Hey there its Julie 😀 I'm an agriculture student in Germany and I'm looking for a place to do a minimum four week internship for university in July 2019. Its luckily part of the course to spend some time on an actually farm and not just in class and I´d love to experience the Ozzy lifestyle while I'm doing it. The requirements for the internship and that it gets accepted are that someone from university would get in contact with the host, who would have to "commit" that I´ll be "tough" and get instructions how to do things so that I can expand my knowledge and skills -> simply learning by doing 😉 I'm interested in nearly all parts of organic agriculture but especially enjoy working with animals, especially horses and cattle, Though the internship has to take at least four weeks, I'm mainly looking for someone that can host me for a couple of weeks. I'm very easy going, and in my opinion an not to German person, though I picked up a bit of the chillness of the countries I lived in. Anyway I'm looking forward a good bit of hard physical work and new input. If you feel like you could be my master Yoda for a month, please contact me. Looking forward hearing from you! Julie 😀

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