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Bridgit McMullen

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I am based in Melbourne however I am willing to travel around Aus to explore different farms, communities and ways of living alongside the land. In Melbourne I have been involved in community gardens, gardening clubs and environmental social justice. Personally, I have my own permaculture patch, worm farm and composting – I love being in my garden and the energy it brings. My hobbies are drinking tea, being outside, reading, getting my hands dirty in the garden and making jokes ūüôā I am currently studying social work and would like to add elements of environmental ¬†and permaculture skills to practice to live sustainably alongside the land. I am ¬† extraverted, considerate, open and warm. I like to listen and learn to what people have to say and share experiences.

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined WWOOF to learn more about permaculture and organic farming. I would like to be immersed in the flow of a land-based lifestyle. Learn about different practical and diverse skills to working alongside the land, reconnect myself to the natural principles and boosts my imagination. Through this I can meet a family of like-minded individuals and communities. 

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Bridgit McMullen

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Aust/NZ Citizen





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New South Wales, Queensland


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