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WWOOFer Information Portal

Welcome to the wonderful world of WWOOF!

Want to arrange an organic farm-stay in Australia
for work instead of money?


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WWOOF Memberships

  • Do voluntary work for 4 to 6 hours each day
  • Get meals and accommodation, usually in the family home
  • Learn about Australia through cultural exchange
  • Leave the tourist trail and see the real Australia

Choose from over 1,800 properties using organic principles, offering to teach you aspects of:

  • Organic growing
  • Bio-dynamics
  • Permaculture
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The WWOOF Book and WWOOF App

The WWOOF Book and/or WWOOF App is included in your membership for $70 and provides contact details for over 1,800 hosts throughout Australia. If you would like the WWOOF App and the WWOOF Book, you can choose both when you join for $90. Current WWOOF members can add the WWOOF App or WWOOF Book to their membership for $20

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WWOOF Memberships

Around 270 of these are Certified Organic, approximately 1,500 are traditional farms using organic practices, the rest are non-farm hosts.

Visit our Testimonials page for feedback from WWOOFers and WWOOF Hosts, or go to the WWOOF Australia Facebook page to see some great links and photos about WWOOFing in Australia.

Listen to an ABC Radio Interview with Garry Ainsworth, Managing Director of WWOOF

Preview the WWOOF Book/WWOOF App Host entriesCheck the Deleted Host List

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The ideal WWOOFer...

  • Is a modern day pioneer, blazing a trail across Australia, learning new skills that will serve themselves, their next WWOOF Host and their community into the future.
  • Is an ambassador for their home country, sharing their culture with their Hosts and other WWOOFers while they learn about the Australian way of life.
  • Understands that organic, biodynamic and permaculture farming consists of lots of weeding and physical labour, a great form of exercise.
  • Finds the clean air, space and quiet of the countryside comfortable and refreshing.
  • Reads Host's entries carefully and learns as much as they can about the Host before their visit to prepare themselves fully.
  • Recognises that WWOOF Hosts are human beings who sometimes become fatigued or need personal space and understanding.
  • Lets a Host know immediately if their plans change and communicate with them if they wish to leave early, giving an appropriate amount of time to allow the Host to find alternative assistance.
  • Enjoys their own company and develops a sense of humour when with others.
  • Looks, listens, asks questions if they don't understand and takes initiatives.
  • Understands that learning to see the health and vitality in the land and plants comes from awareness.
  • Has a can do attitude, enhancing their experiences.
  • Is content to work alone occasionally for several hours on one job, appreciating the meditation and rhythm it provides without getting bored.
  • Understands that Hosts are all different, have different house rules, behaviours and expectations. Respecting and complying with these rules and learning from each different cultural experience.
  • Realises that a short shower can be enough to get clean, as water is often a precious resource on farms.
  • Is aware that internet access in remote areas is sometimes unavailable and is usually VERY expensive and always asks Hosts permission before using it. (Many Hosts rely on satellite internet with very small download plans so WWOOFers who download movies etc. can use a whole month's internet allowance in one download).
  • Understands the need to conserve energy and other resources on the Host property, water, gas and electricity can be very expensive in rural areas.
  • Tries to identify with the Host's vision and goals and shares their own vision, hopes and interests with others on the Hosts property.
  • Tries to seek an open line of communication with their Host, particularly if something is bothering them or they do not understand instructions.
  • Will keep their living space clean and tidy, and leave it ready for the next WWOOFer when they leave.

WWOOF T-Shirts

wwoof t shirt

WWOOF Australia also have 100% organic cotton T-shirts for sale. They are a great way for WWOOFers and Hosts to find each other when meeting at a bus or train! Click here to order.

These T-shirts are made in Australia, they are available with either long sleeves in Black, or short sleeves in Arctic Blue organic cotton and are printed in white. All printing is done with environmentally friendly water based ink. They come in Men's Small (Women's 10-12), Men's Medium (Women's 12 - 14), Men's Large (Women's 16 - 18) and Men's Extra Large (Women's 18-20). WWOOF T-shirts can only be purchased direct from the WWOOF office in Australia. Please see our Online Shop for details.

Also available: The Practical Guide to WWOOFing an E-Book by Adam Greenman, and WWOOF Hosting: A Practical Guide an E-Book by WWOOF Hosts, Trevor and Amanda Roberts. Click here to order.

WWOOF Research

There have been a number of research studies completed about WWOOF in Australia and around the world, for information and links to this reseach click here

World Wide WWOOFing

WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchanges, helping to build a sustainable global community.

To WWOOF in other countries, you will need a separate WWOOF membership for any country that has a National WWOOF Group. Our WWOOFing around the World page has contact details for these WWOOF groups and information about WWOOFing in countries without a WWOOF Group.

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Sharryn NE074
2014-04-24, 09:08
Overall we have had fantastic wwoofers stay with us, most of whom come back to us before they actually go home. We love to have the longer stayers as ...

WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchanges, to build a sustainable global community.
For World Wide WWOOFing Organisations, click here.