We’ll regularly post new features to the website. This update is the result of a suggestion from a WWOOFer, so keep those suggestions coming in, we do act on them as we can.

This particular update concerns “My Messages” which is in the dropdown menu under “My Profile” on the Homepage.

Previously, when you were in a conversation with another Member, there was no easy way to click on that member and view their Profile. However, looking at the image above, you will see we’ve added a “View Profile” button, which will appear under any conversation you’re involved in.

Simply click that button and it’ll take you to the Profile of the person you are conversing with.

If you’re not already a member of WWOOF Australia and you are considering doing Volunteer work in Australia, or you’re a Host Farm needing volunteers to assist you, then please visit our Signup page and join thousands of other Volunteers and Hosts connecting with each other.

Visa requirements for Volunteer WWOOFers are very clearly spelled out on our Volunteer information page here. If you’re considering doing some Cultural Exchange in Australia, read through our FAQ‘s to see if WWOOFing is suitable for you.

Simple as that.

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