Limited Edition Superb Lyrebird Print


About the Artist:

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Traci studied Interior Design, graduating in 1977.  She worked for the Art & Design, Textile Craft and Art & Craft Departments at Melbourne State College before pursuing an Associate Diploma of Visual Arts in 1995.

Living on an isolated bush block in the mountains neighbouring the Snowy River National Park in far East Gippsland, Traci was inspired by the abundant wildlife and developed a passion for painting, exhibiting her Wildlife Art from 1989.

Holding 2 solo exhibitions & participating in many group exhibitions, she was also represented in many regional and Metropolitan Galleries. Her paintings are held in private and corporate collections across Australia, Singapore, Japan, Italy, Canada, America and England.

Traci was selected as a finalist in the Australian Artist Magazine’s 1998 Watercolour Art Prize.

Water colour and gouache along with airbrush ink bring these Australian birds and animals to life. Limited Edition Prints of her paintings are available exclusively through WWOOF Australia.

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The Superb Lyrebird is renowned for its outstanding ability to mimic almost any sound, and the calls of most birds of the forest are imitated, as are many other sounds, from barking dogs to car alarms to mobile phones. It is also famous for its stunning courtship display, in which the male lyrebird fans and shimmers his stupendous tail feathers while prancing, strutting and jumping about on a stage of leaf litter. By combining his mimicry and dancing ability, the male hopes to attract a mate. Few can resist!

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