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My names Alexander, prefer Zander. I’m slightly wacky reserved person who has too many hobbies to maintain as hobbies. I love knitting, writing, singing, guitar, dancing, rock climbing, soccer and whole bunch more. I have a love hate relationship with my work as a swim teacher as kids can be the most wonderful thing in the world and also compete nightmares!

I’m a fairly shy person but once I get to know people I’m pretty easy to talk to and absolutely love meeting new people. At the same time I do enjoy my space and quiet time to myself to relax and enjoy.

I forgot to write that I really love cooking and  while staying at peoples places would be very happy to help out around the kitchen and learning new recipes.

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined wwoof for a bunch of reasons. I love nature, I love organic things, the culture around it and the people who provide it. For about 5 years I’ve kept meeting people from overseas and had them talk about how beautiful Australia is and I’ve had very little idea of where they were talking about when they mentioned some of these Australian spots. So I decided this year to travel around and see the wonders that Australia has to offer. I’d heard about woofing before realised  when I looked at the website how incredibly the opportunities offered were so I decided to join, learn a bunch of things, meet some lovely people and have amazing experiences

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