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In all States and Territories it is vital that WWOOF Hosts comply with Workcover and Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

In some States WWOOFers are not regarded as workers and are not granted cover under Workers Compensation Insurance. In order to provide WWOOFers with some cover in these States and for small accident claims, WWOOFers are covered by WWOOFer Insurance.

This very small basic accident policy is based on a $10.00 premium built into each WWOOFer's membership if their membership number begins with i (e.g. i15/1234 or i15-1234). A summary of cover is on the inside front cover of every WWOOF Book and in the WWOOF App. Some WWOOFers arrive in Australia on a Work and Travel Package which includes insurance cover, so these WWOOFers do not have WWOOFer insurance, their membership number will not begin with "i" (e.g. 15/1234 or 15-1234).

This insurance is only applicable to registered WWOOFers who have an accident while on a registered WWOOF Host property. This WWOOFer insurance is often used in preference to WorkCover for small claims and offers a small amount of cover to WWOOFers in states where WorkCover does not apply.

The other way an injured WWOOFer can seek compensation is to sue the Host. To do this, they must prove the Host was negligent.

For the Hosts protection it is important to have public liability insurance as part of their property insurance. Some Hosts have Domestic Workers Compensation included in their household insurance which covers cleaners, gardeners and their WWOOFers.

Please contact your own insurance provider to check your cover as every policy is different.

Workers Compensation / Workcover and Occupational Health and Safety

We have been in contact with Work Cover Authorities in all States and Territories to collect information about Workcover obligations for Hosts. Northern Territory and South Australia do not need to have Work Cover Insurance as volunteers are not covered. You are advised to check this with the authority in your State to ensure the information provided is still currrent, as Workers Compensation regulations do change from time to time.

We have compiled a PDF of Workcover Information for WWOOF Hosts which covers all States and Territories, you may download this and print off the information for your own State. There are severe penalties for breaching Workcover or Occupational Health and Safety regulations, so it is important to understand your obligations.

Contact details for each of the Workcover Authorities listed are below:

Victoria T: 1800-136-089

New South Wales T: 13-10-50

ACT T: 02-6205-0200

Northern Territory T: 1800-019-115

South Australia T: 1300-365-255

Tasmania T: 1300-366-322

Western Australia T: 1300-794-744

Queensland T: 1300-362-128

WWOOF Pty Ltd advises you to follow the laws of your state. Disregarding the WorkCover Laws or Occupational Health and Safety Regulations may result in heavy penalties.

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