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Jane and Des

Hi Megumi,
We don’t really have a farm, we have a large organic garden with sub tropical vegetables and sub tropical fruit trees. We live on the edge of Mooloolah, a small village and our house is only 10 minutes walk from the shops and the train, but also our house is in the bush and is very quiet, with a lot of birds every morning.
In our house there is just Des (my partner) and I. Des is quite sick so I do all the gardening and many things around the house and the vegetable garden. I also work at the local university a bit where I do some small projects.
I spent 3 weeks in Japan in October and I walked the Kumono Kodo with a few friends. We loved our visit!
We have a place free for our WWOOFer until 27th December. After that date there will be family members visiting. Our house is very flexible and we love having visitors. The WWOOFer room is nice and you have your own bathroom as well as WIFI.
Your work will be in the garden, weeding and some easy landscaping. Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best,
Jane and Des

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