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our names are Tessa and Victoria and we are two best friends from Germany, living near Frankfurt. We are 18 and 19 years old. We are about to finish our A-levels in May. After spending 13 years studying, we are ready for a new chapter.
About Tessa:
My hobbys are playing the piano, Cheerleading and hitting the Gym. I have 2 older siblings, a sister and a brother who are both currently studying. At home I’m living with my parents in a house with a garden. I have two cats, three turtles and a pond with fish. In my free time I love meeting friends. My favourite season is summer, so I love to be in Australia when it’s hot outside. When I was 15 I have spend 2 months alone in New Zealand . I lived there in a host family and went to high school. It was such a nice experience, and I met a lot of people all over the world. I’m an open-minded person.
About Victoria:
In Germany, I usually spend my time playing handball, or watching handball games. It´s my passion, I´ve been doing this sport for 11 years. In addition, I´m going to the fitness centre. Other activities are hanging out with my friends and family or reading. I have an older brother, we both have 2 budgies and take care of our neighbor´s cat. I generally like animals and spending time with them.
I would describe myself as a friendly, loyal and ambitious person who likes to meet new people.

Why I joined WWOOF

It was always clear for us to take a gap year after school and before studying. After some research we´ve discovered WWOOF! It´s an unique way to discover Australia from an inside perspective – always in contact with locals. Additionally, we want to improve our English skills, meet new people and explore a new way of living in an interesting culture which is very different to the German one.
Nowadays the majority of groceries are treated with pesticides and genetic engineering. So it´s very important for us to support organic methods. In general, we´re interested in learning about your working methods and achieving new skills. Especially working on farms makes it possible to stay active in nature. We both are pet owners so we enjoy spending time with animals and taking care of them.
Furthermore we hope we´ll develop ourselves in new situations, far away from home, and collect memories that will stay in our head forever!

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