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How To Join WWOOF Australia

How to Join WWOOF Australia

Join WWOOF by ordering direct from WWOOF

Join WWOOF online now

If you join on-line we will e-mail you with your WWOOF membership number, log in instructions for the WWOOF App, and/or an update list for your WWOOF Book and instructions for the WWOOF Forum. You will need a postal address if you order a book, but if you don't have one, put to be advised in the address field then e-mail us when you find a Host, we will mail your WWOOF book there. Mail can take up to 28 days to arrive, depending on where you are.

Pay by Credit Card, PayPal or EFT, go to our Online Shop. Please choose your WWOOF App and/or WWOOF Book.

Other Ways of Paying

If you prefer, fill in and print the order form, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax it to 03-5155-0342, with your credit card information, or post it to us with your payment:

Cheques - Bank cheques or personal cheques in Australian dollars (AUD) only. Cheques should be made payable to WWOOF Pty Ltd.

Money Orders in Australian dollars only, payable to WWOOF Pty Ltd.

WWOOF Australia will process your application quickly. You will be emailed within one business day with your member number and other information. Mail can take up to 28 days to arrive, depending on where you are.

Join online now

Join WWOOF at an *Agent or Sales Outlet

Agent/Sales outlets

Join WWOOF at an Agent/Sales outlet near you. Please note that Agents sell WWOOF Memberships with the WWOOF App, WWOOF Books are only available direct from WWOOF Australia see the Agent List for details. You will need your photo ID i.e. Passport or Drivers Licence.

The Agent will check your ID and assign you a WWOOF Membership number and temporary password for the WWOOF App. When the Agent reports your details to WWOOF you will be logged out of the App and prompted to log back in using your email address. Your name and joining date will then appear in your App on the My Details screen. If this does not happen within 7 days of joining, please contact WWOOF so we can rectify this. You will need to show this screen to your Host with your photo ID on arrival to verify your membership.

NOTE: * The price to join WWOOF is the same at Agents / Sales Outlets as joining on-line.
Agents / Sales Outlets provide you with your WWOOF App access straight away when you join. See Agent List for details.

WWOOF Memberships

Each member is issued with their own WWOOF Member number, WWOOF App and/or WWOOF Book when they join.

Please keep your WWOOF App and/or WWOOF Book safe, do not give them to anyone else as they contain private details of WWOOF Hosts, provided exclusively for WWOOF members and protected by Australian Privacy Legislation.

  • Your WWOOF App and/or WWOOF Book is your proof of membership. If you order the WWOOF App your chosen joining date and name will appear in the App on the My Detals screen once you log in. If you order the WWOOF Book, your chosen joining date, name and signature go on the back cover of your book. Show this to your Host with your photo ID on arrival to verify your membership.
  • WWOOF Memberships are for 1 year. If you order the WWOOF App you will be able to log in for the duration of your membership.
  • This membership includes:
  • The WWOOF App and/or the Australian WWOOF Book
  • A small volunteer accident insurance plan that covers you while you are WWOOFing on a registered Australian WWOOF Host property.
  • You will be able to contact and arrange to visit any of the Hosts in the WWOOF App or WWOOF Book during your 12 month membership.
  • Access to the on-line WWOOF Forum where Hosts and WWOOFers can connect.
  • Access to update lists via e-mail that include new and deleted Hosts since your WWOOF Book was published.
  • The WWOOF App will be automatically updated each time it is opened while connected to the internet. New Hosts will automatically appear and corrections, new phone numbers and email addresses will be updated. Hosts who are deleted or no longer take WWOOFers will not appear in the App.

Join WWOOF online now

You MUST arrange your entry Visa to Australia BEFORE you join WWOOF. WWOOF Memberships will not be refunded if you cannot obtain an entry visa. WWOOF Pty Ltd and WWOOF Hosts cannot assist with travel costs or visa applications, so please do not ask.

If you live in Mainland China and wish to join WWOOF Australia, you can contact our Sales outlet for China or you can order direct from WWOOF Australia if you are paying by PayPal. We cannot mail WWOOF Books or t-shirts to China, we recommend using the App to find a Host then if you decide you do want a WWOOF Book, we can mail it to your Host in Australia. You must be 18 years old or older and will need to obtain a Visa before you join.

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WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchanges, to build a sustainable global community.
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