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Please fill in and PRINT this form then post with your payment and a copy of your photo ID, if you have filled in your credit card details, you can fax it to us on 03-5155-0342.

If you live in Mainland China or Macau our Sales Outlet for Mainland China or Macau can help you join, you can order direct from WWOOF Australia if you are paying by PayPal and order the WWOOF App or PDFs. WWOOF Books must be mailed to an Australia address, we cannot send them to China. You will need to be at least 18 years old a have a Visa before you join.

To start WWOOFing today, go to one of our Sales Outlets and join over the counter. You will need your photo ID when you join, the price is the same as joining online. WWOOF Agents do not carry WWOOF Books, these are only available direct from WWOOF Australia.

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All 1 year WWOOF memberships include on-line WWOOF Forum access and volunteer accident insurance for one person. We print 2 editions of the hardcopy WWOOF Book, each January and July. E-mail us monthly for an Amendment list, it has alterations, deletions and new Hosts.

Tick to join WWOOF with App $70.00 This membership includes the Australian WWOOF App ONLY

Tick to join WWOOF with Book $70.00 This membership includes the Australian WWOOF Book ONLY (hardcopy)

Tick to join WWOOF with App and Book $90.00. This membership includes the Australian WWOOF App AND the Australian WWOOF Book (hardcopy)

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Tick to ADD the Australian WWOOF App OR the Australian WWOOF Book (hardcopy) to your membership. $20.00 special Member only price.

When you order a WWOOF membership with an App, we will e-mail your membership number, instructions for activating your WWOOF App and the WWOOF on-line forum. If you order a WWOOF Book we will also send you an Amendment sheet listing all of the new Hosts since the current book was printed to get you started. We will post your hardcopy WWOOF Book in the next mail. Please allow 3 to 10 business days for postage within Australia and up to 20 Business days to other countries

PDF Guides to WWOOFing & WWOOF Hosting ~ these are NOT WWOOF Membership Books

WWOOFers Handbook * $10.00, PDF E-Book by T and A Roberts (WWOOF Hosts), over 170 pages of practical advice for WWOOFers (volunteers).

The original Practical Guide to WWOOFing * $8.00, PDF E-Book by A Greenman, (long-term WWOOFer), 100 pages of practical advice for WWOOF volunteers.

WWOOF Hosting: A Practical Guide * $15.00, PDF E-Book by T and A Roberts (WWOOF Hosts), over 100 pages of practical advice for WWOOF Hosts.

*PDF E-books are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You will need an e-mail address and the Acrobat viewer to view these e-books. This can be downloaded free of charge fromAdobe

WWOOF T-Shirts

WWOOF Long-sleeved Organic Cotton T-Shirt $40 Color: Black. Please select size, (Extra-large temporarily unavailable)

WWOOF Short-sleeved Organic Cotton T-Shirt $35 Color: Arctic Blue. Please select size (Large only available)

**T-shirts are only available from WWOOF Australia.**


Domestic Postage, $5.00 takes 5 to 15 business days for hardcopy WWOOF Books and t-shirts. Western Australian and Northern Territory orders are sent Express at no extra charge, but still may take 10 business days to arrive.

Express Postage, $10.00 within Australia, takes 2 to 7 business days Australia Post guarantees overnight delivery Capital City to Capital City only, the WWOOF Office is in Regional Victoria.

Overseas Postage, $15.00 takes up to 20 business days, for all orders sent outside Australia (including New Zealand orders). All orders are sent overseas by Airmail, they leave Australia by air but are then delivered by regular mail after clearing customs.

Apps and PDFs/E-Books, Free Free: WWOOF Apps, PDF Host and WWOOFer Guides only

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I understand that WWOOF Pty Ltd's function is limited to providing WWOOFers with the current list of WWOOF Hosts and WWOOF Australia cannot accept responsibility for injury, loss or damage. I release, indemnify, assume the defence of (if requested), and hold harmless WWOOF Pty Ltd and its directors, officers, employees and agents from and against any and all liability, loss damages, costs or expenses (including legal fees). By submitting this order, I agree to these Terms and Conditions and I agree to follow the WWOOF Guidelines and produce suitable photo identification along with my WWOOF Book to each WWOOF Host I visit for membership verification upon arrival.

I understand that no refund for membership will be issued if I cannot obtain a visa, if required. (A visa should be obtained before joining if required). If for any other reason I decide not to use my WWOOF membership I must notify WWOOF in writing within 7 days of joining. A part refund only will be issued and my membership will be cancelled. Memberships are not transferable.

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NOTE: YOU CANNOT SUBMIT THIS FORM - IT IS ONLY FOR PRINTING and Faxing or mailing to us! Please complete this form, by TYPING in your details, then print the form and fax or post it to us with one of the following kinds of payment:

Cheques and Money Orders - Bank cheques, Money Orders or personal cheques in Australian dollars. payable to WWOOF Pty Ltd.

Mail this form to: WWOOF Australia, 2166 Gelantipy Road, W Tree, 3885 Victoria, Australia or Fax order to: 03 5155 0342 if you have included your credit card details.

Questions: Phone: 03 5155 0218, e-mail us wwoof @ wwoof.com.au (no spaces)

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