We have been WWOOF hosts for more than 10 years now and it has been a pleasure and privilege!

I often say to people that, on the basis of the people who have turned up at our place, the parents of the world’s children are doing a better job than they are given credit for.  I think we’re over 160 WWOOFers now and guess what … the 2 ‘worst’ WWOOFers are remembered just as fondly as most.  If ‘problem’ WWOOFers turned up even one in ten, we wouldn’t say this.  But 2 in 160 – is just an opportunity to try to repay what other people have done for our own (or other) kids.  I’m not sure we ‘turned their lives around’, but we were able to try.

For the overwhelming majority – we just got to share a few days or weeks – and now watch progress via FB.  For a not-insignificant number, they’re like another daughter or son.  Except they’re more polite and appreciative.

We both come from families with individuals / couples who have welcomed strangers when given the opportunity – and we did before becoming WWOOF hosts.  But you provide a platform for doing so that has few flaws that we can discern.

God bless you!

Graham & Kristina

Graham & Kristina Holdaway

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