WWOOFer Application Form

WWOOFer Application form, to be sent to WWOOF Hosts (not to the WWOOF Office)

WWOOFers can use this form to contact WWOOF Hosts you would like to stay with. Copy this form and paste it into an e-mail, then fill in your details, delete any parts that do not apply to you.

Telling the host about yourself and why you have chosen their farm in particular will make it easier to find a host. Please make sure you always put WWOOF in the subject line of e-mails to hosts to ensure your e-mail is not accidentally deleted as spam.

Dear ...

I would like to arrange to visit your property.

I would like to stay for ___days or ___weeks or ___months, starting from the following date:__ /__ /___ (as some hosts have waiting lists it is a good idea to offer a few alternative dates that will suit you)

My WWOOF Membership number is: 

I have / have not a current accident, health and travel insurance (as well as my WWOOF volunteer accident insurance)                     

My country of origin is      

This is /is not my first trip away from home.                 

My ability to speak English is:

My name is   

Male / Female

My e-mail address is:                                              

My phone number is:  

(Non-Australians only) The type of visa I have is:                                 

I wish to work towards a 2nd Working Holiday Visa, and would like you to sign my application form when I have completed the specified work with you: 

Yes  / No         I understand that your property must be in the correct Postcode area for this to apply.

I have read your Host entry in my WWOOF Book/ WWOOF App / on the WWOOF Forum, and I would like to come and WWOOF with you because:

The things I hope to gain from my stay with you are:


The things I hope you will gain from my visit to you are:

My special interests and skills I have to offer you are:

I have / have not ever worked on a farm before (and have the following farm related skills:)

I  have visited the following hosts, or this will be my first WWOOFing experience:

The best WWOOFing experience I have had was (and why):

I have special dietary or health needs, (listed below):  Yes  / No



NOTE: YOU CANNOT SUBMIT THIS FORM IT IS ONLY FOR copying & pasting into an e-mail then fill in the spaces and send to your prospective host. This form is NOT for use to join WWOOF Australia.