Signing up a WWOOFer

Signing up a WWOOFer

If someone contacts you (or arrives at your property) wanting to WWOOF with you but they have not yet joined, you can check their Photo ID, collect $70.00 from them for their membership and call us on 03-5155-0218 to sign them up over the phone.

You pay us $60.00, keeping a $10 commission to cover the cost of your phone call etc. We will issue them with a membership number over the phone and send their WWOOF Book to them at your property or if they prefer the WWOOF App we will email them with their log-in details.

If they arrive after office hours you can ask them to fill in our online order form listing your Host Number and address as the address to send their WWOOF Book. We will e-mail them in the morning with their membership number and send their book to your address or email their App log-in details. If they leave before their book arrives, be sure to get a forwarding address so you can send it on to them.

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