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Sam and Josh – 20 y/o – Aus citizens from Victoria Hello! We are an enthusiastic & hardworking couple looking to learn, explore, work and connect with the permaculture and organic farming communities of Australia. With Josh’s handyman skills, we converted our RAV4 into a comfy home-on-wheels, allowing us to explore our beautiful country!

A bit about Josh: Worked as a farmhand in both Australia and the U.S – Operated and maintaining farm machinery including combine harvesting. Handled day to day operations including the planting, cultivating and pruning of crops and prepared soil for different processes Worked in a variety of groundskeeping roles – Handled grounds maintenance and upkeep of several residential properties (mowing, weeding, mulching garden beds, fertilising and maintaining stone and gravel paths). Experience in general handyman jobs, building barns & sheds and a few house renos, car and motorbike repair, maintenance and upkeep.

A bit about Sam: Completed environmental and permaculture studies- Gained knowledge of permaculture principles and methodologies, acquired a variety of skills from hands on experience in organic farms. Worked in hospitality and tourism roles- Cooked, prepared and served food, produced excellent customer service skills, made great coffee! Experienced in gardening, propagation, animal care, composting and worm farming, arts and crafts.

Why I joined WWOOF

We share a huge passion for nature, conservation and organic and natural farming (our dream is to own and run our own farm one day)! As we continue exploring Australia, we hope to continue pursuing these interests and expand our skills.

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Samantha Wood

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Aust/NZ Citizen



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Organic Practices, Permaculture/Biodynamics


All food


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