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WWOOFing with Children

Many Host farms welcome children by arrangement - please look at a Host's entry in the WWOOF book or app to check. The most important point to make is that - please - never WWOOF with children except by prior arrangement with the Host.

Although you may be keen to WWOOF, your child may not like the idea of a strange place, new faces, different food, and not sleeping in their own bed. It would be sensible to start with a short visit.

WWOOFing is about helping the Host, and if you are also looking after a child then the help you can give is limited. Children must be supervised at all times. You cannot just tell older children to "go off and play". Farms can be dangerous places - they are not playgrounds. Younger children may not have the patience needed to allow you to hoe a long line of vegetables, nor should they be near you when you are chopping wood etc.

One solution is to travel with another single parent or a partner and take turns to supervise. Remember that the Host will be feeding and accommodating several people in exchange for one person's help, so a contribution to the cost of food might be needed. Many Hosts have limited resources, which is why they ask for WWOOF help.

Some Host farms are in remote places and those with children welcome the company of others. Being remote means that you need to carry everything your child might need since popping down to the local shop won't always be possible.

At many farms there will be other WWOOFers - some will like children, others may not - and you may well be sharing accommodation and have to consider the fact that everyone, including yourself, needs a good nights sleep after a hard days work.

Please do not think in terms of giving the children a nice holiday on a farm. There are specialised farms which offer this sort of holiday. We receive many reports of excellent WWOOFers with children but there have also been some disastrous ones.

Those that go wrong, are usually due to poor arrangements prior to the visit - expecting behaviour from the child beyond their capabilities at that time - or expecting unreasonable facilities from the Host.

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