Rose and Baden recently stayed with me for 1 week to help out with a small building project. They were also very keen to help out with all the other landscape work in the garden. They both demonstrated great initiative, attention to detail, and diligence in completing work. Very easy going and happy to go with the flow! Excellent manners, offering to also help with domestic chores. A very intelligent, well-traveled couple with lots of social interaction, I thoroughly enjoyed having them stay with me in my small home. They bonded well with my 2 dogs who loved the attention and company. I highly recommend Rose and Baden as hard-working and great people to spend to time with! I look forward to having them come visit before they leave or come back to stay on for another weekend to finish the project over the summer! Cheers guys & good luck. See you down the road!!! Kerry, Jarrah, Bracken & Rusty xoxo

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