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Hi, my name is Jesse, I am 21 years old and presently living in Adelaide. I have worked in hospitality for the last 5 years and am currently working at Udder Delights cheese factory in the Adelaide hills. I have always had a passion for food ever since I was a kid, and even thought it was the career I wanted to pursue as I became older. I have qualifications in cookery and patisserie and have since decided my passion lies in self sustainability and wanting to do my part for the environment. My first big goal would be to host a Christmas lunch for my friends and family with meat and produce I have sourced from my own land, by hand. I am a bubbly, hard working and determined person. I am beyond excited to learn from experienced farmers as I learn better from doing hands-on work rather then reading a textbook.

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I have a long term plan that I am really hoping to achieve, and by joining this program it will give me the opportunity of learning from multiple farmers and gaining as much knowledge as possible. My dream is to run a bio-dynamic, self sustainable farm that has a small restaurant on the land, directly supported by the farm. If there are farmers that are seeking a young, hard working girl who is eager to learn and be taught, I am so ready to move my furniture into storage and jump on a plane to wherever you are if need be.

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