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When you have people stay with you and they are strangers you meet all types. We have had some people who you can’t stop working and do way more than asked. And others who add up every little thing to make sure they are on the right side of the ledger. Its all part of the experience and sometimes its not a good experience. People are coming to your home and living with your family going in your car on outings and having meals provided by you I am sure that everyone adds this up differently. We have had people who can come back and just sit around all day if they like because they were a pleasure to have stay with us. Others you wouldn’t have them back if they worked 12 hours a day and ate grass and slept next door. We have had by far more good honest people than not. As far as trying to work out hours worked for staying at someones home I don’t think it is that simple I think you have to take the whole arrangement into consideration. And then no one will agree anyway. John

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