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Welcome to WWOOF Australia's Mobile App.

Select the WWOOF App when you join WWOOF Australia and install the App from your App Store. Log in with your Member Number and email address to gain access to thousands of Host Farms around Australia. The WWOOF App is free to downlad but you must be a member to log in and access the Hosts. Ensure you allow the App to completely download while connected to the Intenet, this takes a few minutes and will ensure you have all of the Hosts listed.

Current WWOOF Members who already have a WWOOF Book can purchase the App direct from WWOOF Australia for $20.00, see online Order form for details. Add an App to a current WWOOF membership.

WWOOF App for Hosts: Hosts will also be able to choose a Book or App when they join or renew their membership each year. If Hosts want to access the App prior to their Renewal period they can simply call WWOOF and we will arrange this for them for $10.

Easily browse Hosts in a particular State, Town or Region, save them to Favourites, or mark the ones you've already stayed with. You can search areas of interest, such as horses, wineries or Permaculture etc.

The WWOOF App is very user friendly and replaces the need to carry your WWOOF Book on your travels. It is proof of Membership to show your Host on arrival.

The WWOOF App loads all registered WWOOF Hosts when you log in with your WWOOF Member number while on-line. The Hosts remain visible in the app while off line and will refresh when connected to the Internet, including all New Hosts, and updates to Host entries.


Simple instructions

1. Join WWOOF, select the WWOOF App and Download the App from your App Store

When the App has installed, open it and tap the "Log in" button. This will take you to the Login Screen (login only required once).

2. Log-in using your Member Number and the Email address you used when you joined* if you join online directly through WWOOF Australia.

*If you join WWOOF at a Sales Agent they will issue a Member number and temporary password, use this until you receive a Login Error telling you to use your email address. When you log back in with the email address you used when you joined. Your name and joining date will appear on the Member Details screen to show your Host on arrival.


3. Search for Hosts by Name, Town, State or Region


4. View WWOOF information

mobile app info

5. Show Hosts your Active Subscription

Your membership details will be filled in automatically when you login to the App with your Member number and email address. Please show Hosts as proof of Active Membership. Add your own emergency contacts to assist your Hosts if needed.

App Troubleshooting

If you find your App does not load all the Hosts, or you have any other problems with it, ensure you have a good Internet connection and allow it to fully install, then log in and wait a few minutes before doing a Host search.

If you have problems with the App, please try the following:
Make sure that you enter your Member number and the email address you used when you joined WWOOF correctly, with no spaces before, after or in between the characters.

If you still have problems after you have completed the above do the following:

1. Go to the My Details screen, slide the screen up to reveal the hidden Options button, click this button.

2. Reset Cache - this will wipe all Hosts, html pages, etc, and re-download all content. Favourites & Hosts Visited should not be affected and will remain on the phone.

3. Force Hosts Update - this checks the database for new or deleted Hosts and adjusts your existing Host database on the phone. If your internet connection has not been so good, you may not have got the full database. When you have a good internet connection, you may want to update the App using Force Hosts Update.

4. If none of these things work or you have any other problems with it, the easiest way to repair it is to delete the App and reinstall it on your device. Ensure you allow it to fully install, then log in and wait a few minutes before doing a Host search.

A note for Windows Phone users only. Windows phones must be set to "Region" Australia, otherwise there is an error.

If you do this and still have problems, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with details including which type of device you are using, the model and operating system. We will ask our App designer to look into it for you.