Meet Farmers Helping Farmers.

We’ve all read how bad weather conditions have caused widespread destruction across Australia over the past few years. Many farmers have closed down or are just barley making it from week to week! Unfortunately we are all busy, we read about the devastation in the papers but until you actually go for a drive across this country you don’t realise just how bad the situation is, and with this devastation comes heartache and loss, something we don’t stop and contemplate enough!

Since its inception Farmers Helping Farmers (FHF) has endeavored to deliver the highest level of assistance to those on the land where and whenever adverse conditions have endangered the ongoing well-being of those involved. In the past Farmers Helping Farmers has been primarily involved in the distribution of animal fodder to assist farmers in need.

FHF have been operating over the past ten years and during this time, have delivered aid during drought, flood and cyclone devastation. Aid is often delivered in such a fashion as to develop networking amongst similarly effected people, which has proven to be of great assistance in community recovery and development. In providing this aid there has been a recognition that there is more that we can do in terms of assisting families, especially in terms of their mental health and wellbeing.


While these families may greatly appreciate the efforts of Farmers Helping Farmers volunteers and others in physically saving livestock, restoring the work-ability of property and ensuring there is food on the table for the moment, the toll on these geographically socially disadvantaged families is enormous. Although it is very heartening to see how resilient they are for the most part, it is important that the right social services are identified and directed to the families so as to provide the means by which they can work their way back to normality.

Farmers Helping Farmers Care program is developing intervention and referral programs, once more on a completely confidential basis. All their programs have been developed in consultation, guidance and supervision with mental health professionals including registered psychologists and social workers.

The Farmers Helping Farmers Care Program was developed to recognize those situations, where specialized help is required. To attempt to introduce Trained and Supervised Care as a priority and has been instrumental in assisting to avert many potentially tragic outcomes.

So if you know someone in a crisis situation, reachout to FHF today and or you can support the program through a donation

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