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My name is Ariane, and I am now in the middle of career changes, after 8 years spent working in the fashion industry.

I am French, but I also spent almost for 4 years in London (UK).

3 years ago, my partner and I took a year off to go travelling around, which gave me some time to think about what was essential in my life, and how to adapt my future job to it. It is during the travelling that I came with the idea of becoming a vegetable grower, and of course, doing it with an environmental angle. We came back to France 2 years ago, where I started (and completed :)) a degree (1 year class) about organic vegetable farming. It gave me time to learn, and think more about my professional project, which is create a business farm where I would grow vegetables to feed people. I would like to have an emphasis about biodiversity, people, local business, soil conservation, environmental protection, healthy and full of nutrient food (wow, I know it’s lot ^^’).

So now I have completed my degree, I’d like to get more practical experience and also discover more farms and systems, so I plan to go wwoofing to do so 🙂

I am going to spend 6 months in Australia from end of September 2019, before heading to Japan, and would love to discover more about permaculture, food forest, soil conservation, hand tools, holistic systems, biodiversity (“creation” and conservation), culture associations, mycorrhization…

I have no big experience in gardening, but have done 10 weeks internship in an organic business farm, and I am willingfull to learn. I think we can say I am someone with positive, dynamic, can-do attitude, and love team work as much as I can be independant.

I hope to meet you soon.

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined Wwoof in order to discover more organic farming systems before creating my own farm.

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