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Thanks for calling the office today, Veronica. We appreciate your feedback. Further to our phone conversation, I’d like to point out that we always have, and still do, take our members’ privacy seriously.

If a person has not signed up as a member on this website they definitely can’t see the contact details of other members – i.e. email addresses or telephone numbers. Non-members can see the map on member profiles, though. We’ll be raising this issue with our webmaster to see if that can be changed. In the meantime, please note that you can enter your map location simply as a place (e.g. Tully) rather than as an exact street address.

Non-members can also see other details in a member’s profile, such as the type of accommodation offered and the short property description – but definitely no email addresses or telephone numbers. This is in line with many other WWOOF groups and internet-based volunteer organisations such as Helpx and Workaway, and another reason for the redevelopment of our website.

Something else to bear in mind is that in years past thousands of copies of the WWOOF book were circulating all over the country. On occasion, a WWOOF book might have been stolen, or lost, or disposed of without due consideration…

When editing your Host profile, please note the fields that say “This field can be seen by” followed by “Public” or “Members Only”. You can change these fields to one or the other: Public or Members Only, depending on what you want and don’t want others to see.

Finally, the two WWOOFers who contacted you (Frank William Ndargo and John Kameni) will be contacted by us and reminded that they must comply with the WWOOFer Guidelines which they agreed to follow when they signed up on this website. If we hear from another host that these WWOOFers have asked them for help with a visa, we will cancel the WWOOFers’ membership.

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