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    We have lots happening at the moment with cattle, pigs, truffles, fruit, …. Fruit is in full production (home use rather than commercial) so we are preserving it, the pigs eat the excess, and we are using organic methods to deal with pests – come and find out more. Also starting to build another strawbale building (an office), so if construction is your interest we can focus on that. So, you can do a bit of everything or focus on a few.

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    Chloe Thompson

    Hi are you still looking for a wwoofer? I am looking for an opportunity from the 11th to the 30th of this month.
    I am very intrigued by the straw bale building method and would love to learn more.
    I have experiance with cattle and other farm animals.
    Hope to hear from you soon

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    Hi Chloe,

    We’d love to have you come and stay with us. Alan will be here all the time, but I will now be away from 8 – 21 (or maybe 22) Jan (I do aid work and will be travelling to Fiji and Vanuatu then). So that means that there will be less preserving fruit, and more work with construction, making mulch, garden etc (the work with cattle, pigs, chicken and fruit trees remains the same). Alan is from UK, he migrated when we were married. There will also be a trip to Canberra to collect me so you can have a weekend there as well if you like.

    Let me know if you would like to come and stay. Alan will collect you from the bus (I assume you are coming by public transport), let me know where from (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra or other) and I’ll let you know the best way to get to us. If you are driving, I will send you a map.

    All the best


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    Chloe Thompson

    That sounds perfect thank you! I will be travelling to sydney if that is the best place to travel to

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    Hi Chloe,
    The best way to come from Sydney is on Premier Coach Services ( You get the bus to Wallaga Lake turnoff. You can buy a backpacker ticket. I have pasted the details from their web site below. So either the PM2 or PM4 service is fine (PM4 has a tendency to be late more often than the PM2). Book on line as the school holidays are on so the bus will be busy. Our email is and Alan’s mobile is 0409189659. Let us know which you are on and Alan will collect you. Can you email me your phone number please.

    Thursday Alan goes to Narooma, so you get a morning at the beach/walking along beautiful coast/looking at seals & stingrays.

    See you here.

    Travelling To Your Destination:
    Travelling on: 11/01/2018

    From To Service Dep Boarding Arr Fare
    SYD DIG PM2 09:00 Thu 11/01/2018 17:05*0 $54.00
    SYD DIG PM4 15:20 Thu 11/01/2018 22:15*0 $52.00

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