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I have travelled widely both OS and Australia which was a few years back now. I am a qualified Counsellor and have been working with the Dying and their loved ones for the past five years. I am passionate about this work. But it is time to leave the City. I have rented out my Unit and off I go.

I have a Permaculture Cert. Have Volunteered on many environmental projects. Helped build a house, garden, can cook good healthy food, I can turn my hand to most things if given the opportunity.

I love learning new things, broadening my experiences of life. I am wanting and needing to step out of the City to see what this next Chapter of my life will offer as I offer my service to others. I enjoy a good conversation, ( and also do need my own quiet time), respect boundaries, laugh much, get on well with children, enjoy music, I have my Meditation practice.

I am healthy of mind and body. I have lived respectfully in Community before. Both in a Yoga Ashram and a Farm Community

Why I joined WWOOF

I managed WWOOFers who visited the Yoga Centre where I lived. I really enjoyed hosting them and everyone I meet who has WWOOFed has positive, great stories of their experiences. I figured it is my time now, to explore and experience WWOOFing. Allergic to Cats.

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