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We had 2 guys here a couple of months back..if I wasnt around they were just finishing up when they thought the hours were finished half done,tools laying around,jobs done poorly or incorrectly and as a result our relationship was ordinary….I asked one to leave and then had the “talk” to the other…including letting him know that jobs done incorrectly need to be redone in his own time.

Since then he has really tried to learn about all things going on including different plants and I have given him more responsibility and some of his own projects and seen him start to enjoy trying to please us with his performance and growing knowledge and skills..and before where he wasnt really listening to instructions he really tries to nail it down before commencing now..

He also doesnt count hours now and realizes that despite being a strong and fit guy,he has certain limitations and plenty to learn, so often when I tell him to knock off he says “Ok..but I’ll finish this up first…” or “what else do you need me to do..”..

What a delightful turnaround and since then we have had a 4 day camping trip to the Wilds of Hinchinbrook island,fishing and snorkelling trips to the Great Barrier reef and around the inshore islands..he also works out and spars with my sons regularly..and spends any other time off hiking in the national park adjoining our property..

He has been here nearly 2 months now..and all it really took was to get rid of one bad egg and explain how we really feel about him being here and what we needed to see from him…He could have said “Ok thats bullshit,I’m out of here” or as he did, decided to make the most of the opportunity and he is being rewarded with some really cool North Queensland excursions and learning new skills …

Life’s to short to live with soulless clockwatchers who have no real interest in what we are creating..

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