Help is needed. We are just starting the exciting build of a new off grid eco beachfarm. Come join!
This weekend's work party: a quick duck house ! get our 3 indian runners back home 🙂 FRI 30 april 2021 – sunday 2nd May 2021, only 2 spots left.
Coming up in may: the green power house:, bush kitchen build, a solar, wind, water, (may) :
June: fuelling the winter greenhouse (June), compost heatiing winter vegies 🙂

in particular need are those keen with prior planning and building experience, with a tangent for pioneer / off grid / alternative energies flavour. We need lots of little help things really, the duck house aquaponics, compost toilet blocrook, bath house, and a fabbo greenhouse for winter vegie production. plus oodles of other things need a little help with building, growing, harvesting and storing. 🙂

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