Call or email us today for a stay! Our Latest Review :I recently stayed with Paul and Fiona in Orange for two weeks, and then stayed out at their property 'Avaspel' in Cargo for over a week. Their hospitality was amazing–I felt very welcome, the food was great, and the company was warm and friendly. Paul and I spent a lot of time building out at the property, we built a chicken coup, fence, roofs over caravans, a composting toilet block, garden beds and more. It was great getting to hang out with Paul, learning from him, and improving my building skills. I got a lot of satisfaction from seeing so much progress on the property in my short time there. I also learnt a lot about permaculture from Fiona who is a great teacher and very happy to answer all my questions. I particularly enjoyed going to another person's property and witnessing her give a permaculture consultation. The property is lovely and very relaxing plus the view from the mountain is breathtaking! I highly recommend a stay to anyone that wants to work hard, chill out, connect with nature, meet lovely down to earth people, and learn some new skills. Thanks Fiona and William!

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