FarmCon 21

With Farming Simulator 22 set to arrive by late 2021 and fans of the series clamoring for updates, all eyes are on FarmCon 21.

The game has sold over 25 million copies with over 90 million downloads on mobile. With its e-sports league gradually growing, the game is headed up in most counts. It’s a cult among both simulation gaming and farming games. And FarmCon is, essentially, the biggest event for the game and its community.

So, what can we expect from the year’s biggest farming simulator event? Let’s find out!

What is FarmCon 21 anyway?

For the uninitiated, it’ll help to know what FarmCon is exactly and why it’s such a big deal in the Farming Simulation crowd.

FarmCon is the official conference where everyone in the Farming Simulator series community comes together in a program-packed event. It’s an annual affair, and the event usually goes on for a few days.

The multiple-day event includes talks from publishers and experts, interaction with developers, content by modders, etc. Many new Farming Simulator 22 Mods might be revealed by websites like FS22Planet. Very importantly, it usually has exclusive reveals and updates on the latest Farming Simulator title.

FarmCon 21 is, as you can tell, the 2021 edition of this much-awaited event.

FarmCon 21: Where and When?

The dates for FarmCon 21 are all set! GIANTS Software recently announced that the event would run from 21st – 23rd July 2019.

So, the trend of holding the even in the summer continues. But with the pandemic continuing, GIANTS Software has decided to keep making it an online event.

And it’s not surprising since FarmCon 20 was held virtually and still managed to impress the community. For instance, the riveting talk on modifying XMLs by Stefan Marcus still intrigues modders to date. And Stefan Geiger’s session on sound design for the next title made us look forward to Farming Simulator 22 even more.

FarmCon 21: What’s coming

FarmCon 21

One thing we know for sure when it comes to FarmCon 21 is that we’ll get updates and gameplay features for Farming Simulator 22. And honestly, this info alone is enough to get most fans on board for the event.

We know that the new title will have features like seasonal cycles and an addition of over 400 vehicles and machines. While teasers and samples are already available, there’s little concrete information on how they’ll work. So, you can expect some exciting descriptions and presentations on these new elements in the game from the publishers and developers.

Developers will also give us an overview of the game’s improvements on the technical aspect. Notably, these features may not pique everyone’s interest. But for those who enjoy learning about the game mechanics, it’s going to be valuable information.

We’ll also get an interesting behind-the-scenes look at how the development of the new title took place. Not many details are known at the moment. Will it be from a developer’s perspective? Or will it lean more towards publishing, design, and logistics? Either way, it promises to be an entertaining session for all involved.

One of the most productive features of every FarmCon has been the interaction with the developers. While doing it in person is ideal, the virtual mode is still better than zero interaction. This year, organizers will use the company’s Discord Server to hold a Q&A between the community and the developers. So, get your questions and doubts ready and be prepared to log in at the right time!

What else to expect?

Based on previous FarmCons and current trends, there are a few other things we can expect. For one, most followers hope to hear the release dates for Farming Simulator 22. We know it’s some time in the 4th quarter of 2021, but a more defined date will ease a lot of questions for now.

As usual, FarmCon 21 will have raffles and draws among viewers, which will come with rewards and prizes for the winners. And if all things go as expected, we hope to see the third season of Farming Simulator league take off to a flying start by 24th July.

GIANTS Software has promised a lot of exciting programs and surprises for FarmCon 21. And we wouldn’t want to ruin your experience by empty speculation. So, for now, let’s brace ourselves for 21st July when FarmCon 21 will officially arrive!

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