We’re a small multicultural family settled in Valley’s End Farm, an organic permaculture homestead complete with cows, rabbits, chicken, bees, food forest, veggie patches and acres of wild forest with our own bushtracks! Our pets include a dog, a guinea pig and a bearded dragon!

Here is our wish list of things we’d like to achieve this winter!
Would you like to come and help us with any of that?

– Harvest sweet potatoes, pumpkins, Jerusalem artichoke, yacon, cassava
– Plant potatoes
– Make compost
– Manage wormfarms
– Inspect bees
– Prune and mulch vetiver (living swale in food forest)
– Prune fruit trees (plum, nectarine, grape, mulberry)
– Plant three more fruit trees
– Finish renovating caravan
– Bush regeneration: mostly hand removal + minimum disturbance technique (cut n’ paint, splatter gun)
– Whipper snip edges
– Collect kindling
– Maintain tools (hand tools and power tools)
– Continue fencing paddocks
– Weed paddocks (fireweed, ragweed)
– Thin out access route (bushfire prevention)
– Maintain walking tracks
– Make bond fires!
– Grow food… lots of food!!! 
– And of course, always… enjoy ourselves!!!!

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