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    Please Michelle, could you kindly post a few details…

    Nationality (although nota problem)….

    Are you willing to do the odd jobs, which includes

    picking up stones to make a Gabion, and most of all

    a little help with the evening meal?.

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    more details please Michelle if in Queensland look me up or web

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    Hi we would be happy to have you join us on our farm we have some gardening to do and we need help with setting up our Aquaponics system to grow fish and Veges for winter, the Aquaponics kit will arrive in about 2 weeks and we will have lots of fun setting it up. We are near Wisemans Ferry near Sydney on the Hawkesbury and MacDonald river you are welcome to come call us on 0245682116 or 04172183

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    Mark Stephens

    Hi Michelle, If you go to http://www.innermakeover.com.au
    you will see all about the retreat and what we do. We are only open part time so it is empty a lot with no other guests just my wife Linda and I. We are here at the moment for the next couple of weeks. The address is 671 Little Forest Rd Little Forest 2538 NSW. You can put that in Google maps. It is 2.5 – 3hrs south of Sydney and is spectacular. Best views on east Coast of Australia. You can easily get close by bus or (train and bus) and we can pick you up at nearest town which is Milton NSW if you do not have a car. Accommodation is motel rooms with ensuite shower and toilet. Not hard work, no heavy work and lot’s of variety. We are just about to redo our small vegie patch, re-do our herb garden, we have a small beautiful rainforest that needs some love and care and out miniature orchard needs some help. We have zen garden and plenty of other jobs to choose from. We are very flexible and relaxed, we meditate a lot and do Tai Chi etc. We are 100% organic and have mainly eaten organic for 30 years. We had some woofers two years ago and they came back staying twice. Once you get here you never want to leave. Fully equipped gym etc. You can call me if you like or send me a direct email. mark@thinkslim.com.au 0425 218 067 Linda and I look forward to hearing from you and having you join us at Little Forest Health Retreat. Thanks Mark

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