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Hi. I’m Mizuki Fujiwara, an international university student from Japan. I’m a very curious person and have a strong spirit to try everything! I came Australia about 2 months ago and I am going to return to Japan in June. This is my first visit to Australia! Now, I’m studying English in Melbourne and after this class, I’m going to study business in the same university. I have parents and one younger sister. I’ve had fish as pets in the past, but my most favorite animal is dogs. I like to communicate with other people. In Japan, I taught Japanese as a volunteer member to people from overseas. My hobbies are taking photos, jogging, travelling and eating. My most favorite food is a mango. In Japan, I had a part time job in a cafe so I love coffee too! Now, I’m living by myself so I try to cook every day besides studying. I’ll do my best at what I have to do.

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I want to experience farm life in Australia, I see it as an invaluable experience. It has been 2 months since I have arrived, but I am already obsessed with this country. People are so nice and even in the city, I can feel nature thanks to some beautiful gardens and parks. Supermarkets and weekly markets are full with colorful vegetables and fruits, fresh meats, eggs, variety of dairy products. They make me so happy not only by eating, but just looking too. I have begun an interest in Australian farming and have an ambition to engage in it. Moreover, I’m very interested in the working lifestyle of people here. Now, I’m living in the university residence so I have no chance to learn Australian life style. I want to experience the same life style and learn their culture. I decided to join WWOOF because it gives me the best opportunity to fill my desires to experience both of them. During my staying in Australia, I want to try many new things as much as possible!

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