiberio were amazing wwoofers! One night I showed them how to preserve tomatoes, thinking they could do a few bottles while I was out at work the next day - when I came home the entire kitchen was full of bottles of preserves, and Tiberio (who was an Italian cook) was still going full steam ahead. Emilie and Tibero were so enthusiastic, easy to get along with, and so great with the kids. The kids loved them even our dog Louis was sorry to see them go!
Hosts VM216
Host SA287
2015-04-02, 12:56
This year, as is usual, we have had some really wonderful young people stay with us. It is uplifting to see someone with no farm experience learn and be uplifted by their interaction with nature and come to love the life that we take for granted. On another tack -- A big thank you to all at the Wwoof office it is always a pleasure to deal with you. Keep up the good work! This organisation gives many young people the opportunity to learn not only about the Australian way of life but also to learn about the production (and consumption ) of good health food. In our case it also gives an old couple the option of continuing to work in an industry that we love.
WWOOF Host SA287
2015-02-25, 19:16
Richard and Jeanette (Hosts TH318) built their own little paradise in Coal Valley, some kilometers from Hobart. They have a vineyard, some chicken, a garden, sometimes sheep and a lovely dog who's always in for a game of ball or frisbee or a cuddle. They have more experience with Wwoofers than it seems cause they've hosted helpers before they entered Wwoof Australia.

You'll be put up in a spacy shed or in the guest room in their house, depending on the situation. Work is mostly around the vineyard and differs with the season - I did some netting and pruning. Jeanette's food is great and Richard fixed a bike so I could ride around. It's a very peaceful place with great views and lots of bushlands to take a walk in and watch kangaroos!

I met a bunch of lovely people while staying with Richard and Jeanette - friends and relatives of them who'd either pop in or we'd go and visit them. They took me around to see the mountains and beaches around Hobart and the MONA (and would have taken me to any other place I'd liked to go to).
It was always fun for me to spend time with them and their lot. I loved the calm work on the vineyard, the view from the house, strolling around the bushland behind their house and kicking the ball for their tailwagging dog. I felt very welcome and very good cared for and can very much recommend these hosts to any Wwoofer!!
WWOOFer i14/10042
2014-12-15, 21:09
I spent 3 weeks at SA304's home last November. They are located on the beautiful North coast of Kangaroo Island and they have lots of olive trees and fig trees on their property. They are great people. They welcomed me as I were a member of their family, always very attentive that I felt well. They gave me varied jobs to avoid I get bored or tired. Each mid-morning we had a break for a cup of tea or coffee. It was a special time to watch through the window the abundant coloured birds and parrots having a bath in the garden ! We had lots of time to talk and they were very patient with my basic English :)
Each evening we had a delicious meal, Dan is a great and passionate cook !

The house is lovely and very clean. The bed and bedroom comfortable. I could do a washing machine several times. But you have to know that there is not much reception from Telstra in the house, sometimes you have it but it is not permanent. So most of time you have to move away in the property (or in the neighbour land) to find signal to use your mobile phone. It was enough for me to check my e-mails and to send photos on Facebook.

The property is quite isolated, but without a car it is still possible to walk around (3,5 km to get to the beautiful Stokes Bay beach). The area is superb and there are plenty of kangaroos, mostly on the end of the day. One day my Hosts invited me for a night walk in the property with a torch to see the unbelievable abundant wildlife : kangaroos, wallabies, possum…There were so many, it was amazing :blink:
Several times I went fishing a lobster on his boat. It was a nice opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the coast and see seals and pelicans, and also eat an excellent chilly lobster afterwards if we were lucky enough to catch one or two ;)
On my days off I spent great time with the Hosts around the island. We visited many great places together and she taught me lots about the region and the way of life of the residents.

It is a memorable wwoofing experience. I recommend it to you if you want to discover the beautiful Kangaroo Island, learn about olives and figs and spend time with nice people.
WWOOF Host VG097
2014-10-21, 19:23
Our WWOOFer, Maria, was a gem. Undaunted by our bogged vehicle, she pitched in to lend a hand, was willing to learn new things and was a delight to work with.
WWOOF Host VG106
2014-10-21, 19:13
Over the last year we have had had a large variety of woofers from different country's and found that we learn so much from each one and try to teach something as well.
the main thing we notice is that there is always laughter, and acceptance which makes for a very bonding experience.
The thing we like best is showing woofers how to put yabbies to sleep. ( I kid you not)
come and see.
WWOOF Host VM203
2014-10-21, 19:09
Thank you for this wonderful experience for our two daughters - being surrounded by multicultural visitors, they have developed a beautiful cultural understanding. Besides, we were lucky to build really strong friendship with some of our woofers ( our long- staying French Woofer, Nicolas, has just visited us for a month; he became a member of our family and we were so lucky to visit him and his family back in France for lots of wine and cheese). Thank you.
WWOOF Host QR218
2014-10-21, 18:57
Our Japanese Wwofer Kenta would always say, AhhSo AhhSo, so one day I asked him why he kept calling me and ahhsole. Then I explained what an ahhsole was. We all laughed so hard, he nearly fell off chair.
WWOOF Host SA144
2014-10-21, 18:56
WWOOF Host WN123
2014-10-21, 18:54
Last year we had two females and two males who were from Italy..Elena, Angela, Andrea and Nicola were so helpful, funny and easy to live with during their stay at our home. We learnt a lot about Italian cooking and they learnt a lot about the outback of Australia and had the opportunity to muster and handle cattle during their stay..
WWOOF Host NM202
2014-10-21, 18:53
We just hosted our last woofers for the past 3 months, a lovely couple from the UK. In exchange for their labour they were able to get there 2nd year working visa. We did many projects including building a rammed earth compost bay and rammed earth wall inside our chook pen with glass house.
WWOOF Host QR217
2014-10-21, 18:49
we have had about Four great woofers that have certainly made a lasting impression on our lives and these woofers are not woofers to us but are friends we would even call them family. They certainly have helped us get our farm up and running again after being hit by two floods and then a drought but then a breath of fresh air graced our door step. From them helping with getting ground ready for crop to animal husbandry, and every other job that needed to be done along the way. The funny thing is that every new woofer that we have grace our door steps we tell them all about our special guys and we now even have a special book that we get them to write in their special moments with us this that allows other woofers to see for themselves what other woofers think about not only us but our home and farm. A special hooray is sent out to Luigi Ferrarese Woof ID 113/1464, Kirsty Phillips, Woof ID i3/4783, Stephanie Borchert Woof ID i13/50614 and last to our beautiful Scottish woofer Rachel Alison Woof ID i13/50614 . Thank you guys so very much you have left a lasting impression on us and in our hearts and we wish you all the best
WWOOF Host TN223
2014-10-21, 18:46
Just loving the wonderful people that I meet through WWOOF, sharing their stories and experiences with me.
They sometimes help me see my little corner of paradise in many different ways!
Much appreciation also for the skills and energy people bring too. Glad my cooking balances out all this!
Looking forward to this Summer's hostings!
WWOOF Host Qo174
2014-10-21, 18:43
All the wwoofers we have hosted this year (2014) have been great, it would be hard to pick out any individual they have all added something to "Windyridge" and given us plenty of good times, hard work and happy memories.
WWOOF Host NB078
2014-10-21, 18:39
We've had great wwoofers this year. Seems the germans are prolific at the moment as 5 out of the 8 were germans! Thanks WWOOF Australia for a great service.
WWOOF Host TN246
2014-10-21, 18:23
Hi Guys!
It's been an excellent and interesting first year with many great WWOOFers, thanks!! : )
Already looking forward to what the coming year has in store!
Best wishes,
Vincent, Debbie and family

PS. A "highlight" was when 3 of our first 4 WWOOFers (all first time WWOOFers themselves) were spontaneously treated by the pilot to a free helicopter ride over Cataract Gorge in Launceston (because friends had invited me to join them on a free "prize" flight that they had received).
WWOOF Host VM114
2014-10-21, 18:10
I've had some lovely WWOOFers who have brightened up my life and lightened the work-load, sometimes they are hard work, I always try to make sure they get a lot out of the experience, we've had some good times together.
WWOOF Host WW128
2014-10-21, 18:06
Only two WWOOFers in 2014, but have had other enquiries. It was good to meet and work with the people who came., always gives a new perspective on life!
WWOOF Host QR071
2014-10-21, 18:02
Well this year we had our first Family of Woofers, I didnt tell Mike until the day they were arriving, imagine his surprise when this huge caravan arrived with Mum, Dad & 4 boys. It was a great pleasure to host this lovely family. We were their first woofer hosts, & they our first family. The week just flew by it was lovely to share this special time with them, they are taking a years sabatical & home schooling the boys whilst travelling around Australia. A great idea, Whilst here the boys learnt all about growing Limes & Garlic & we took them to meet our Local Crocodile Man,This I'm sure was a real Highlight. They call themselves the A team
I think it must be for Amazing......
Dorothy Host NN006
2014-10-21, 18:00
Our few visitors were a great help and fun. All fine workers and very articulate. Felt very lucky to have such people come and share. Thank you for your work.
WWOOF Host NU146
2014-10-21, 17:57
We are leaving the country to voluntary teach Organic farming in Bhutan and will be back after the 1st November. Part of our trip is to encourage WWOOFing in Bhutan for Organic Farmers.
Keep up the great work- we love our WWOOFers we wouldn't be where we are today without them. x
Michael WWOOF Host NU281
2014-10-21, 17:52
WWOOF Host WN091
2014-10-14, 17:55
Wwoofers have become an invaluable part of our life, we have several that have stayed on to work, in fact our overseer started here as a Wwoofer! So thank you for a great concept, we will look forward to Wwoofing ourselves one day!
WWOOF Host NA143
2014-10-14, 17:53
Rebecca , a German WWOOFer, found a wombat hole but no wombat - decided to crawl into hole to 'meet' wombat. Had to be pulled out after she got stuck...
WWOOF Host NV277
2014-10-14, 17:51
I live on top of a mountain. Sometimes I make my Woofers walk all the way up . . . .it makes them really appreciate arriving here!!

It's funny those that I give the most challenging work have become my closest friends & the greatest mutual respect.
WWOOF Host TN185
2014-10-14, 17:50
Have been really lucky with the wwoofers we have had.
We had a male Korean wwoofer that was really hard working. At first he was laxed. Then he spoke to me and asked what was expected of him. I told him he was doing alright with his work but the only thing that needed improving was for him to start work by 9:00am. The following day and henceforth, he was out by 9:00am for work.
We had a female Japanese wwoofer, by schooling and previous job in Japan, she was a nurse. However, at our place, she did weeding, watering the garden, feeding the animals, all without complaint. Very very hard working. When she knew that she was going to leave soon, she worked doubly harder so that she will not leave me any weeding that i have to do.
When a wwoofer leaves, i feel sad like one of my children is leaving. It really make me happy when i feel that the wwoofer has concern for us as we feel some concern for them. Our wwoofers keep in touch with us through Facebook or by email.
WWOOF Host SA316
2014-10-14, 17:48
This has been a year of good woofers. Krislin(from Estonia) came earlier in the year and did the seriously hard work of pruning.
I gave her a gift to be opened on the Perth. She returned for a few days on her way back east and three of us (Including current wwoofer Heidi) had a silver service dinner in the city(Adelaide) My first 5 star dinner for decades!.
Current wwoofer Heidi( from England) leaves tomorrow after 5 weeks. The pea straw spreading and weeding task for my blackberry variants has been daunting. Before Heidi came I warned her my husband, who had been ill for ten years, may pass away. She came anyway and Alan died the day after Heidi arrived. Heidi stayed. She made cups of tea, entertained children, attended all ceremonies, being there to assist as required, still spread the pea straw and resurrected my mobile phone when it filled with paddock dust.
There have been others who have pulled their weight.
What a fantastic wwoofer year I have had, at this time when the rain tends to obscure the sun. I look out and see the most promising looking berry canes for three years.
Helen, Cottonville, Adelaide Hills
WWOOF Host QO143
2014-10-14, 17:46
Just a note that it has been hard to satisfy positions for wwoofers this year. Everyone seems to want a 2nd visa and are therefore looking for long stay places. Our short stay offer has not interested any one for a while. This is a shame. We do enjoy the exchanges we have had with our wwoofers over the years. Perhaps the coming year will be better for us
WWOOF Host WP082
2014-10-14, 17:39
Thank you for a great job. We always enjoy our guests and have built some friendships through the years.
WWOOF Host SA371
2014-10-14, 17:35
We would not have been able to convert to organics without the help of our WWOOFers over the last 12 months. The cost of running a vineyard organically is far greater than running it conventionally, but with the help of our amazing team of WWOOFers, we have been able to realise our dreams. Thank you!
WWOOF Host QU419
2014-10-14, 17:33
The joy of seeing our Italian visitors watching ducks and chickens hatch from the incubator and helping them grow in the brooder box. Also getting to know the geese and watch goslings hatch. Being their "foster parents" caring and feeding of these little creatures.
WWOOF Host WP062
2014-10-14, 17:31
Nothing but praise for WWOOF. We keep getting wonderful WWOOFers who add joy to our lives.
WWOOF Host VM104
2014-10-14, 17:26
Always amazed at just how many wonderful willing workers there are out there! Love your organisation.
WWOOF Host VM198
2014-10-14, 17:24
I had a couple from Korea stay with a woofer from England last year. The three worked together to install a beautiful wall made out of left over wood to cover and ugly set of metal water tanks which faced our bathroom window. The result -an amazing wall that is both functional and an art piece.
Later we closed in the area from the wall to the house and the same wwoofers helped construct a japanese style garden to look out on when you are in the bathroom complete with small maple tree, stone pagoda and water feature and stones. Many visitors to our farm and successive wwoofers look on with admiration to this work. So creative and peaceful. I was very grateful for their building and garden design expertise.

WWOOF Host NF100
2014-10-14, 17:22
I have recently moved house so am starting from scratch in the new garden. My most recent wwoofers got the job of digging up lawn to make space for a veggie patch (in light rain most of the time). Why does it always seem to rain when one has wwoofers booked in??
This job was turned into a charming time for them as my 5 chooks helped them everyday.They were running around grabbing worms and grubs as soon as the lawn was dug up and turned. In fact the chooks were bouncing in anticipation on the tines of the fork before the lawn was lifted and regularly needed to be moved on to save legs from being chopped off!! They seem to have no fear. This turned a tedious and damp job into a lovely interaction for the wwoofers as the chooks kept them company and entertained them the whole time clucking and squabbling about who got the choicest morsels.
By the time the wwoofers left, they had decided to set up a chook pen in their garden when they got home to the UK.
For me it was a delight,happy chooks and happy wwoofers, what more can one ask from life!
WWOOF Host VN180
2014-10-14, 17:19
Enrico, from Upper New York state, USA came for a few days mid winter last year to help fence and plant trees and shrubs for our SERCS program. He came for a week and stayed three months. The almost 40 year gap in our ages disappeared very quickly as we found common ground in music, movies and attitude to life. We worked hard together and he quite often exclaimed happily, "I'm excited" and it was this infectious attitude that found us working happily for three months, till it was time to move on to other adventures. We have fond memories of Rico, he will always be welcome at Warrenbayne.
WWOOF Host WN137
2014-10-14, 16:27
As I have planted over a million trees over the past 13years, I feel I can indulge myself by requesting the latest WWWOF book. :)

Am so happy with the WWOOF organisation - that in spite of being an aged pensioner, I am happy to pay the full renewal rate.

My latest WWOOFer really surprised me when he left after staying 6months because he was so impressed with the research I am doing. The surprise? He made a donation of $200 to my project - having already contributed so much thanks to his GenY skills.

Another told me he loved me - like an adopted father and another said out of the 10host properties she visited, 'Auria' was the best as I was the only host to make her feel as if she were part of the family.

Keep up the good work - might you be able to add a YouTube address? http://youtube/dBZ1MoO8GK0

Best wishes from a happy WWOOF host.
By the way, I have just sent my renewal by electronic transfer.

Best wishes,

WWOOF Host WN191
2014-10-14, 16:24
It has been a great experience, having wwoofers to stay. Such excellent folk - only one was a bit lost and not keen at all to learn new skills. Offered to teach this wwoofer how to cook, how to ride a push bike and so on, but wwoofer not interested. Very unusual.
WWOOF Host QR170
2014-10-14, 16:23
We recently just had 3 amazing guys (shout out to Emil, Sofie & Esther!!) stay with us for 3months to complete their 2nd year visa hours. Before they left on a new adventure we went on a road trip to Gympie Music Muster!! Had an amazing time, lots of laughter, fun and of course beer!! This WWOOFing experience taught us that we got just as much out of it as they did :)
WWOOF Host TN241
2014-10-14, 16:20
Hosting has been very helpful for our aging joints and energy levels. Fantastic food experiences with swapped recipes, long dinners and extensions of our pantry supplies. With the exception of one who asked how to use a garden spade, all have been skilled enough to do everything we have wanted - including one who became an expert spinner of fleece in one week! Our biggest problem is keeping up with the workers.....

Observations have led to wondering why most come from Japan? ESL schools are very well organised on the east coast of australia.
WWOOF Host SA372
2014-10-14, 16:15
We have had some of our Wwoofers come fishing with us on they're leisure days, and with some of them it is they're first fishing experience. This is always awesome to see! Although we also fish for squid and allot of newbies don't realise the squid squirt their ink when you catch them on the line and reel them in. Needless to say we can all get a little messy with the black ink! Very funny though. Lucky our wwoofers have very good attitudes and see the funny side of it all :) Good fun!
WWOOF Host VB152
2014-10-14, 16:12
We had a delightful young WOOFER from Japan. Her English was fine but she got extremely disturbed when I said, regarding the challenge of a particular job in hand I said, "Well, there's more than one way to skin a cat."
"Oh no! Please don't take the skin from the cat" came the hysterical reply.
It took 10 minutes and a cup of tea to sort that one out.
WWOOF Host SA373
2014-10-14, 16:10
Without a doubt our best WWOOFer was Sebastian, who we all jokingly called "The German Bobcat". He was a tireless worker who was always cheerful and willing to try anything. Despite being the youngest wwoofer we've had, and lacking in experience, his initiative, enthusiam and energy were boundless. He ate well too! After he left I discovered we had this thing called "leftovers". He was always grateful and we can't thank him enough for his hard work. We came to view him as part of our family and look forward to visiting him in Germany one day.
WWOOF Host QG104
2014-10-14, 16:08
We have been blessed with amazing wwoofers who grow before our eyes. However, one of the first things they are taught us how to open & shut the farm gate. We had this little Japanese girl who became our no 1 Japanese daughter.
Allan showed her how to open and shut the gate for 2 days, then she had to do it on her own. She opened the gate - fantastic - jumping & cheering. Then she shut the gate - fantastic - jumping & cheering. Allan was laughing and told her okay, get into the truck. That was when she realised she was on the wrong side of the gate! We kept her for the full 88 days...
WWOOF Host NE116
2014-10-14, 16:05
We had a great team of WWOOFers over the last year. The best pruner we have ever had - and who had never pruned before - was an Italian WWOOFer who was also a well known European singer. She now has an extra skill set. She loved Michele's work hat - Akubra - and was given it as a gift by Michele. Watch out for a well worn hat appearing on a new Italian TV show in the near future.
On a different level another WWOOFer felt after a few hours in the vineyard high heals were not really "de rigeur".
WWOOF Host NM208
2014-10-14, 16:03
Hi. Really enjoyed hosting our Wwoofers - all wonderful people. We have been so lucky. Thank you.
WWOOF Host QO128
2014-10-14, 15:59
During June a French football fan WWOOFer came to stay with just before the soccer World Cup. He couldn't believe his luck that he had come to a soccer mad household and part of his 'duties' was to watch football.

Our last WWOOFer was from South Korea and had been with us seven years ago then returned to WWOOF with us again, and at Christmas a WWOOFer from Switzerland came out from Switzerland for the third time to stay with us for three weeks.

We have made some great friends through WWOOFing.
WWOOF Host WS010
2014-10-14, 15:57
Here I am, one of your long term WA hosts and biggest fans. Still seeing some terrific people coming thru. Maybe just lucky, but very few clunkers in my time in the organization. I would say most Wwoofers these days (here at least) tend to be in their 20's and at least 60/40 female. Possibly half of them from Asia. In recent times even a few from Mainland China. From my experience the Asian Wwoofers, although not always overly experienced, acquit themselves very well. Japanese Wwoofers have been the five star gold standard for almost all my time in Wwoof. Experience - from experience - is not a deal breaker at all for me. I try not to have my Wwoofers doing repetitive, unteresting tasks for too long. If they are, I dont think its fair to let them struggle along with those jobs all on their own. Have heard terrible stories from one or two of my Wwoofers. Those from Asia tend to put up with a lot and are not taken to complaining. I encourage them to be a little more outspoken... and if they feel like they being exploited to write to you about it.

I doubt whether our Government (especially this one) fully appreciates what a marvellous and beneficial organization Wwoof is for this country and the world at large. It generate enormous goodwill... and ought to factored into this countries GDP IMHO! So, keep up the good work folks. Appreciate it.

Kind regards, Denny F.
Noggerup WA
WWOOF Host VM299
2014-10-14, 15:55
Our best story is the young man full of tenderness whenever one of our chicks died and who had to fly home for two weeks because his Nan was dying. "Grandma" I thought but No! "Nan" was his pet Ferret!! He made it to nurse her while she crossed "The Rainbow Bridge!"
WWOOF Host WP178
2014-10-14, 15:52
We have really enjoyed having the wwoofers stay with us. It has been great meeting people from different cultures. We keep in touch with a lot of them as well, they become like family
WWOOF Host QT276
2014-10-14, 15:50
Three swedish woofers were here during a drizzly, cold cloudy May.....I was concerned that it was too cold and miserable to work.....but hey compared to northern country Sweden it was warm!
WWOOF Host WW164
2014-10-14, 15:48
We had two great WWOOFers from England who used to sing to the chooks when they collected the eggs in the morning.
SA358 WWOOF Host
2014-10-14, 15:45
Matthias from Sweden was here for 2 months and an awesome worker and great guy.
Yoshimi came for 2 weeks and we loved having her, she was very funny.
Sasha came for nearly 4 months and his English and farming skills improved beyond belief. We miss him.
WWOOF Host NT145
2014-10-14, 15:43
this year (2014) we visited some Wwoofers in their hometown in France we attended their wedding and sat on their wedding table and stayed with them for a week
they stayed with us 4 years ago and we have always keep in touch with them
Brian and Kristine
2014-09-28, 08:57
This is a letter we wrote to our Hosts following our WWOOFing visit to Hosts NB118:

Hi Stacey and Andrew – just a quick note to say thanks for such an awesome experience woofing with you guys it was literally amazing! We managed to get a massive chunk of our days ticked off for our second year visa (bonus!!) and really enjoyed ourselves in the process. Wonboyn is so beautiful and going out on the boat most days was really a bit of a treat – I especially liked playing with the fishes and squishing about in waders in the water. I think Phil’s favourite was probably when we caught the octopussy, I was happier on the other side of the camera but I did manage to touch its suckers without being too much of a baby! The work side of things was quite straightforward and very enjoyable, we managed to pick it all up really easily. Sadly neither of us actually like oysters which several of my friends were livid about when we were telling them what we’d been up to! In fact generally most people we tell are pretty jealous, especially when you factor in being surrounded by kangaroos, hiking up the small (but still very real) mountain, going down to what is pretty much a private beach, kayaking about on the lake, and having homemade warm from the oven mid morning snacks all in a days work - it certainly makes a change from reception duties :) !! Anyways just wanted to say thanks so much, had an awesome time and looking forward to our second year, which to be fair we might not have been able to get without you guys! Lots of love Clare and Phil xx (WWOOF ids i13/6473. i13/7383)
2014-08-26, 23:19
WWOOFing is great for backpackers in Australia. The ability to have food and accommodation eliminated from your expenses is such an invaluable thing when travelling.
Claire & Phil
2014-08-25, 11:14
This is a letter we wrote to our Hosts following our WWOOFing visit to Hosts NB118:

Hi Stacey and Andrew – just a quick note to say thanks for such an awesome experience woofing with you guys it was literally amazing! We managed to get a massive chunk of our days ticked off for our second year visa (bonus!!) and really enjoyed ourselves in the process. Wonboyn is so beautiful and going out on the boat most days was really a bit of a treat – I especially liked playing with the fishes and squishing about in waders in the water. I think Phil’s favourite was probably when we caught the octopussy, I was happier on the other side of the camera but I did manage to touch its suckers without being too much of a baby! The work side of things was quite straightforward and very enjoyable, we managed to pick it all up really easily. Sadly neither of us actually like oysters which several of my friends were livid about when we were telling them what we’d been up to! In fact generally most people we tell are pretty jealous, especially when you factor in being surrounded by kangaroos, hiking up the small (but still very real) mountain, going down to what is pretty much a private beach, kayaking about on the lake, and having homemade warm from the oven mid morning snacks all in a days work - it certainly makes a change from reception duties :) !! Anyways just wanted to say thanks so much, had an awesome time and looking forward to our second year, which to be fair we might not have been able to get without you guys!
Lots of love Clare and Phil xx (WWOOF ids i13/6473. i13/7383)
WWOOFer i12/7905
2014-06-13, 18:53
I had an amazing wwoofing experience near Noosa, in Cootharaba. Hosts QN226, Neil and Maria are really wonderful people and I would like to thank them again.
The work is about gardening in a permaculture way, in a very peaceful and beautiful garden. I learned a lot of things about gardening thanks to them !
Wild kangaroos and perrots coming every day, beautiful lake a few minutes away, the food is awesome (Maria knows how to cook nice family meals !), and the wwoofers sleep in a comfortable bed in their own little house (with fridge, radio, nice shower, kitchen and even the tv), which is incredibly clean.
They took me to Noosa from times to times, and I really loved the barbecues watching the sunset.
The only bad thing : I wish I could have stayed longer !
WWOOFer i14/9285
2014-06-13, 18:51
I had stayed in Birra-Li farm(Ni311) for about 2 months, I had an amazing experience.
Loretta is very kind and always looked after me like her real daughter. Peter has a lot of knowledge of Australian agriculture and gave me wonderful experiences in the farm.
Accommodation was very comfortable and food host mother cooked was delicious. I also learned how to cook Itarian dishes, pasta, pizza, gnocchi and so on.
There was no hard work. I was always full of happiness in Birra-Li.
I sincerely appreciate their all of kindness.
WWOOFer i14/9195
2014-06-13, 18:49
A pecan/ small cattle farm near Grafton, NSW.

Everything you could want from hosts.
Trevor & Mary were friendly and hospitable, and very knowledgeable about the local area.
The accommodation was a separate guest house adjoined to the main house, with large comfortable beds & own washing facilities.
The property is a picturesque hillside overlooking lakes and forests.
The food was top notch.
There were excursions off the farm at least once a week, into town, the beach, or pub.
And to top it all off an adorable dog, Sasha, that was more pet than working dog.

I highly recommend.
WWOOF Host WS221
2014-05-13, 12:44
We have loved having Wwoofers on our property - it's been a win-win experience all round and we look forward to having more soon. It's brilliant meeting young people from all over the world.
WWOOF Host QO168
2014-05-13, 12:39
We've generally been blessed with the most wonderful WWOOFers and some have found the experience life-changing. The funniest would have to be the city kids who came out here only to discover that they didn't really want to be on a farm ... with animals (too scary). Most enjoyed the opportunity to experience something different and learn new skills.
WWOOF Host NU239
2014-05-13, 12:34
We have had some wonderful woofers over the last year and had some well-needed help. Thanks for your work to keep the show on the road.
We have moved farms and are now land-sharing with a wonderful, visionary, goat-farming friend, hence the change of name from Marmalade Farm to Goaty Hill. We have sold our cow Marmalade who the farm was named after so, that's it, no more Marmalade hoo, goodbye, goodbye, farewell.....
WWOOF Host NM176
2014-05-13, 12:33
Our first Israeli, Bar, was such a delight to have around and befriend - a man with a big heart and a love for life. The whole family fell in love with him and we have plans that our 5 year old will go and wwoof for him and his family in Israel in 15 years time!

German Matthias was a gentle soul who will become the most wonderful vet if he is successful in his application to the university of his choice when he gets home. We loved having him in our home and hearts too.

We feel very blessed to meet such wonderful people (who so make up for the bad ones!)
WWOOF Host VG074
2014-05-13, 12:25
I could not narrow it down to our 'best' wwoofer, all bar two of the wwoofers we have ever had over these last 9 years have been lovely!
We remain in contact with many of them & so have friends all over the world.
We love being wwoof hosts.
WWOOF Host QG345
2014-05-13, 12:22
We could not operate our animal shelter without our wonderful WWOOFERs who have worked so hard to improve the lives of animals. We love WWOOFERs who have a good sense of humour and like to have a laugh after all the hard work is done.
WWOOF Host NB054
2014-05-03, 09:24
Dear WOOF Australia

It is with great regret that I am no longer able to participate in the WOOF program as a host. I have enjoyed the experience immensely and have met some fantastic people. Even the woofers who were not such great workers have provided memorable stories. My children's favourite woofer was a Korean who was useless at doing outside work, but who put on amazing magic shows for them.Some others may not have done much work, but have provided some good dinner party stories to laugh about, like the self proclaimed amazing cook who had to ring Mum in the US five times to make dinner one night.

However, most of my woofers have been truly wonderful hardworking interesting people who I have been privileged to meet. They have enriched my life and I will be much culturally poorer to no longer be able to have them.
Unfortunately I now have to work outside the home fulltime, and some evenings too. Whilst I could certainly do with a hand I cannot put the energy into welcoming people and providing the exchange I once did. I really hope that at some time in the future I will be able to rejoin the program.

So thankyou for all the effort and energy you put into this wonderful experience.
WWOOF Host QT212
2014-05-01, 09:49
Hi Wwoof Team,
Thanks for running a great service.
Laurie and Peter.
WWOOF Host NM111
2014-05-01, 09:47
When Robin (from the Neherlands) and Ariane (Swiss) came to be here at Guunuwa, the timing was perfect for them to experience a traditional Australian Bushdance. They didn't know what to expect. So when, near 100 locals jammed into the Valla hall and the sets and couples began to dance to the traditional bush music, it was hard to say which was louder, the laughter and stomping or the music from the band. The verandahs were a welcome, airy, cool relief in the breaks and supper as fuel for the second half of the dance. A memory never forgotten by these two wwoofers.
WWOOF Host QG016
2014-05-01, 09:39
We were pleased that Gaston from Switzerland, who spent a couple of weeks with us, was a keen nature-lover, getting up at dawn each morning searching for platypus, which in the first part of the year do a lot of wandering and so are unpredictable. His patience was finally rewarded and he got some good photos. On his last morning he actually saw three of them. He was also a very willing worker and helped us build a shelter for our new composting toilet, as well as helping with a lot of weeding and other jobs, so we took him along on a couple of our tours into the rainforests which he much enjoyed.
WWOOF Host NI283
2014-05-01, 09:35
We only had one WWOOFER this year but it was a wonderful experience - we so enjoyed our time with her, and learning about each others cultures- she felt like a soul mate (and also really improved our table manners!) Even though she was a city girl from Tokyo, she coped with all the day to day adventures of snakes in the vegie patch, plucking ducks to cook etc. She quickly learned and took responsibility for the jobs we needed help with and was a really hard worker. It was good to have that extra energy in the midst of a very challenging drought. I wish she could see the results of her hard work in the garden now that we've had rain and everything is so lush....
WWOOF Host NI280
2014-05-01, 09:33
Our first WWOOFers were incredible and shared an amazing experience: two young Swedish ladies who have now become part of our family. Two ladies straight from the city who through themselves into our farming lifestyle. Eager to learn everything we could teach them, including how to drive the farm ute.

Couldn't have asked for a better experience. Two amazing people.
WWOOF Host QN137
2014-04-24, 09:27
Hello WWOOF organisers,
Just wanting to let you all know that we have had some fantastic wwoofers coming to our property! We are very grateful for the wwoof organisation, as we have an enormous amount of work on our property and permaculture education and demonstration site, which has become more manageable with the help of wwoofers and volunteers.
Thanks again!
Host NA164
2014-04-24, 09:24
We have had two German WWOOFERs stay with us on separate occasions last year. One for three months and one for two months. Both lasses were great, keen workers, loved our animals and fitted in with us like family members. We still stay in contact.
Host NN121
2014-04-24, 09:20
We have really enjoyed having young people in the house
NU153 Avril
2014-04-24, 09:17
Great organisation, keep up the good work!
2014-04-24, 09:09
Hello, such a great program. We have met some lovely people since signing up!
Sharryn NE074
2014-04-24, 09:08
Overall we have had fantastic wwoofers stay with us, most of whom come back to us before they actually go home. We love to have the longer stayers as our animals do better without too many changes of faces and the training on how to get the daily routines done, are a bit more complicated than most places. As we grow our own fodder for our horses (seed to feed out in 6 days) and the other animals are all fed special food as well. The people who are willing to stay at least 4 weeks are the ones we choose.
WWOOF Host WW157
2014-04-20, 15:49
We have had many good experiences with Wwoofers in the past year and only a few Wwoofers that were a bit less willing after the first few days but over all good experiences.
WWOOF Host SA348
2014-04-20, 15:44
Our policy is that once you have been a wwoofer , you can come back after as a friend, and a French girl called Marie did this she wwoofed for us and came back with 2 friends and we had a great time together. Although i said no wwoofing they still helped us out ,cooked a lovely French meal for us and helped organise a friends birthday party .
WWOOF Host VA021
2014-04-20, 15:42
Have had Steve from England for 3 months and have enjoyed his company and help. Keep up the great work down there .
cheers Barry
WWOOF Host ND099
2014-04-20, 15:38
Hey guys - I am really enjoying the wwoofer experience and meeting so many lovely, funny intelligent and passionate people and getting there much need help. thanks heaps!!

WWOOF Host VM310
2014-04-20, 15:36
We have hosted a wonderful fellow called Simone from Italy who came to us, straight from the airport upon arrival in Australia. He has been back to work at the farm three times now - quite amazing, we now think of him as a friend as well as one of 'our wwoofers'.

He built our market garden (with two French girls who were also staying here) and has cared for that garden - spraying out Dipel, weeding, spraying BD 500 etc. It is his garden too now.
WWOOF Host NN131
2014-04-20, 15:33
I enjoyed hosting a lovely young Japanese man who aspires to become Prime Minister of Japan. He asked all his hosts to list their top five reform agendas that he should address as Prime Minister. He was fascinated with our concept of banking offering selective low-interest-rate investment opportunities, so as to offer low-interest-rate loans. Conversely, he was rather mystified that all Australians' top reform item was to end Japanese whaling.
WWOOF Host QG220
2014-04-20, 15:30
We had the pleasure of having 2 girls from Denmark, our first from that country. Malene and Katja were always cheerful and really capable at any task. They were good company. Both are psychologists and we had some great conversations. Miss you girls!
WWOOF Host ND098
2014-04-20, 15:28
WWOOF Host QO178
2014-04-20, 14:48
We have had some truly amazing young ladies. A big heart felt thank you to Teresa, Chika, Aimi and Haruka.
WWOOF Host TN235
2014-04-14, 15:51
My current young lady who was my first WWOOFER has returned for her second stay. She has become like a daughter to me. She just about to go with a friend of mine to Africa to assist her whilst travelling. She often cooks authentic German meals for us so we can experience food from her country. The WWOOFER system is terrific for Australians to be able to exchange our Country life experiences and in return be able to experience international customs and experiences.
WWOOF Host QN196
2014-04-14, 15:46
Many thanks to WWOOF Pty Ltd for linking wwoofers to us the hosts - lots of interesting tales about their lives. They were all honest, respectful & helpful.
WWOOF Host NT168
2014-04-14, 15:40
We have met some wonderful people that we would not ordinarily come across in our life. We even had the opportunity to meet one of our WWOOFer's in their home when we visited Berlin last year. They had been born in East Berlin before the wall was knocked down and we were amazed to find out that all the photos they have of when they were young are in black and white and they were only in their twenties. Wwoofing really is a great experience to learn so much.
WWOOF Host VA019
2014-04-14, 15:37
A japanese wwoofer once had difficulty understanding aussie slang. I tried to teach him as much as possible but he had a translator computer thingy.I told him most aussie words like struth and cobber wouldn't be in there. I didn't think til later that the definition of mate translated to" sex partner." !!
WWOOF Host QN197
2014-04-14, 15:35
Amy from Taiwan was the best wwoofer we have ever had in terms of entertainment and a wonderful spirit of adventure.
WWOOF Host TH044
2014-04-14, 15:33
We adore wwoofing and wwoofers ,it is the best
WWOOF Host NT139
2014-04-08, 08:22
Last year our favourite wwoofer retuned for her third Christmas in a row with us. During this time our turkeys had 16 chicks. One didn't hatch properly so she brought it over quite limp and sad looking and upon request she sat in the sun nursing it for hours to warm it up. Much to our delight the chick struggled on and lived.
WWOOF Host NT151
2014-04-08, 08:20
Our very First woofer stayed a very long time! She was a 56yo dutch woman on a holiday visa, when she rang to apply she said the things she loved to do .... We enjoyed having her around so much. She has been out again since for her annual holidays of 4 weeks and will remain a life long friend. We've loved hosting wwoofers and have made lots of friends through it. We have a past wwoofer visiting again for 2 weeks now! Thanks Belinda
WWOOF Host WP175
2014-04-06, 09:46
Hi! All of our 3 woofers have been an absolute delight. We have really appreciated their help and enjoyed getting to know them. Thankyou Wwoof!
WWOOF Host QN079
2014-04-06, 09:44
We have some resident pythons on the property. Not all Wwoofers get to meet these, but Sigrid from Austria surprised one while watering pots on the verandah with a watering can. The curled up python got a cold shower and Sigrid got the fright of a lifetime! The snake just slept on. Fortunately, the multitude of native birds and their morning chorus made up for this encounter in leaving Sigrid with an overall good impression of her time in Australia.
WWOOF Host NU119
2014-04-06, 09:42
I have been trying to grow pumpkins for years and the bush turkeys would eat them before they ripened. George Le Man helped me extend the bird netting in my vegi garden and I have lots of pumpkins this year. Hooray! Thanks George!
WWOOFer i14/20996
2014-04-03, 10:05
I have stayed with SA240 for the last two weeks and wanted to warmly recommend this farm to other WWOOFers. It was a great experience!

The farm is run by Ruth & Steve and is near Meadows in SA, south of Mt Barker and around an hour or less to Adelaide CBD. I joined them coming from the McLaren Vale area.

Accommodation is great within the house, depending on whether you travel alone or with friends in can be in a single bedroom, queen or a comfy bunk bed. Meals are prepared in great parts from the local produce on the farm (salad, carrots, beans, potatoes, even the meat) and WWOOFers take part in cooking and washing dishes.

Work includes feeding animals (cows, sheep), picking vegetables and fruits from a beautiful orchard, general gardening and whatever else needs to be done on the farm.

Each Saturday Ruth sells her produce on the local Mt Barker farmers market and WWOOFers help out in preparing the pastry and vegetables that get sold. We also accompanied our hosts regularly to trips around the area, be it to visit the neighbours or their family that live around the Adelaide Hills region. Oh, and there's a dam where you can swim and cool down in the hot summer days!

All in all, a wonderful experience!
WWOOF Host WP045
2014-04-03, 09:17
Thanks to the wwoof team and to all our past and present wwoofers for allowing us to have had amazing friendships and experiences with wwoofers of all ages and countries. They have allowed my children to grow into open minded persons, who feel strong knowing how many amazing people exist in the big wide world, and strong from knowing that they can travel and be welcomed by friends in many many countries around the world.
We have had parents of wwoofers visiting us to meet us and thank us for caring for their far away daughters/sons, and we have been invited to weddings in different countries and now follow up on the next generation popping into the world. Our home is enriched with the history of so many hands having contributed to its growth, here a straw-wall rendered by Mita, there a paving by Ting-Ying, and everyday remembering Anna and Borice for the kitchen bench, or Robert and Evelyn for the tiling in the main room. Oh, and one of the things i cherish most is my special golden book were over a hundred wwoofers have written the most wonderful words, and if ever i get the blues, i open a page and my heart warms up immediately. If i am asked if we ever get bad wwoofers, i always say that we always get either good ones, very good ones or amazing ones!
thank you for ever,
WWOOF Host WN180
2014-04-03, 09:15
We have been very happy with WWOOFers we had last year and are looking forward to the season this year. We had 2 come back to us for Christmas and 3 coming back for a birthday in May!!!

Thanks it is a great program.
WWOOF Host VB215
2014-04-01, 12:15
In the last year I have hosted 19 WWOOFers for a total of 301 days. They did 1844 hrs of work, mostly on public land. Both the relevant land managers & local environment groups are thrilled.
Most of the work has been environmental weed removal, but it has also included plant propagation, help with our wildflower show, protecting endangered Hooded plovers & Cleanup Australia day. WWOOFers have come from England, Wales, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Canada & Japan.
WWOOF Host VZ133
2014-04-01, 12:02
Every one of our WWOOFers have found a place in our hearts & enriched our lives. We have started a WWOOFer tradition where their legacy is remembered, with thanks, for the work they have given to caring for this earth. Our Global Mandela WWOOFer Garden is expanding and flourishing !
Each WWOOFer makes a mosaic garden tile, reflecting their unique culture and personality. Our colourful paths are filled with flags or pictures from across the globe.
All of our WWOOFers have become part of the family, and especially one funny Italian Stefano Merilo, who taught us to make great pizza and home made ravioli from his nana's pasta tray that he carried in his back pack! He planned to stay for a week - and ended up staying 7 months!!
WWOOF Host QU243
2014-04-01, 11:58
Last year I had 2 wonderful WWOOFers 1 Taiwanese & 1 Japanese both named Rei. They came at a time when I most needed help - I ended up having to have a major operation & was out of commission for 2 weeks. Neither girl shirked on their responsibilities feeding sheep, looking after the watering etc. I cannot thank them enough. Life has many twists & turns & this was one. Thank you girls.
WWOOF Host NM123
2014-04-01, 11:56
We only had a few folk stay with us this past year, as two Italian women stayed for the long haul - one for three months and the other for 4 1/2 months!

In July last year, we went to Germany to cycle through the Mosel Valley. At the end of the 360 km ride, we were met at Koblenz by four past WWOOFers who traveled from different part of Germany to see us. They hired an apartment for the occasion and cooked us a wonderful lunch. It was great to see them after 5 years and we had much catching up to do! We have a lovely photo of the 6 of us as a memento.
WWOOF Host SA329
2014-04-01, 11:54
we had some fantastic WWOOFers this year and are looking forward to the coming year :)
WWOOF Host TH078
2014-04-01, 11:50
Mona from Taiwan is a trained pastry chef and treated us with a full blown patisserie buffet, while Alice from France is an artist and painted the beautiful signs for our roadside stall. Hans-Peter and Katharina from Switzerland are farmers and pruned our young fruit trees.
Host NU099
2014-03-31, 09:52
I have had some great young Australian wwoofers coming through over the past year - enthusiastic and keen to learn about self-sufficiency. It is really encouraging to know that its not only travellers from overseas who are interested in living on the land and in communities.
Host NA162
2014-03-31, 09:51
The cows are very friendly, quiet and now moo in German, Austrian, Mandarin, Italian, Korean, Japanese, French and English!
Host QN249
2014-03-31, 09:48
Our best wwoofers are two german boys Andre and Marsel. They help us cut prenty pests trees beside mango trees. The work they did in 2 weeks we need to do 2 months. Andre is a chef, he cooked prenty delicous german food, I cooked chinese food, so we can shared the different counties food. They did a real good job here! Thank you so much!
Our anther best wwoofers are a French couple Jean and Fanny. They did a good job here! They help us picking mango, washing mango slicing mango, dry mango and making mango snack. They are considerate and friendly, very lovely people. Thank you so much!
Host NT130
2014-03-31, 09:46
all our wwoofas have been good ... so much so two lots I have had have become permanent residents, a couple from Germany now live next door and rent a place from my mother and are permanent residents of Australia and starting a family! Another couple are living with my sister 2 doors down, from Chile and France have been here for 2 years now ... so we warn people now ... they might not leave!
2014-03-26, 15:51
I stayed for a little over a week with host Amber (TH071) and her family on Bruny Island, in Tasmania.
Bruny Island is a beautiful place, with paddocks, fields, beaches, dunes, and even rain forests!
Amber is a fun loving woman with 3 kids, and she takes on all kinds of (often creative) projects.
She's also a great (vegetarian) cook, who makes the best pies, cookies, brownies, pancakes, etc.
It's a little farm with some goats, 2 ponies, a horse, geese, ducks, chickens, cats and dogs.
Even Amber's mother lives on the farm, in her own little house.
If you want to help out this lovely family, and eat the best food you can think of, look up TH071 in the WWOOF Book, under Tasmania, Bruny Island.
2014-03-26, 15:49
If you are into WWOOF-ing because you want to learn and experience what it means to run a small productive organic farm, then there is no better place to visit then Greg & Lyndy (NU271).

First lets start with location. Greg & Lyndy are located on NSW NorthCoast. The area is renown for having a great climate and being an center for a little bit more alternative lifestyle. The people there are friendly and accepting of wwoofers and have a clear understanding of who wwoofers are.
In the area there are plenty of farms or small towns to visit with Byron Bay and The Channon (home of the Permaculture Research Institute) to just a name a few. Exploring the surrounding area is also encouraged by Greg and Lyndy.

The accommodation and food are amongst the best of ever experienced in the WWOOF-ing host community and probably will never be matched by anyone. After eating there you'll probably have different standards for food you eat. Greg and Lyndy are both excellent cooks and that's also one of the areas where you can learn how to prepare healthy meals and preserve food.

Now to working part. IMPORTANT to say is that if you don't have any interest into self-sufficiency and you're doing this just for a sake of someone signing a second year visa there are better places to get that. Greg is a horticulturist and a very knowledgeable man. A true Renaissance Man with many life skills. You can learn a lot about gardening, plants, self-sufficiency, business, marketing, selling, farmers market, finance just to name a few. The working days are just filled with possibilities to learn something new and that's why it's a great opportunity for anyone who is truly interested in a more self-sufficient way of life.

In conclusion I enjoyed every day and I have a lot of incredible memories from my time at the farm!

I hope to have the opportunity to come back to this place.

Enjoy the wwoofing!

2014-03-26, 15:47
We started work at 9am and it wasn't really hard work. We had to paint the whole house, in which we had an own room with comfortable beds!

The property is huge, including a beautiful house, an awesome view, a peaceful billabong, around 20 acres of cattle land and forest and also a big pool, in which you can always jump if it's getting too hot during work.
Carmel and Ken are one of the loveliest couples we have ever met. They have ten children, but only one of the sons, Daniel, stays at the farm at the moment. He is a really funny guy and if you are an open-minded and relaxed person, you can have a lot of fun with him.

They care about you like you are a member of their family and you will get the best food on your trip through Australia!

You will also get to know the rest of the family, because there are visitors almost every day, but they are all very nice too, so you don't have to be scared of the large number of children.

Included in the family are also three lovely dogs, a cat and the cows on the field.
Off the job we often went to the beach, which is not far away, or to some waterfalls in the region, so we never got bored.

So if you want to have an unforgettable stay in Australia and want to meet an amazing family, this is the place to be!
(Host-Number: NV320 or page 256 in the wwoofing-book)

Both of us want to say thank you again for everything you did for us in this way and if we had the time, we would stay forever!

Olli & Achim
2014-03-26, 15:45
I have spent my last 3 Month at Phillips ( NV290) and Geralds place near Lennox Head (20 min south from Byron Bay). The work was not really hard it included lawn mowing, weeding, cleaning jobs mostly with a pressure cleaner and other stuff that need to be dun at the Farm. The guys are no slave driver and you can do the jobs in your own time as long as the result is good. The working times are also flexible, if you plan your work good you can explore the area a little bit or go surfing in Lennox or Ballina.

The Accommodation is just perfect. I had my own room like the other woofers with a queens size bed. There is also a 17 with i normally used after work or in my working breaks. I had there a good wifi-conection and because it is not that far from the next city also phone reception (I did not had that at some other wwoofing places).

One of the things i miss most after the good company and the interesting talks to the guys or the other wwoofer is the very good food Phillip is one of the best chefs I ever met and it is really hard now for me to lower my standards in food back to the normal backpacker level.
They also did trips to Byron Bay, Lennox, different Pups, Nimbin and Brisbane with me, with were rally cool.

If you want to have a good time doing wwoofing and be not isolate from the civilisation go to this Farm

Thank you Phillip, Gerald and also the other wwoofers for an amazing time we stay in touch
WWOOF Host WN040
2014-03-25, 11:53
All of our wwoof experiences have been wonderful, it is difficult to choose a particular one, they were all their own individual experience.
WWOOF Host SA039
2014-03-25, 11:52
Our best wwoofer by far was Aline (i12/8069) from France who was a great worker but also very keen to learn. A a result learnt lots about Biodynamic farming as well as basketmaking. We shared many recipes, enjoyed the visit ,had fun, and she went home with my biodynamic notes to edit into a book.
WWOOF Host NI287
2014-03-25, 11:50
Fabbie came for 3-4 weeks and stayed for 4 months. Our daughter drew the most amazing muriel on the wall and we laughed for hours about it. The french have trouble with 'h' and sounding it out and tend to flip the words round frequently. So after a long trip with us to the Gold Coast and back, Fabbie (Fabien) bend over double emerged out of the back bench seat of the car. Walking more like an ape than a strong young man, he rubbed his bottom whilst trying to stretch out and announced " my harse is so sore". So we had lots of fun with his "air" hair his 'hear' ear and the list goes on. We have had the best of time with Fabbie and he has ended up with so many nik names. I would love to send you the muriel as it described to a tee this wonderful young man.......

here's what fabbie wrote to us
I stayed with Janet and Tony aprox. 4 months !!! i had passed a great time with them. I had while I stayed there, a great room just for me.
This is a second family for me now! Tony and Janet are exceptional people.
I learned a lot of things with them. The job is very interesting, and the project that Janet and tony put in place is super amazing ! you never'll be doing the same thing!
if you want to see more than 50 kangaroos per day, it s the ideal place.
It is a gold family and very funny REALLY !!!!
I recommend to all backpackers to go there you will not be disappointed and if you have any questions I leave my email address!

I enjoyed my stay with them I will visit them before I leave Australia!
WWOOF Host QZ098
2014-03-25, 11:43
Don't get me wrong Woofing is awesome and hugely beneficial to us. BUT. We have many instances of Woofers not turning up when they say they are which messes a lot of people around, once someone says yes then you tell everybody else applying that the position is full and so people are messed around. In England if you do this you lose your membership.
WWOOF Host QN159
2014-03-25, 11:39
Some of our WWOOFers join the local library and really feel at home here. WWOOFing is working very well for us. We have had wonderful WWOOFers and our projects are benefiting from their work.
WWOOF Host NH158
2014-03-25, 11:15
We love having wwoofers stay! We have three children and, as a family we really enjoy and value sitting around our big dining table with wwoofers from around the world, sharing food, experiences, ideas, and plans.

We recently had an Israeli family with 4 children (4 - 13yo) stay with us, and meal times were noisy and rich. It was fantastic for our teenagers to talk about being a teen in their prospective cultures. The family from Israel loved that their children had an opportunity to live in a wide, open, green space with various animals. And, as always, we were very grateful to get some help from willing workers (the parents, not the kids).
WWOOF Host NW124
2014-03-25, 11:10
The cultural exchange is one of the most valuable aspects of the Wwoof experience. It is such a positive aspect when there is so much unrest and negativity reported in the News. Understanding and sharing ideas and ideals is far more rewarding.
WWOOF Host QU258
2014-03-25, 10:55
Many, many thanks for the great service you provide. We thoroughly enjoy being a Host farm. We have met so many wonderful young people and keep in touch with many. Can't wait till we retire and we can go and visit them.
WWOOF Hosts VM284
2014-03-19, 12:07
Malcolm and I find that the emotional energy that WWOOfers bring into our home is really uplifting. Despite the fact that we are in out 70's and the WWoofers much younger, we have made some great friends, and had many laughs.
WWOOF Host NW039
2014-01-21, 12:05

Hi there Wwoof Australia! I've been a host in northern NSW since 2001 and have recently started trawling through photos, re-reading my guest books and plan to upload some great albums to my property page.

I really just wanted to thank those of you in the office for all the great work you do and for making it possible for me and my family to meet so many amazing, wonderful wwoofers! I would love to share some of my pics on this page if that's okay?!

I've enjoyed the company and experiences of over 100 wwoofers over the years and I absolutely KNOW that every single one has come to me when the timing was just perfect.

Trish and Pete VN181
2013-11-15, 16:17
Our name is not in the WWOOF Book as yet,but we have had our first WWOOFer. It was a great experience for us and we are looking forward to meeting more travellers. We can accommodate up to three persons and all meals are provided. Please read our info on the WWOOF Forum and on the Amendment Sheet to the WWOOF Book. Cheers Trish and Pete Hosts VN181
WWOOF Host QU317
2013-11-13, 10:39
Sometimes you get a WWOOFer who just clicks with your family. They are the ones who give suggestions as to what to do with the spare mint in your garden or want to stay longer to see the seeds they planted come up. These are the WWOOFers who know when to retreat to their room to give you some family time but are happy to join you when you go for a BBQ with friends. I enjoy having WWOOFers who love where we live, who ask where they can go for a bushwalk and ask a million questions when we drive somewhere. I like WWOOFers who ask my kids how they went in a test at school and who want to come to a school sports day to cheer them on. I like WWOOFers who want to get the job done as much as I do so we can all sit back, have a beer and a meal and enjoy life.
WWOOF Host WS214
2013-10-23, 11:52
Hello Everyone at WWOOF,
I have to say thank you for such a great organisation. Our lives and our daughter are much enhanced by the wonderful people we have had stay with us. As I write this I can hear 3 giggling girls doing Yoga in our lounge room. My daughter is 4 and can communicate like a much older child because of the interaction she gets every day with WWOOFers. We have had WWOOFers here for 13 months almost and on average 3-4 at a time stay with us and most have stayed for 88 days for the 2nd year Visa. We have only had 1 out of 21 WWOOFers who is a 'traditional WWOOFer' eg. not working for visa. One of our WWOOFers this year stayed for 6 months and he and us were teary eyed to see him leave to go back to Korea.
Al in all we do love WWOOFing and on a practical level we really do need the help on the farm.
Thank you,
Kind Regards,
Ray, Christie & Hannah
WWOOF Hosts VM203
2013-10-22, 11:36
There are plenty of stories to tell, yet the most important for us is the friendship we managed to establish with some of our woofers. Last year we travelled all around Europe with Nicola (our French "son", who stayed with us on and off for two years), spent a few days with our beautiful friend Rosa ( who came all the way from the Netherlands to Poland to see us), met our very first woofers from Germany. This was an unforgettable experience for us and our two daughters. Thank you.
2013-10-17, 18:21
Hi, I have had some terrific people staying at my farm this season WWOOFers are amazing!!
Loved reading your comments. It is inspirational to hear your stories.
Thank you for sharing,
WWOOF Host VM271
2013-10-11, 13:43
We are loving being Wwoof hosts. It has not only helped us no end, but brought the wider world into our small town lives.
The energy of enthusiastic young travellers has reinvigorated my belief in fun and adventure and provided my teenage daughter with many 'sisters' from all around the world.

These bonds that are being formed are so wonderful & strong that we are flying to Cambodia to meet Lina & Ashley, two gorgeous and hardworking girls from Sweden & USA, and spend some time travelling with them before they go home for Christmas & we go further afield.

Of the 5 Wwoofers we have hosted in the past year, 2 of them came for a fortnight & stayed 5 & 7 weeks respectively, and three of them have returned for a second visit, so I reckon we must be doing something right :)
Keep up the good work WWOOF!
WWOOFers Lena & Max
2013-07-11, 12:07
Dear wwoof-team,

Me, Lena 19, and my boyfriend, Max 20, both German, have spent the last year travelling Australia mainly wwoofing. Of the three quarters of a year we spent in the country there have been no more than two weeks in which we haven't been in a wwoofing engagement.

We had heard of the organisation by friends who had tried it before, but no one we know has done it so exclusively and whole hearted as we did. Without aiming for the second year visa or similar reasons we just wwoofed in account of the wwoofing. And I really have to say, it was the best way for us to experience Australia.

In the approach to escape the overcrowding East Coast and all the tourists (especially those many of our own nationality), we started in Perth and made our way up north along the certainly more vast, but in my opinion also more beautiful and somehow magic, West Coast, into the outback, up 'til Broome and into the stunning Kimberleys in the middle of the wet season (which was an adventure, surely, but no less interesting and amazing). Our journey included gastronomical work, as well, as a long term wwoof at a wildlife sanctary which suited us particularly, an unique outback cattle station stay, many smaller and larger farms and the amazing pearl farm experience at Cygnet Bay, where there was definitely the most beautiful environment I will ever have worked in.

Later we flew down to South Australia experiencing a completely different, but again in its way beautiful and fascinating, landscape, wwoofing around Adelaide, at the beautiful Southern Ocean coast and on kangaroo island with a very kind and caring host in the unique surrondings of the island with all its special wildlife and nature, which was another great highlight of ours.

Heading down the Great Ocean Road to Melbourne at last lead us to our last and maybe dearest wwoofing place in the lovely Victorian countryside. We decided to conclude our time as wwoofers with another great wwoof on a little wildlife shelter. Not only that we learned a lot there about Australia's native wildlife and the importance and problems of the subject in connection with the human expansion (e.g. in the metropolitan area around Melbourne) and got quite interested in the dedicated actions of "Wildlife Victoria" who definitely do a great deal to protect Australias native wildlife.

Besides our love and passion we evolved by working with or aroung wildlife for many months, I also figured that it is important, that also visitors, like us, get to know these special creatures and learn about their fragile existences and that it is important to protect them.

Wwoof Australia made it possible for us to make these sorts of experiences, which vary from all varieties of gardening and farming skills (we especially gratulate ourselfes to having brought up and installed a windmill in Western Australia) to the responsibility and consciousness that work with animals and nature bring with them. We are very proud of some of the things we've done and learned and that we got the chance to do so.

A great part of it is surely the membership in your organisation without which we'd never have had the connections and ways to access the places and reach the people who have gotten our friends and dear memories of our time in Australia.

We feel deeply dedicated to the country, the unique eco system and the precious wildlife and for us wwoofing was a great way to experience "real" Australia, as it is for us. We want to thank the organisation, as well as all our hosts, with many of which we are still in touch and with whom we had great deals of exchange in all terms of what wwoofing is (or should be) about.

Of course it is an challenge and it's not always easy to accept all facettes of someone else's lifestyle, as they don't always comply 100 percent with your own expectations and needs, but that's what you let yourself into when you decide to be a wwoofer and it's what makes the adventure so exceedingly varied and exciting.

And I would even go so far to say, that if we might not have enjoyed every single of our wwoofing experiences holily or at the same level, we didn't regret any of them either. They all have offered us something worth remembering and taking with us on our journey through Australia, and now that we are back home in Germany and due to go to university and start another big journey, also to take on the journey of life.

And there are some bonds so tight that we are determined to come back and visit those people and places that have become so important to us. And, fo course, to still extend our knowledge of this strange and fascinating country. Still I have the feeling only to have seen a tiny bit of what makes Australia. There's such an abundance of landscapes and wildlife and culture and history and other curiosities, it is merely and simply impossible to see and learn all of it in a year or probably even in a life time.
Nevermind, I'm sure you got the message: We love Australia and we are grateful for the experience we've made and we want to thank you for your part in it.

At last, I want to send you some photographs in the attachment, as I think there are some quite suitable ones for your record or possibly for the cover of a new edition of the book?!

So far, so good, our best regards and lot's of good wwoofing experiences for the future!


Lena and Max
WWOOFers Lina i12/9294, Johanna and Ashley
2013-04-02, 15:37
Hi wwoofing Australia!

We would like to thank Hosts QT018, Rogin and Linda Airlie beach for the best wwoofing experience we could ever have dreamed of.

For about a month ago Linda and Rogin received a call from us, telling them about our unfortunate adventure about our car broken down only a week after the purchase. Not entirely convinced that we could manage the heavy work that was needed, they took us in anyway with open arms and hearts and I think both parts was equally surprised about the outcome.

We were surprised over the hospitality and kindness that we faced and the trust they put on us. We proved Rogin that there us no need for male stench when working at a construction, women can! We managed the tasks received and shortly we were using power tools, cutting, drilling, welding, designing and engineering at the construction of several cabins. Rogins patient and willing to teach us life lesions about everything from employment to Hagendaz history proved the spirit that there is no such thing as you can't.

This time at the beautiful resort has provided us with so many first experiences. First time using chainsaws, crocodile safari, watching australian football, doing timtamslams, driving motorcycles, flying airplanes and first time being a nudist. It is not an ordinary resort, and we are not talking about the lacking of clothes, we are talking about the amazing and kind people staying there, showing what an extraordinary people the Aussies truly are! We came to stay for one week but consider how well they looked after us we ended up staying more that six weeks.

So thank you Rogin and Linda, and all the other people at the resort for these amazing weeks. You will always be our Aussie family. A permanent mark from your resort is in our hearts and we left our mark at the resort. Take a look at the road above the pool and you will find three buttprints in the concrete. That is the best summation of our experience, it's something new, fun and naked!

We love you!


"Rogins Angels"
Lina i12/9294, Johanna and Ashley

31 March 2013
WWOOFer Sabrina
2013-01-12, 08:42
WWOOFing was the best choice I ever made in Australia. I only WWOOFed once, stayed with a wonderful family and business on Kangaroo Island for 6 months, met the love of my life there, got married this year after 4 months of relationship and became a first time mum in July. Life is great. Thanks to WWOOFing I was able to find this wonderful family I married into.
WWOOFers Natalie and Alan
2012-10-12, 09:16
Our reasoning behind joining the Wwoofing scheme was orginally only a way of obtaining our second year visa. Little did we realise that it would be an unforgetable experience and provide us with memories that will last a life time. The majority of our time, which ended up being several months, was spent with Michael and Vibeke Gargan (QU337) and their amazing family in Mutchilba. They allowed us to experience so many different aspects of living on a cattle and arable farm. From mustering cattle on horseback, to helping with the seed harvest,not to mention the rhodes grass chipping and the compost, we were very much included in their everyday life. We were provided with our own living space, bathroom and amazing food every evening.
They were a fantastic host family, and our time spent with them has definately been the highlight of our trip around australia. They made us feel so much a part of their family its was very hard to part from them. Thank you for everything. Natalie and Alan xx
Cindy WWOOF Host VB082
2012-08-20, 07:44
Thank you so much for a great organisation. We have been hosts now since Feb 2012 and met many fantastic people from all over the world. We have finally caught up with our garden and can share the produce and our experience of growing organically with other people. We are having the best time and making some life long friends along the way. I can't thank you enough. Cindy WWOOF Host VB182
2012-08-17, 01:34
WWOOFing is the best experience Ive ever had....WOW
WWOOFers Jakob i10/71541 & Leonie i10/71574
2012-06-19, 17:15
Dear WWOOF-Team, We are brother & sister on our trip through Australia... I want to say that all our experiences with WWOOF Hosts have been good if not great so far. In Picton (NE076) we were being included in a community full of nice people and fed with great organic food until we were so spoiled we could barely stand going to regular supermarkets again. Work was nice and varied and sometimes we would just do some more work to learn to prepare special foods. But that was our decision and we did it in good spirit. In Goulburn (NA022) we had a lot of fum with Mike on his Yurt farm and especially his attitude to make work fun by letting everyone work together so nobody got bored. His property was so nice and we had a lot of fun there. Jembaicumbene (NA080) was a great stay as well, as Gilles the garlic farmer even took us to a rock climbing weekend in the Blue Mountains! Way more than we expected from WWOOFing when we bought the membership books! WWOOFers Jakob i10/71541 & Leonie i10/71574 November 2010
Enrico WWOOFer i10/70372
2012-06-19, 17:15
Hello WWOOF! I would like to speak a big THANK YOU for your work on the organization. I signed up in Germany in July this year and I'm WWOOFing for 3 months by now in Australia. I met people who will remain friends for life, such as Brian and Barbara Barnes (WWOOF Hosts NH097. Remarkable people, wow!) or the Wilsons, WWOOF Hosts NH127. I made my "This is Australia" experience there in the Hunter Valley, what a magic place that is! I'm in Kalang, Bellingen right now, having some days off from pulling and chopping garlic. This is a picture of Brian NH097 with one of his wild parrots. they became that tame just by talking to them for a couple of months and giving them seeds. They even walk into the house sometimes when the veranda door is open. He is a very good bloke, looking a bit like Santa Clause but twice as friendly. cheers Enrico, WWOOFer i10/70372 December 2010
Sandi WWOOFer i11/3337
2012-06-19, 17:14
Dear WWOOF Australia Team,

My own story started when a fellow employee and WWOOFer himself suggested that when I retired [which I did in 2008 at 56], I would go well in WWOOFing. So I joined up as well as took up long distance cycling to compliment the ideals of WWOOFing.

In March 2009 I set off with my bicycle to revisit the UK, having fallen in love with the mother country on my first visit in 1974 when long hair/beards and hitch hiking were all the go. Thirty six years on the beard remains but the hair is well and truly gone and hitch hiking now is a rarity.

Before leaving OZ I had confirmed ten UK host placements from London to Lands End to John O'Groats and onto Orkney and Shetland Isles. My aim was to wwoof/cycle the full length of the UK which I did, taking four months. Stand out hosts included Vowley Farm in Wiltshire, Burntwood Farm in Cornwall, Lower Arboll Croft in Ross Shire and Trumland Farm on the small island of Rousay off the west coast of Orkney. I finished off my 2009 holiday by cycling the next two months through Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. 4000km in total and a seasoned WWOOFer at 57.

The first few months of 2010 I spent with WWOOFing hosts in Tasmania, my favourite Aussie state. Stand out WWOOF hosts included TH145 on Bruny Island, TN122 near St Marys and TN174 near Deloraine.

Having already cycled from Canberra to Brisbane in 2008 I decided to go further during the Canberra 2010 winter thinking, Cooktown would be a reasonable destination and there are plenty of WWOOFing opportunities along the way. So I did, starting off in Brisbane and going north along the coast and south via central Queensland. 3500km in total and stayed with five host placements. Stand out WWOOF hosts included QT065 at Kuttabul, QG155 near Cooktown and QG228 near Tambo, central Qld.

If any WWOOFers visit any of the above mentioned placements, tell the host Sandi recommended them.

Sometimes WWOOFers and hosts don't work out. The few times I was glad to leave a host placement ahead of time were mainly due to hosts not giving a clear account of their expectations of WWOOFers. One UK host off the coast of Shetland was rude enough to go on holidays before I arrived, leaving me in the care of a neighbour and a vegetable garden full of seasoned weeds to clear.

Overall, my WWOOFing time has been fantastic and when I do settle some where, I have intentions of becoming a host myself. ie, when I'm not off cycling and WWOOFing the big wide wonderful world.

Regards, Cycling Sandi. WWOOFer i11/3337(the wandering WWOOFer and baby boomer biker who use to be a hitch hiker) February 2011
Janine WWOOF Host QN130
2012-06-19, 17:14
Hi there WWOOF Folk, I think WWOOF is a wonderful, benevolent and important organisation of so many healthy and happy links between people. That we can manage relationships without money all the time is a very empowering and good learning thing I reckon.
I have been a host or WWOOFer for about 25 years on and off and it has brought so much good experience and help/fun/challenge on my farm...generally in my a big thanks for that too.
Here in South Eastern Queensland, so far there has been a lot of rain and some extremities weatherwise this year, but nothing like the awful conditions experienced elsewhere. Yesterday, two WWOOFers helped in the teeming rain to cement in some wobbly hardwood posts....with goats running a little amok... this was just great. Tonight we plan a lovely meal together before they leave on route to Sydney tomorrow. I trust and hope you are all doing as fine as can be, Janine WWOOF Host QN130 February 2011
Ian WWOOF Host SA036
2012-06-19, 17:13
Dear WWOOF, In late 2009 a WWOOFer injured his hand while at my place and the injury resulted in $5000.00 of surgery and hospital care. I was really impressed with the responsiveness of the WWOOF Insurance scheme, something I had considered "Micky Mouse" until I needed it. And I was even more impressed and reassured by the support of you people in the WWOOF Office. Thank you!!! Ian, WWOOF Host SA036 March 2011
Heather WWOOF Host WP120
2012-06-19, 17:13
Dear WWOOF, My excellent French WWOOFer went up to feed the horse one morning, but came back and asked me why I had blind folded them?! They were wearing fly veils, which they can most definitely see out of! Heather, WWOOF Host WP120 March 2011
Weiwei WWOOFer i11/82065
2012-06-19, 17:13
Dear WWOOF, I have returned to my home country China after a very happy first time WWOOFing experience in Australia. Thank you for organizing it and helping with individual requests. my Australian experience was infinitely enriched by living and working with the local people, hearing their stories and telling them mine..... Thank you for everything... I hope to return for more! Weiwei, WWOOFer i11/82065 April 2011
Stewart WWOOF Host VM191
2012-06-19, 17:12
Our favorite WWOOFer was an 18 year old German girl named Isabelle who was invaluable to us when I was very ill. She stayed about 2 months and came on holidays with us, and was really part of the family. She was an extreemely fast learner, and mastered power tools, drove our truck, designed and built our grey water irrigation system, and was beautiful with our girls to boot. Stewart, WWOOF Host VM191 April 2011
Manya WWOOF Host QT210
2012-06-19, 17:12
I have had some absolutely wonderful experiences with WWOOFers since I joined last year. They are hard working, interesting and add an important dimension to the experience of fun hosting guests from overseas. I am very glad that I am now part of the WWOOF Australia family. Manya, WWOOF Host QT210 April 2011
Ximena WWOOFer i09/8643 & i11/4266
2012-06-19, 17:12
I need to renew my membership. WWOOFing is the best thin on the planet! I love it and couldn't think of travelling any other way!! regards Ximena, WWOOFer i09/8643 & i11/4266 June 2011
Steve WWOOF Host VM197
2012-06-19, 17:11
Hi Guys,
I am sitting here at my computer after a heavy day keeping 4 WWOOFers busy, whilst they are soundly in bed (as I should be!!!!) I have just uploaded the day's photos into the WWOOFer album on the my Facebook page. I request that you have a look at this sometime when you have a spare moment, it will give the tiniest insight of SOME of the WWOOFers that have taken the time to share their time at my little farm. The service that you are providing in enabling visitors (and locals) to spend time with hosts, is creating life changing experiences. If the WWOOFers that visit, take the memories and experiences (that I get from their visits) home with them, then I am sure that they will relive them time and time again with great fondness. This association is yielding some of the most enjoyable times of my life (which from an old saying something......).
For this ...........I thank you!
Steve. WWOOF Host VM197 January 2012
Abraham WWOOFer i12/20042
2012-06-19, 17:10
Dear Fran and Bunny (WWOOF Hosts NW025),
It was a great pleasure and a priviledge to enter the ranks of Wwoofers that laboured for the success of "Reserve Creek" I enjoyed being part of your family for a week and absolutely loved the beauty of your properties and surroundings. I admire your energy and strength and hope that you will be able to continue working for many years. It was exactly what I expected from Wwoofing!!!! I became part of your life and dreams. Keep up your discussions about what has to be done and in which ordr. Thanks for everything.
Abraham, WWOOFer i12/20042, 23 year old to the septaugenerians. January 2012
WWOOF Host VZ098
2012-05-16, 15:14
Loved reading your comments. It is inspirational to hear your stories.
Thank you for sharing,

Rainbows to all,
Denny WWOOF Host WS010
2012-05-15, 17:22
Hello, I have had some terrific people staying at my farm this mostly seems to be the case.I don't know if I am dead lucky or whether the WWOOFers are just a cut above the average joe. bit of both I wouldn't be surprised. Am starting to see a few more inquiries from Italy in recent times. Taiwan, Japan and Germany are well represented as well. I am heading to japan fpr a month to fulfil a long time aspiration. I will catch up with a few Japanese friends (all exWWOOFers of course!)and finally get to explore the place I became interested in mostly from the quality of the people who visited me from there. Japanese WWOOFers are the gold star standard IMHO. They are usually considerate, hard working, clean, intelligent...what's not to like! (Maybe I will geta few clues as to why this is so?) I don't know if I will have time for WWOOFing myself, but will do so should opportunity present. Perhaps I can drop you a line about my experiences and even send a few picks-if you're up for it. I appreciate belonging to such a great organization... It's contribution to global understanding and the fostering of lifelong friendships cannot be underestimated. It has been a very rewarding time for me... so thanks. Kind regards Denny, WWOOF Host WS010 April 2012

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