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WWOOF Hosting: A Practical Guide

This book is written by WWOOF Australia Hosts, Trevor and Amanda Roberts, specifically for WWOOF Hosts, as a practical guide to Hosting WWOOFers.

This Book is filled with over 100 pages of practical advice for WWOOF Hosts. This is a fantastic resource for people contemplating becoming a WWOOF Host as well as for existing WWOOF Hosts.

It is available as a PDF document in Adobe Acrobat PDF format via e-mail for $15.00. You will need the Acrobat viewer to view these files, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe.

"Prospective WWOOF Hosts awake!

Thinking of WWOOF Hosting but not sure if you're up to it? Don't know what you need to do to be ready to welcome WWOOFers? Unsure of how to house and feed them? How do you go about attracting the right kind of volunteers? Hosting already but finding parts of it a struggle? Confused because the people looking for a host farm are not what you expected? Not sure what it might cost? Find yourself a bit hung up about volunteers' behaviour? Like to know how other Hosts are surviving?

So many questions. When we started WWOOF Hosting, we were as green as they come, which made us ripe (to mix metaphors) for falling victim to all the tricks in the book.

Now, with the benefit of experience and hindsight, we are in a position to help you through the maze.

WWOOF Hosting: A Practical Guide is just that - practical; not filled with our comical or tragic stories, but over a hundred pages full of advice and information.

For a modest outlay, you could save yourself loads of time and money while, more importantly, retaining your sanity. We wish we had this information available to us when we embarked on this journey two years ago.

"Buy this PDF copy and, provided you register with the authors (by completing and sending the form in the book), you will receive a free replacement when we publish a new version in the future (which is on the cards, as we are still learning something new about WWOOFers every day)."

Trevor and Amanda Roberts, WWOOF Hosts NU200: Click here to order.

WWOOF Hosts SA246 Katja and Paul made the following comments about "WWOOF Hosting- A Practical Guide", in February 2011:

"Paul has been taking backpackers, then WWOOFers for over 20 years and has hosted thousands by now. We purchased the Host Guide and feel that many more hosts would stick with the program and be more successful with it. I thought it would be great if you could offer the Guide for an additional fee with every initial membership.*

Despite being quite 'experienced' at this we found it extremely helpful. For several organizational tips as well as knowing that, no, we are not insane or nasty. It takes a long time to develop the backbone to make rules and occasionally send a WWOOFer on their way, which allow you to feel comfortable in your own home. Having this guide, we believe will really make for a much better experience for a majority of hosts. In turn, there will be more hosts around which will benefit the many brilliant WWOOFers out there."

*Note: WWOOF is now offering WWOOF Hosting- A Practical Guide to all new Hosts for a discounted price of $10.00 if they order it at the same time as they send in their Host Application.

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