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    Hi I’m Xavier, I am an introverted extrovert, a good cook, a keen gardener and love a cup of tea. I’m honest, respectful, tidy and considerate of others space, I prefer a place that is LGBTIQ friendly. I’m currently completing my Masters in Sustainability at USyd with an interest in food systems, food sovereignty and social justice. I have a small veg patch at home and have completed a permaculture course. Generally pretty handy and always up for learning some new skills.

    I am flexitarian and will eat most things, however unfortunately my guts don’t cope well with dairy or gluten. I am an outdoor smoker (I know, it’s terrible, I’m working on quitting…).

    I am very conscious of Covid (possibly overly so) and taking all precautions, including physical distancing and wearing a mask when I leave the house. As such, during this time my preference is for separate accommodation.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    I’m interested in learning new practical skills and gaining on farm experience. It would be great to meet and connect with sustainable growers and producers and volunteer some time around uni commitments.

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