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    We are a Dutch family of 5, moved in ’07, but more Ozzie than most Ozzies! We live on a 27 acre bush block, with 6 acres cleared, together with 4 horses, 5 dogs, pigs, chooks, ducks , indoor birds and reptiles. To us this is paradise, but not the restful life we hoped for, simply because we always think up things to change & build ? We have had over 150 helpers! People with building/tool experience are always extra welcome to help build our dream, care for animals & garden and play with the kids & dogs, swim in the billabong or taste our salamis. anyone with equestrian VAULTING experience is ALWAYS  welcome!!! We both work from home and create Art and furniture. Accom. for 1-4 people in our 5 star guest house. Children b.a. Meat based meals (no vegans). NSI. Neg stays after initial visit. Reasonable English required, NO helpers May-October.

    please email or call us. not sure I receive all messages

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    We work in a permaculture way, and avoid poison as much as we can- but that is not always possible. Jobs are only done if you feel comfortable, so we always discuss everything.  We use tools for as many jobs as we can, and keep them sharp and in good order. we expect the same from you.


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    Trickle Hill – Cockatoo Vic

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    Aukje and Arthur





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