Global Connections

International WWOOF Association Website The Network of WWOOF Organisations. This is your gateway to WWOOFing in any country in the world you want to! There are currently 50 countries with their own National Organisation, and all are listed here on this website under the menu item " Groups Worldwide ". Countries without a National Organisation are listed in the Independents List. Each WWOOF group has it's own set of rules and means of functioning, and you should contact them for more details.

* My Green Trip #SummerCleanUpChallenge from 12th of July to 12th of September 2016 What if each of us could make one simple action when he/she travels? An action that could be multiplied by million of travelers?
This is the idea of our Summer Challenge :Pick up litter in a place you will visit, take a funny picture and share it to inspire others.
Are you ready to clean up a piece of the planet during your summer?
What do you need to do?
1. Clean a place you visit
Identify a natural spot where there is waste that you can pick up. Take trash bags and clean it up, alone, with family, friends or with your cat
2. Take a picture
Capture tis moment by taking a funny picture of your challenge.
Let’s be creative (the cat is a good option)!
3. Share your picture
On Instagram or Facebook with the Hashtag #SummerCleanUpChallenge, tag us @mygreentrip and tell us where you were. You can also send it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Green Compass is an online magazine that focuses on international volunteering and sustainable living. The Green Compass reports from international volunteer schemes where we provide global perspectives into a sustainable and delicious way of life.

* WWOOF Australia is proud to be a member of IFOAM, the worldwide umbrella organization for the organic movement, uniting more than 750 member organizations in 108 countries. Organic trade is a rapidly growing reality all over the world. The growth rates of the organic sector demonstrate that organic products are moving from the "niche" and entering mainstream markets. The total land under certified organic production worldwide has reached over 26 million hectares. IFOAM is at the centre of this development. IFOAM actively participates in international agricultural and environmental negotiations with the United Nations and multilateral institutions to further the interests of the organic agricultural movement worldwide. IFOAM is uniquely recognised for taking on this important role. The introduction of the Principals of Organic Agriculture and the recognition of IFOAM by international institutions is of enormous importance for the further development of organic agriculture. E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

* Nabuur Foundation On this site you can become an online volunteer ("Neighbor") and actually help a community in a developing country. This web site is about giving communities in developing countries access to resources available elsewhere. Resources like information, expertise, existing solutions, creativity. You can help in many ways. By gathering information, consulting people and organizations you know, using your creativity, etc. Participating is easy: 1. Select the Village of your interest 2. Become a Neighbor of that Village 3. Join the discussions in the 'Discussions' area.

* Fernetzt is linking volunteers with environmental and social projects worldwide. Website in English, German, Spanish and French.

* WorldWide Volunteering is a non-profit making organisation whose aim is to make it easier for people of all ages to volunteer. We do this by providing instant access to information about the widest range of volunteering opportunities throughout the UK and worldwide. The WWV database enables volunteers to build an on-screen profile of their ideal volunteer placement which is then matched against the requirements of over 1550 organisations with more than 1,1 million placements each year throughout the world.

* One of the goals of The Interfaith Peacebuilding and Community Revitalization (IPCR) Initiative is to:' increase awareness of the countless number of 'things people can do in the everyday circumstances of their lives' which will contribute to peace building and community revitalization efforts, in their own communities and regions-- and in other parts of the world.

* International Volunteers for Peace (IVP) is the Australian group of Service Civil International (SCI), a worldwide non-government organisation promoting peace and justice through voluntary work. IVP organises volunteering projects in Australia around worthwhile community needs and causes. IVP also provides a gateway for Australians to participate in over 500 diverse workcamps all across the world.

* The Ecuador Volunteer Foundation is a non-profit organization that offers volunteer work opportunities abroad in social, environmental educational and community areas around Ecuador

* Strong, creative, healthy, compassionate, flexible volunteers are needed at Guaria de Osa to help with the Turtle Rescue Project. Guaria de Osa / Orhid of the Osa, is a Rainforest Ocean Wilderness Discovery Centre and Ethnobotanical Gardens on the Osa Penninsula of Costa Rica. The Guaria de Osa Experience where the rainforest kisses the sea! A vacation with a purpose dedicated to sanity and sustainability. An experiential Nature education at your fingertips! Save the rainforest one vacation at a time because your presence at Guaria contributes to the success of our biodiversity projects and benefits ground level community projects.

* Volunteer Programs: Starfish is a growing 'non-profit' volunteer and gap year organisation providing volunteer projects in the areas of health, childcare, wildlife conservation, community development and teaching in Thailand.

* The Australian International Education Centre was established 2000 in Budapest, Hungary. AIEC is Australian managed and assists eligible candidates of all ages with study, work and travel in Australia (in addition to study in Europe). AIEC also assists with unpaid internship (paid hospitality in regions) placements, visa application, accommodation, health insurance, travel advice for all cities and states in Australia. AIEC can inform and counsel candidates in most countries online and outside of business hours, with main office in Budapest and partner in Istanbul Turkey.

Alternative Lifestyles

* Earth Garden Welcome to the Web page of Earth Garden magazine, Australia's original magazine of alternatives for bush and city.

* Rejoice-In-Life Rejoice-In-Life Seminars: Education that addresses core life issues. Traditional diet and cultured foods (Weston A Price, sourdough bread, kefir, sauerkraut, etc), NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, Meditation and Tai Chi.

* Strawbale construction Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow, Strawbale Construction: We are licensed builders, specialised in strawbale construction. Our aim is to provide the highest quality workmanship as well as to build healthy, environmentally friendly and energy efficient houses, emphasizing sustainability and permaculture principles.

* We are building a strawbale house in Australia and have set up a blog following the construction progress.

* Black Rainbow Printing is an Australian owned supplier of quality Environmentally Friendly Printing Services. We specialise in 100% recycled and alternative fibre papers and environmentally responsible printing methods, offering a service to those wishing to avoid the use of paper derived from the unsustainable logging of old growth and high conservation value native forests.

* Jeanie Crago and Frank Crago and their four children are WWOOF hosts WN053 living in the midwest of Western Australia, where they have a farm running sheep, cattle and growing crops. Jeanie first became involved in an amazing Bush Medicine story after publishing her book, "A Look Over The Edge"

* The Intentional Communities Website provides information on the intentional communities movement including a searchable Communities Directory and hundreds of articles on community. Published by the FIC. Intentional Community is an inclusive term for ecovillages, co-housing, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives, and other projects where people strive together with a common vision.

* Home Energy Conservation for Kids has some great tips about how children can conserve energy at home.

Australian Environment Links and Groups

* Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing Australians today. It's up to all of us - individuals, business and government - to act quickly and ensure we protect this wonderful country for our kids and their kids too. Who On Earth Cares brings together Australians from all walks of life who want to want to see Australia reduce its spiralling levels of greenhouse pollution and avoid dangerous climate change. Who On Earth Cares shows what we are all doing in our lives to save energy and helps each of us let our politicians know we want leadership and real solutions to this important issue. Each of us really can make a difference, but together we can do even more. Put yourself on the map today to show you care about climate change. Who On Earth Cares is an initiative of the Australian Conservation Foundation. To learn more about us and the solutions to climate change visit

* Friends of the Earth Fitzroy - Melbourne - Australia Home Page.

* Greenpeace is an international environmental action group that seeks solutions. Greenpeace campaigns for sustainable living and the protection of nature.

* All Eco Natural and Organic Living : Ecologically sustainable, certified organic, natural, green products for your home and your family.

* ECOproperty We assist people to buy, sell, design and build eco properties and products that assist us to live in a more sustainable way. In doing so we aim to achieve Sustainable Earth Care Systems.

* The Wilderness Society is a national, community-based, environmental advocacy organization whose mission is to protect, promote and secure the future of wilderness and other high conservation areas.

* Australian Conservation Foundation: ACF Australia's leading environment group covers all major environmental issues in Australia: forests, national parks, uranium mining, greenhouse, world heritage, water, recycling, pollution, wilderness and endangered species.

* Mareeba Wetland Reserve is a not for profit conservation organisation in Far North Queensland. We offer a residential volunteer programme for domestic and international volunteers wishing to stay and work in the Australian bush and learn about wildlife conservation and habitat management.

* Solutions for Sustainable Living is an independent consultancy service providing innovative, creative, integrated and practical solutions for today's challenging rural lifestyle. We specialise in: Design, advice and education on eco-systems for water, land and energy. WWOOF Hosts TN100

* Ecoseek is the Internet's first green product search engine. Our mission is to make it easier to find research and buy eco-friendly products from all over the world.

* Buy Healthy is Australia's first Health and Organic Shops and Products Directory. We promote a healthy and organic way of life by listing and promoting only health and organic shops and products. We help health and time conscious people to find the health and organic shops and products at their own convenience and comfort, before they go out to shop.

* From sustainable homes to renewable energy or organic food, Australia is going green. EcoDirectory is your starting point to this new green world, with all sorts of eco-friendly products, services and information resources.

* The Crossing Land Education Trust In April 2008 ten young people from 16 years of age from the local region began one of the biggest challenges of their life so far, journeying from Bermagui on the east coast of Australia to the top of the Snowy Mountains using boats, bikes and boots. Along the way they will help the community with Landcare work and learn more about the natural environment at different altitudes and about living more sustainably. They will also attempt a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award which is presented by the NSW Governor.

* The Riverina Eastern Regional Organisation of Councils (REROC) Yours2Take website lists free, unwanted goods. . It works in a similar way to E-bay, users register details about the items they want to give away and then an e-mail is sent to the person if a request for the item is placed. There is potential for all regions throughout Australia to participate and offer the service to their own regions.

* Conservation Volunteers is Australia's leading practical Conservation organisation. Since 1982 Conservation Volunteers has fulfilled its mission to attract and manage a force of volunteers in practical conservation projects for the betterment of the Australian environment

* Eco-shout is the internet portal to Melbourne's green underbelly. It was designed as a catalyst to action for those campaigning for environmental and Indigenous justice and a sustainable future.

* GeneEthics Network is working for the full labelling of ALL foods produced using gene technology; a stronger, more precautionary Gene Technology Act; tougher GE food safety laws and standards; ratification of the international Biosafety Protocol and a sustainable GE-free future for Australian farms and our food supply.

* CANWin (Climate Action Now! - Wingecarribee) is a non-partisan community group taking action to minimise climate change. CANWin welcomes your participation, register your e-mail address and comment on their blog, become a full member and have full voting rights and add new topics to the blog.

* WeatherWorks Australia ~ The Sustainability Store is run by WWOOF Hosts WP129, based in Wattle Grove in Western Australia. Suppliers of Earth Science and Weather Instruments throughout the country.

* Pro Green Biofuels has developed an Australia wide distribution network with a high emphasis on remote Australia. With its range of mobile refuelling support solutions and transportable "Minor or Bulk Storage Terminals", converting to biofuels is easier than it has ever been. Accompanied with ProGreen's unique /foolproof change over procedures, using a biofuel as a sustainable / renewable fuel source is safer than ever.

Organic and Biodynamic Growing

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See below a comprehensive list of Organic and Biodynamic organisations that specialise in the sustainability of our planet earth.

* Australian Certified Organic (ACO) currently certifies about 55% of the Australian organic industry and we estimate the bud logo appears on about 70% of all certified organic product in Australia. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* NASAA - National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia. E-mail NASAA Australia's Leading Organic Certifier ~ Formed in 1986, NASAA (The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia Limited), along with its subsidiary NCO (NASAA Certified Organic Pty Ltd), is Australia's leading Organic Certifier. ~ Inspection, Certification, Public relations, Politics / Lobbying IFOAM Accredited Certifier,

* Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd promotes and supports this proven and firld tested form of regenerative agriculture and gardening troughout Australia.They are dedicated to improving the vitality of soils, therby increasing plant and animal vigour, pest and disease resistance and most importantly, maximising the nutritional value of human and animal foods. Biodynamics is based on the work of Rudolf Steiner (1861 - 1925).

* Bio-Dynamic Research Institute (BDRI) are the Bio-Dynamic DEMETER Certifying body for Australia.

* Safe Food Queensland (SFQ) is an Organic Certifying body in Queensland

Tasmanian Organic-Dynamic Producers Inc (T.O.P) is an Organic Certifying Body in Tasmania

* OFA the Organic Federation of Australia. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.As Australia's peak organic body, the Organic Federation of Australia (OFA) represents and promotes the Australian certified organic Industry to all relevant bodies including governments, statutory authorities, public bodies, international organisations, lobby groups, the agricultural industry, the media and consumers. ~ Teaching, Research, Public Relations, Environment / Biodiversity.

* OFC Organic Food Chain. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ~ Certification, Inspection, Trade, Consulting/Extension

* OGA -Organic Growers of Australia. E-mailOGA OGA is a national organic body providing certification for farmers, processors and manufacturers. OGA members produce organic herbs, fruit, vegies, bushfoods, eggs, processed goods and more. OGA has an excellent reputation across both trade and industry for organic quality and reliability OGA is fully accredited for export through both AQIS and JAS ~ Certification, Inspection, Agr. Production, Trade

* IFOAM - International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements has 730 member organisations in 100 countries. Uniting the Organic World ~ IFOAM's mission is leading, uniting and assisting the organic movement in its full diversity. Our goal is the worldwide adoption of ecologically, socially and economically sound systems that are based on the principles of Organic Agriculture. E-mail IFOAM

* Directory of Organic retailers around Australia

* Brisbane Organic Growers

* Hi, I'm Toni Salter "The Veggie Lady"As a qualified trainer and horticulturist I have been running popular courses in home and community gardening since 2000. My courses and other resources can show you how to easily grow great tasting, healthy, organic food in your own backyard - whether you live on a 5 acre property or in a crowded inner city terrace.

* The Green Directory provides a guide to eco-friendly products and services and runs a help desk to assist people find information, as well as offering a website design service.

* Gardening - Home Improvement The complete guide to Home Improvement, Gardening and Horticulture.

* Organic and Natural Enterprise Group We are better known as ONE Group. We've spent years in product research and development to formulate a unique, potent and beautiful range of certified organic products. We offer The world's FIRST extensive range of certified organic skin, body, hair, oral and health care products - certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to the highest international food standards.

* The Axle-tow feeder is a great new invention, designed by WWOOF Host NI038, Scott has designed this implement for bulk mulching, transporting and feeding-out from any vehicle equipped with a tow bar, even quad bikes. Scott has presented his 100% Australian made feeder on the ABC program "The New Inventors" and won the award for the night.

* Organic Facts is a source of actual information on different aspects of Organic Living including Organic Food, Organic Gardening, Organic Stores and Organic Cosmetics.

* Australian Aquaponics Murray's Aquaponics Journal, grow your own vegetables and fish, Aquaponic hardware and information

* Emerson College in East Sussex, UK, trains new organic and biodynamic vegetable growers and farmers on our Biodynamic Organic Agriculture Training. This is an accredited 2-year training, where the theoretical part is being taught during the winter time (Sept-March) and students go on placements on organic farms during the summer half of the year (April-September).

* Travel and work and study as well! Sounds ideal, and it is. Charles Sturt University based at Orange, N.S.W. Australia, offers a Bachelor of Ecological Agriculture which can be studied in the distance mode. All you need is access to a computer for online work and you are away. The course is virtually exam free so no problems with that component of your studies. In fact the course, which includes subjects such as organic agriculture and horticulture, permaculture, and organics, can be studied anywhere in the world. It is also most relevant if you are from overseas and traveling in Australia. If interested to know more do access the web site and/or contact the course coordinator on +61-(0)2-6365-7579

* is the essential reference for all gardeners committed to a natural, safe and healthy approach to gardening. is a place to learn how to choose plants that require little or no help from the gardener, check out Learning to grow food organically and sustainably

* At Garden Rant we are convinced that gardening MATTERS. Bored with perfect magazine gardens? Love with real rambling chaotic, dirty, bug-ridden gardens? Suspicious of "horticultural industry" and delighted by people with a passion for plants. Appalled by chemical warfare in the garden.

* The Centre for Sustainability Leadership Fellowship Program provides expert training and mentoring to inspire and cultivate responsible leaders for tomorrow. We welcome people in any field to apply. Successful applicants will join an esteemed network, dedicated to making a difference. You just need to be passionate about sustainability and committed to make our future a better place to live and work.

* Green Harvest Organic Gardening Supplies is a mail order business and online shop for organic seeds, sprouting equipment, books, tools and propagation supplies. Our free Australian Organic Gardening Resource Guide and catalogue contains products and information to create a healthy natural home and a garden full of nutritious, chemical-free vegetables and fruit. Our website contains our full product range and helpful hints and advice on natural pest control and organic gardening.

* Biodynamic Agriculture Australia Ltd (BAA) promotes biodynamic growing methodology and supports healthy sustainable food production at all levels across Australia with practical assistance from volunteers across the country.

* Fresh Organic Gardening Gardeners know the true meaning of serenity, of being one with nature, and they understand the magic of the cycle of life. At you will get to know all about organic gardening, about the joys of growing beautiful things from the earth, and about the gratification, pleasure and satisfaction of being able to produce your own food. We offer fantastic advice and encourage community involvement. You are also able to sign up to our free newsletter where we send out gardening tips and tricks! Come visit us and join our Organic Gardening Community.

* Ultimate Guide to Preventing Tree Drought by Paul at Tree Care. This guide explains how tree drought occurs and then lists four practical steps you can take to reduce the risk of tree drought.

* Open Colleges - Horticulture Course You will learn to recognise plants, undertake planting tasks, use correct pruning techniques and collect plant specimens. You will also acquire retail skills relevant to a garden centre environment and undertake a mandatory work placement. Successful completion of the course will equip you for employment in positions such as nursery assistant, nursery worker, assistant to groundskeeper and assistant to a horticulturalist.


Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems, which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems. It is the harmonious integration of landscape and people. See permaculture links below.

* Permaculture Melbourne a member based non-profit association. Coming under the umbrella of Permaculture Melbourne, there are a number of local and special interest groups including the Seedy Group, Victorian Educators' Group and the Heritage Fruits Group. Local groups include Mountain Districts, South Eastern Suburbs, North East Ranges and Yarra Valley.

* Permaculture International Journal Home Page

* Permaforest trust, Education and Training for Sustainable Living - The Permaforest Trust is a not-for-profit education centre created to promote sustainability. The Trust is a living example of sustainable practices where guests, members, interns and residents may learn together through participation. The Trust is located on a 170 acre farm at Barkers Vale, New South Wales in the humid subtropics of Australia adjacent to the World Heritage listed Border Ranges National Park.

* Southern Cross Permaculture WWOOF Hosts, VW007, Rick and Naomi Coleman, Project Managers, of Southern Cross Permaculture Institute (formerly PEDS) have been actively involved in permaculture application and education since 1990. They are internationally recognised permaculture teachers and consult for a range of organisations, both in Australia and overseas. They teach Permaculture Design Certificate courses on their Permaculture property in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

* The purpose of this website is to communicate the essence of permaculture simply and clearly, and to get you thinking about how it can apply to your own life. The content has evolved directly from work of co-originator of the permaculture concept, David Holmgren.

* Permablitz is a fantastic concept, where groups of volunteers get together and perform a permaculture blitz on gardens in and around Melbourne. Contribute to 3 Permablitzes and your garden can go on the waiting list for a future blitz! Win Win!

* BarkingFrogsPC offers online Permaculture Certificate courses, newsletters and publications.

* Cecilia Macaulay was a WWOOF host, and is now a WWOOF traveller, gleaning inspiration for her work as a Permaculture teacher and illustrator. See a selection of illustrations below

Places in Australia to go WWOOFing

Below is a list of places you can go WWOOFing in Australia. Some key locations, out of the way locations, and a general overview of some of the islands located close to the mainland.

* King Island There are WWOOF hosts on King Island and Flinders Island in Bass Straight who are quite isolated. You need to take a freight ferry or small plane to Flinders island, and King Island is only accessible by small aircraft.

* Go WWOOFing in the NF Region of the WWOOF Book/WWOOF App The Hawkesbury District is everything a country town has to offer and more, there are plenty of WWOOF Hosts in the area so come and have a look and meet some real Aussies! The Hawkesbury is a convict settlement n/w of Sydney 11/2 hours by train from Sydney Central Rail Station. There are an abundance of bush walking tracks also we have Tebutts Observatory, Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens, Opal Museums and Art Galleries. There are plenty of views to Sydney from the mountain villages of Kurrajong, Bowen Mountain and Kurrajong Heights. The Hawkesbury is the place to buy fresh fruit/vegies and produce from the farm, this is called the Harvest Trail. We are also the home of the mountain apple BILPIN, apple juice, plenty of orchards from apples to stone fruit lavender There are also many vineyards to visit scattered all over the Hawkesbury. There is an annual agricultural show once a year, which is the 4th largest in Australia. Windsor mall has a craft market every Sunday in the middle of the street surrounded by historical buildings. Once a month the Lions Club of Richmond fill Richmond park with 150-200 market stalls. There are many festivals: Fiddle Festival in March, St Albans Folk Festival, Fine Wine and Food Festival in October. Cricket is played on the oval in the centre of the same park every weekend.

* Go WWOOFing in the NV Region of the WWOOF Book/WWOOF App, in Northern NSW, see Byronbaynow If you plan to visit Byron Bay, a favourite surfing haven for travellers on the north coast of NSW, this site is a good place to get information about Byron Bay.

* Go WWOOFing in Norfolk Island in the QG section of the WWOOF Book/WWOOF App, See Norfolk Island ...Overwhelming scenery fringed by azure seas, this five by eight kilometre subtropical jewel offers everything in concentrate. From kaleidoscopic coral reefs filled with colourful fish to bushwalking among the planet's tallest tree ferns. Indulge in fresh island food and wine and experience a vibrant culture and history. Norfolk Island is serviced with regular international flights from Sydney, Brisbane, and Newcastle. Services operate from Sydney every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Brisbane every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and a Monday service from Newcastle (N.S.W). It is advisable to communicate with WWOOFer hosts on the Island to ascertain information about any special deals which may be available at the time of intended travel. Norfolk Island is an External Territory of Australia with it's own immigration regime. It is located 1610kms ENE of Sydney, 1456kms ESE of Brisbane, 1063kms NNW of Auckland and 772kms SE of Noumea. Norfolk Island is a volcanic outcrop in the middle of the Pacific Ocean 8km long and 5km wide with a resident population of approximately 1,800.

* Go WWOOFing in the QU, QT and QZ Regions of the WWOOF Book/WWOOF App in Tropical North Queensland. Check out the Tropical North Queensland Tourist Information Centre website. From the coral reef to the majestic ancient rainforest; from breathtaking waterfalls to pristine sandy beaches; and from inspiring Aboriginal culture to the excitement of Cairns nightlife.

* Go WWOOFing in the VZ Region in Victoria, visit W Tree, the home of the WWOOF Australia Office and a number of WWOOF Hosts.

* Go WWOOFing in the WS Region in Western Australia, see Margaret River WA or Margaret River Online for information about this wonderful region.

WWOOF Hosts in Australia

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See below for links to a few of our wonderful WWWOOF Hosts.

"Prospective WWOOF Hosts awake! Thinking of WWOOF Hosting but not sure if you're up to it? Don't know what you need to do to be ready to welcome WWOOFers? Unsure of how to house and feed them? How do you go about attracting the right kind of volunteers?

Then have a read of our suggestions below.

Hosting already but finding parts of it a struggle? Confused because the people looking for a host farm are not what you expected? Not sure what it might cost? Find yourself a bit hung up about volunteers' behaviour? Like to know how other Hosts are surviving? So many questions. When we started WWOOF Hosting, we were as green as they come, which made us ripe (to mix metaphors) for falling victim to all the tricks in the book. Now, with the benefit of experience and hindsight, we are in a position to help you through the maze. WWOOF Hosting: A Practical Guide is just that - practical; not filled with our comical or tragic stories, but over a hundred pages full of advice and information. For a modest outlay, you could save yourself loads of time and money while, more importantly, retaining your sanity. We wish we had this information available to us when we embarked on this journey two years ago. Buy this PDF copy and, provided you register with the authors (by completing and sending the form in the book), you will receive a free replacement when we publish a new version in the future (which is on the cards, as we are still learning something new about WWOOFers every day)" Trevor and Amanda Roberts, WWOOF Hosts NU200 *** Click here to order ***

* There is a small group of English teachers and WWOOF hosts that can help WWOOFers trying to learn to speak English, organised by WWOOFer David Brown i12/7350. Please see Natural English for details.

* TH055 Mount Misery HabitatReserve is envisaged as being a place where the owners can live in harmony with the organisms naturally occurring there.

* TH091 The Cheesery Discover Tasmania's only Sheep Milk Cheesery, where you can meet "the Girls" (as the sheep are fondly known), taste up to 15 different cheeses and enjoy a wine while viewing the whole process of cheese making and maturing.

* TN138 Old School Farm now has a blog about all of the WWOOFers and WWOOFing experiences at their Farm in Preston in Tasmania.

* SA169 Nullarbor Traveller specialises in camping adventures between Adelaide and Perth over Australia's Ultimate Road Journey - the Nullarbor Plain. Our fully inclusive tours capture the unique Australian outback and the spectacular coastline, on an 'Adventure to wild places'! The tours include: 9 Day Adelaide to Perth; 8 Day Perth to Adelaide; 5 Day secrets of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia; 5 Day secrets of Esperance in Western Australia. In partnership with Wwoof Australia, WWOOFers can now break the tour en-route at Coodlie Park (Wwoof host) on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia and experience the unique opportunities that Coodlie Park offers. Departures are weekly until the end of March so this is a unique opportunity for WWOOFers to experience a unique part of Australia and travel! Australia's Ultimate Road Journey - where the journey is part of the experience!

* VB071 Grampians Paradise Camping and Caravan Park is nestled under the highest peaks of the Grampians in a beautiful rural country setting. A wonderful example of environmental works undertaken by WWOOFers and their friendly and welcoming WWOOF Hosts.

* NB047 Fernmark Inn is owned and managed by two women committed to creating a welcoming and special retreat for all of Fernmark's guests. It is almost impossible to describe the warm welcome and energy you will feel when arriving at Fernmark and meet Hallie and Corinne - their enthusiastic caring service will strengthen every notion you have of bed and breakfasts as wonderful places to stay. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* NE033 We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to volunteer in Galeria Aniela Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park . Established in 1994, Galeria Aniela is renowned for the high-quality of modern Australian, Aboriginal and international art. As one of Australia's leading global contemporary international Art Galleries we work on major international art projects that involve artists from many countries and we offer a unique experience and cultural exchange. Volunteers can be involved in maintenance and organic gardening of the 2.7 hectares of sculptural gardens, creating tour de force hanging and moving art also assisting in a wide variety of projects in the preservation and conservation of Galeria Aniela and cultural heritage. Volunteering is a great way to learn and it is fun! It is also a unique opportunity to be involved in Galeria Aniela living art project. Galeria Aniela has had the privilege of holding major exhibitions of Arthur Boyd; John Perceval; Charles Blackman and David Boyd.

* NH041 Jacobs Ladder joined WWOOF in 1998 and have enjoyed the assistance and company of hundreds of WWOOFers who have been an essential part of their farm. Stay in a quaint renovated eco friendly farm house with stunning views while you do a variety of farm jobs, feeding chooks, collecting eggs, gardening, weeding, harvesting, planting, helping with cattle and rain forest development.

* NH101 Purple Pear Organics operates on 14 acres just outside Maitland in the Hunter Valley. The aim of the farm is to produce sustainable outcomes on a small scale agricultural endeavour. We have a market garden designed along the principles of a mandala garden and are establishing table olives and grapes amd nut trees to supplement food boxes we distribute in a community supported agriculture box system to the local community.

* NH118 Glenworth Valley is Australia's largest and most spectacular horse riding centre with 200 horses on 3000 acres, only 1 hour north of Sydney.

* NH140 Adventures in Sustainability is a family run business dedicated to promoting sustainable living and reducing their carbon emissions. They can help you with a wide range of plants, courses, products and consultancy. Michelle is the proprietor of Adventures in Sustainability, her husband and their 4 children live on a 6 acre property at Lisarow, which is about 8km north of Gosford, NSW. Adventures in Sustainability grew from a growing interest in living more sustainably that started with their first purchase of a water tank in 2004. They drew inspiration from the 1970s BBC comedy series The Good Life and promptly decided to dig up their front garden. WWOOF Hosts since 2009, they write blogs and WWOOFer reviews and like to share their families' journey toward sustainability with like minded WWOOFers.

* NI086 Rosnay Organic Farms is a unique model of sustainable, community based agriculture.

* NM138 Cordyline Retreat Dr Keith Bishop is an aquatic biologist working from their property. They have 20 acres with 2 acres cleared and the remainder moist Eucalypt forest rainforest. It is 1.5 kms from Smiths Lake, approx 10 kms to the nearest beach, all embedded in Myall Lakes NP.

* NR001 Clarence River Wilderness Lodge, just 3 hours from Brisbane is situated on the headwaters of the Clarence River in the rugged Great Dividing Range. A forgotten pocket of Australia, where nature reigns supreme. Four thousand hectares of river crafted country has been preserved in a wildlife refuge that is noted for the diverse abundance of its native animals and the wild splendour of its scenery.

* NR005 Warra Warra Organic Farm in Kyogle is a long established organic farm, high in the mountains of the Border Ranges, magnificent location with extraordinary diverse and stable ecology. Focus is on ethical and sustainable living. Host is expanding his 20 year+ market stall into an ethical business dedicated to Regional Sustainability in offering a locally-sourced, locally produced range of nutritious certified organic beverages marketed through regional outlets as a choice from the denatured drinks now on the market by the big multinational companies.

* NU200 Forest Glen Organics, Located in Bungawalbin Wetlands, our beautiful 65HA property is certified organic, has a balanced mix of open areas, natural bush and cultivated fields. It supports a Tea Tree plantation with oil distilled on site, market garden crops, as well as a function room and farmstay style accommodation for guests. See Trevor and Amanda on Sydney Good Weekender, October 2010

* NR033 Compost Stu, Pooh Solutions Composting Toilets Learn about organic gardening, permaculture, pecans and tractors. Make a digeridoo and learn how to play, or learn how to beat out a mystical arabic rhythm. New organic farm with Innovative design in process.

* NV057 Possum Creek Bushfoods have 800 Australian Native Bushfood trees, including Wild Fingerlimes, damson plums, native mint riberrys and lemon aspens. Wild Fingerlimes are their main crop, selling these throughout Australia and exporting globally.

* NV097 Swan Bay Organics have been WWOOF Hosts since 1997, producing Organic Tea Tree Oil. WWOOFers share farming life, exchange cultures, see local sights and experience things most travellers miss.

* NW097 Gunnebar Retreat Centre is a thriving centre for personal growth, spiritual awareness, creative expression and human connection.

* NW100 Sylva Lining Organics is a family owned and run Business born from the desire to provide highly nutritional, clean organic food for the family. Specialising in Spanish garlic, snow peas, open range organic eggs they also produce silver beet, Russian Garlic, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, lebanese cucumbers, eggplant and tomatoes. We welcome WWOOFers to help us achieve our goal of providing high quality produce to locals, tourists and markets.

* QG081 Fay and Eberhard Helwig grow Flanders Poppies and run a Bed and Breakfast in the wine tourism district of the Granite Belt in the only cool mountain climate of Queensland. Fay has written a book about a year in their life with their WWOOFers, called Wildflowers, wilderness and wine

* QG131 Wongawallan Lime Farm A small orchard/farm on 10 acres in the Gold Coast hinterland. 12 ms from Oxenford, Movie World, Wet and Wild and Dreamworld. Minutes away from the NP's of Mt Tamborine. The farm borders a small creek in a steep valley with over 1200 fruit trees, vegie garden, ducks, chooks and various breeds of geese as well as wildlife. Over 100 varieties of birds.

* QR038 "Meng Yuan" Mandarin for "Field of Dreams" Welcome to Mengyuan. Mengyuan businesses are in the "wellness" industry. Our objective is always to improve your state of wellness. It doesn't matter if your are buying Mengyuan Organic Olive Leaf Tea from us, ordering Ambrotose, relaxing and regenerating at the Bed and Breakfast, or receiving a Ka Huna massage at the Clinic. Everything we do revolves around improving the state of wellness of our clients.

* QT096 El Arish Tropical ExoticsBased at El Arish, between Townsville and Cairns in tropical North Queensland, we are a family-owned farm in 15 acres of rainforest specializing in providing Heliconias, Costas and Gingers for wholesale and retail. We also provide landscaping services. Check our blog

* QU068 Village Herb Farmis a small farm situated in the hills above Cairns in Far North Queensland

* NT054 Coolibah Crocodile Farm, Janelle and Bluey host many wwoofers through out the dry season (May - September). Welcoming travellers from all over the world to share their lifestyle for just a short while in return for some much needed help around the property.

* WP026 Forge Farm is a small friendly riding school in the Darling Ranges, 50 kms East of Perth.The school adjoins a vast tract of beautiful national forest, providing good riding country through natural scenery, with litte roads or traffic and abundant flora and fauna.

* WS010 Noggerup Homestay is about 3 hours south west of Perth. They have a small permaculture based, intensive edible landscape to enjoy.

* WW063 of Oranje Tractor Wines, Alban's only Organic Winery, achieved a 5 star winery rating in the “2010 James Halliday Australian Wine Companion. Oranje Tractor was awarded the best winery in the Albany Region, making it into the 10 Dark Horses selection, with most of their wines scoring 92 and above out of 100. Their 2004 Riesling with 95/100 was in the top 20 in Australia, 2003 and 2004 vintages scored 94/100.

WWOOFer adventures in Australia

* WWOOFers Marie & Edouard are WWOOFing around Australia in 2014, read all about their journey in french on their blog, they have also written an article about WWOOFing.
You can follow Marie & Edouard on :
Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and of course on their blog

The Green Compass is an online magazine that focuses on international volunteering and sustainable living. The Green Compass reports from international volunteer schemes where we provide global perspectives into a sustainable and delicious way of life.

WWOOFer Erica says "People often ask what’s my favorite part of my RTW trip. I wonder if they are expecting an exotic, tropical answer (the Cook Islands is certainly a contender) or perhaps an adrenaline-inducing activity (hiking a glacier or skydiving, both good options). But my answer is always this: it’s the week I spent on a dairy farm in Tasmania." check out Erica's blog

* Dave and Christy are travelling the world for one year to learn and share stories of empowerment, inspiration and connection between international Deaf communities. As part of their travels they joined WWOOF Australia and share their experiences in their blog at Discovering Deaf Worlds

* Dear WWOOF Australia: I have WWOOFed in Sandfly (WWOOF Host TH092) in Tasmania. It's a great time for me. And I have a Blogger to show my thanks and feedback.

* Yellow Submarine Adventure is the blog of Molly Kendall, who is WWOOFing around Australia exploring Australian Sustainable Communities (aka Ecovillages, communes, intentional communities)

* The Wombat that WWOOFed ,WWOOFer i12/5543, Phil, travelled Australia on his recumbent tricycle and its trailer raising money for "Camp Quality" on his Camp Quality Country Mile Tour, this is his blog.

* UPSIDE DOWN is a wonderful story written by English WWOOFer, Georgina Carr about her year long adventure of a lifetime, travelling and WWOOFing in Australia. Upside Down will have you packing your bags and heading off around Australia for your very own adventure.

* Adam Greenman has WWOOFed his way around England, Scotland, France, Spain Portugal and Hungary and has written an A-Z pocket handbook for WWOOFers, called The Practical Guide to WWOOFing. This can be purchased direct from Adam in paperback or as an e-book from WWOOF Australia. The Practical Guide to WWOOFing ...and Apples, Oranges and Blackberries news. When man has gone so far from nature, it is necessary for him to name his favourite toys and electronic devices after such natural things as Apple, Blackberry, Orange or even the delightful time we spend when we must Kindle wood......or furthermore, spend time in the Amazon.
Adam Greenman's illustrated humorous guide to WWOOFing has now been released for such curiosities as the Apple iPhone, iPad, Kindle and other e-book readers are available from Adam

I Travel Light Also by A. Greenman, author of 'The original Practical Guide to Wwoofing' The complete and novel story of 10 years of his travels, WWOOF and volunteering experiences: 'I Travel Light: The Man Who Walked Out of the World' is available on Amazon throughout the world, as an e-book and often as a paperback. This book is not 'based' on a true story - it IS a true story'. The extraordinary decade of a fresh wwoofer, a young English carpenter, who asks himself: "What is it that you really want in your life?" The answer is ‘less stress and more time’. To have this he must do without many of the things that cost him so much money in life, work less and learn how to provide for his own basic human needs, self-sufficiently.
Seeing that his vision will be easier to realize in a warmer climate, he heads off on a 'Gap Year' to Brazil, volunteers at a community and eventually builds a tree house to live in. He discovers that sometimes a gap year is just not enough, and that to complete his dream, he must take a 'Gap Life', 10 years or more! The nomad finds himself on many wonderful adventures, often guided by an immense sense of intuition and a growing interest in spirituality.
Helping on a farm in France, baking bread and walking donkeys, volunteering with an organisation called 'W.W.O.O.F' - 'Willing Workers or World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms' . He lives in a ruin in the mountains of Spain and grows his own food and lives like a monk. He buys a boat in India and becomes a fisherman, before getting caught up in a Tsunami. Onto New Zealand, he travels through ancient forests, often for days on foot.
Eventually, in the UK, he renounces everything he owns, except for the clothes he stands in. He sets off on a journey without a bag or destination, wandering Eastern Europe, seemingly responding to an inner calling. Grounding himself in earthly pursuits, continuing to learn more practical skills, he volunteers at orphanages and also continues to develop his 'Wwoofing' experiences, volunteering in Hungary.
Returning to WWOOF in England, he writes a book about the subject and assumes the author identity: 'A. Greenman'. His book is praised by the WWOOF founder.
After ten years of living simply and wandering, he walks back into the world, only to discover that he has gone so far, for so long, that he no longer knows how to live in it. With no bank account, phone or even an address. The now not so young adventurer sets about writing up thousands of pages of notes. Facing all he once left a decade before, and aspects of himself he has tried to leave behind. He learns that he is dyslexic and that he has trouble digesting information, not to mention the memories of being beaten to a pulp in his youth and results of head injuries he incurred. He presents his story, not as a travelogue, but as novel. First writing a pocket book for each country he went to, making up a series: 'The Adventures of a Greenman'. Collectively they form his novel style book:
'I Travel Light: The Man Who Walked Out of the World'

* WWOOF the movie is a documentary in the making about WWOOFing around the World, by videographer and WWOOFer, Ashley Terry, who has travelled 180,000 miles through 12 countries with a high definition camera.

* Jerome is a French Engineering student / WWOOFer who spent 3 months in Australia WWOOFing with 6 different Hosts, this is his report....

* Check out 10 WWOOFing Opportunities in Australia by Rebecca-Kinsella

* Belgian Couple Stephanie and Servaas,WWOOFers,I09/5500 talk about their WWOOFing adventures, travelling in Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia, where they stayed with WWOOF Hosts WN133

* Estonian WWOOFers, Nic and Laura spent their honeymoon WWOOFing in Australia, visit their blog and read about their adventures.

* WWOOFing Adventures Down Under - Living and Working on 36 Organic Farms in Australia and New Zealand is a memoir describing author Steffen Mirsky's 36 WWOOFing experiences on his life-changing journey across Australia and New Zealand over one and a half years. This wonderfully written and informative guide will appeal to prospective WWOOFers and those seeking engaging travel writing alike. Accompany Steffen as he travels to a tropical fruit winery, outback cattle station, flower farm, permaculture community, artisan bakery, blacksmith's forge, sheep and deer farm, fly-fishing lodge, and more. Meet a wide range of hosts, including permaculture's co-founder, and learn how they live off the land. Find out about their attempts at sustainable living through organic farming, renewable energy generation, natural building, traditional craftsmanship and water conservation.
Steffen's experiences are brought to life over 146 pages with more than 70 full-color photographs and maps and resources. Discover the extraordinary world of WWOOF and be inspired to embark upon your own journey of adventure and enlightenment.This book is available from Amazon for US$19.95

* Australians, Matt & Em share their experiences as two Aussies WWOOFing in the UK and doing similar volunteer work in Europe in their blog including "A hand-full of insights from our 'Volunteering' page for those looking at 'WWOOFing' and travelling on a shoestring."

Useful Services for Travellers

Find below, a list of useful and relevant links for Travellers, whether in Australia or Overseas.

* Victoria's Volunteering Portal is an online community and information resource for Victorian volunteers and volunteering organisations.

* Stagevoyage is a student organisation, which offers internships in Australia and in New Zealand. We'll put students into contact with employers working in their field, and we'll help them organize their visa, flights and insurance. We also offer cheap accommodation. Stagevoyage can customize their internship to get them on their professional road in these amazing two countries!

* Travel and work and study as well! Sounds ideal, and it is. Charles Sturt University based at Orange, N.S.W. Australia, offers a Bachelor of Ecological Agriculture which can be studied in the distance mode. All you need is access to a computer for online work and you are away. The course is virtually exam free so no problems with that component of your studies. In fact the course, which includes subjects such as organic agriculture and horticulture, permaculture, and organics, can be studied anywhere in the world. It is also most relevant if you are from overseas and travelling in Australia. If interested to know more do access the web site and / or contact the course coordinator on +61-(0)2-6365-7579

* Brisbane Forum is an Online Discussion Community for general advice, questions & answers. Our forum is ultimately a tool to connect to local people from in and around Brisbane. Discuss local News & Issues, find things to do recommended by passionate residents, upcoming events, going out in Brisbane & more. We welcome anyone who wishes to participate on our online forum, whether you're here on a flying visit, a local resident or preparing to make the move to Brisbane and wish to ask questions. Its quick & free to sign up, join in with the community at Brisbane forum, we'll see you there.

* Misterwhat-AU provides a comprehensive business directory of Australian businesses, organisations and community services. Find the company, shop, restaurant, product or service you want quickly and easily, wherever you are in Australia, as currently lists more than 1,000,000 organisations. Profiles include address, phone numbers, services provided, local map, route planner, opening hours and more. MisterWhat is 100% free, no strings attached, everybody can contribute to make the data and information presented, leaving reviews and adding photos.

* Ag Training is a nationally registered training organisation offering you training in farm machinery operations and maintenance as well as earth moving licensing delivered by industry experienced trainers. The training program is focussed on producing machinery operators who are safe, productive and efficient. You will gain a skill set that you can use all over the world.

* Changing Worlds specialise in Gap Years Abroad, student gap years, gap years in Australia, gap years for grownups, work placements abroad, voluntary work abroad and voluntary work overseas.

* Travel-n-Work powered by Sprachcaffe Languages Plus International offers language courses, internships, volunteering projects and work and travel stays all around the globe. The WWOOF membership is included in our Travel-n-Work starter package, but you can also make your stay downunder more adventurous by booking one of our amazing outdoor activities in Australia. It doesn't matter if you plan to do a bungee jump in Cairns, or a surf-day trip along Sydney's beautiful Northern Beaches, our Travel-n-Work team will book everything for you already before your departure. All you need to do is contact us at our Sprachcaffe headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, and one of our friendly staff members will give you all the necessary information you need to plan your fun trip.

* Travellerspoint is a travel blogging platform and community offering trip mapping tools, forums, accommodation bookings and bellow travellers advice since 2002. Travellerspoint are giving away 3 free WWOOF memberships, to be in the running to win, book Australian accommodation before the end of August 2012 on their website! Check out WWOOF 101: A Complete Guide and Explanation to the ins and outs of WWOOFing.

* Online Travel Directory which contains links all about travelling, such as accommodation, travel agents, packages tours, transportation, restaurant, travel guide and information and much more

* The Environmental Jobs Network is a not-for-profit organisation which enables employers to advertise their vacancies to thousands of environmental sector professionals. We have produced a Career Resources Guide, DVD and plan to offer environmental career conferences and workshops all around Australia. Search for jobs, register for our weekly mail out or enter our online Environmental Careers Office.

* Seasonal Work Australia looking for paid work? This site links employers and workers on the great Australian Harvest Trail and on casual and seasonal job searches in other industries. You MUST have a valid AUSTRALIAN WORK PERMIT before contacting an employer.

* OverseasJobCentre News, features and listings for finding paid and voluntary jobs abroad to fund your travels and stay away longer. Also free monthly Jobs Abroad Bulletin.

* Next Step Abroad - The Internet's NUMBER ONE online community, Job Board and classifieds for Job Seekers Backpackers and Working Holiday makers - all around the world!

* BYO Kids.....your family travel gurus. A one stop resource to help plan the perfect family holiday in Australia and New Zealand. Find information on family friendly accommodation, attractions, restaurants, products and services. Read articles, travel tips, get special deals and enter our competitions. Book and shop online.

* Outback Camp Tours run from Perth to Darwin and vice versa. Experience remote and unspoilt areas of the west coast of WA and NT. We take the time to explore and enjoy nature on our intimate 12 person, 30 day tours Facebook: Adventure Taxi Phone: 0427 111 071 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Nullarbor Traveller specialises in camping adventures between Adelaide and Perth over Australia's Ultimate Road Journey - the Nullarbor Plain. Our fully inclusive tours capture the unique Australian outback and the spectacular coastline, on an 'Adventure to wild places'! The tours include: 9 Day Adelaide to Perth; 8 Day Perth to Adelaide; 5 Day secrets of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia; 5 Day secrets of Esperance in Western Australia. In partnership with Wwoof Australia, WWOOFers can now break the tour en-route at Coodlie Park (Wwoof host SA169) on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia and experience the unique opportunities that Coodlie Park offers. Departures are weekly until the end of March so this is a unique opportunity for WWOOFers to experience a unique part of Australia and travel! Australia's Ultimate Road Journey - where the journey is part of the experience!

* Australia Adventures - Here at Australia Adventures we make Partners with those that offer fun activities and that are involved in outdoor recreation including adventure sports, ballooning, beaches, bungee, B.A.S.E, bush walking, hiking, camping, canyoning, climbing, caving, cruises, sailing, cycling, ecotourism, fishing, four wheel driving, golf, horse riding, mountain biking, mountaineering, national parks, orienteering, paddling, rafting, scuba, snorkelling, sky diving, snow sports, surfing, wake boarding, wind surfing, and much more.

* Bookme Cairns 20 - 90% off Activities and Attractions from Cairns to Cape Tribulation. Epic deals on the Great Barrier reef, Rainforest, Skydiving, Wakeboarding, massage, Horse Riding, Wildlife parks and more!

* Boomerang Tours Australia We provide outback and bush camping, sightseeing, 4WD safaris and luxury private tours. A fabulous holiday experience for budget travellers, individuals, couples, family's, groups, celebrities and high profile people, who wish to experience Australian adventure travel. Accommodation ranges, from tents and farm stay to five star hotels and secluded resorts.

* Famous Jolly Swagman Backpackers welcomes you to Sydney, Australia!For over 20 years the Jolly Swagman Hostel has been the heart and soul of the Australian backpacker world. With a lively, energetic bunch of managers who've been, seen and done it all themselves, the Jolly Swagman maintains a reputation for the friendliest staff, the cleanest beds at the best rates! AAA Tourism awards us 4 STARS. We are WWOOF Australia Agents, so you can also Join WWOOF while you're here!

* KANGA HOUSE - Nomads Kanga House,141 Victoria Street, Kings Cross, Sydney, freecall 1800 4 KANGA. SPECIAL! for WWOOF members *FREE BREAKFAST, *FREE INTERNET, *Buy 6 nights and get 1 FREE, *or $1 off per night. Close to everything , clean and friendly and great views of the City!This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Australian Backpacker Hostels - The Itchy Feet Backpackers guide to Hostel Accommodation in Australia. With hundreds of Hostels listed throughout Australia and now with an internet booking service.

* Trail Mail is a small family run business that has been working in the mail forwarding service for more than 5 years. Trail Mail offers the highest standard of customer service and the peace of mind that your mail will be dealt with in the most secure and efficient manner. Some of our clients include students studying here and overseas, backpackers from around the world travelling and working in Australia. We cater for the caravan lifestyle and also provide a safe collection point for travelling businesses.

* Redirect Australia Mail Forwarding Services - Travelling for Business or Pleasure? Redirect Australia deliver excellent mail forwarding services to national and international travellers. We have a range of membership plans to suit your needs, supported by highly experienced staff with vast industry experience to keep you in touch with your family, friends, business colleagues and associates whilst you are on the move.

* Touristclick - A comprehensive travel resources, find a travel site and service locally

* OnlyTourist Provides visitors with quality travel resources and fun in national favourite destinations. Our travel web directory includes travel guide, online booking, passport and visa services vacation planning and more.

* Australia Travel Guide is an invaluable resource providing gap year travel advice for backpackers visiting Australia. We can help you to organise your Australian visas, flights, travel insurance, backpacker jobs, and booking your Australian hostels. Come and discuss your travel plans in the Australian travel forum. Australia, travel, gap year, backpacker, forum, visas, insurance, hostels, accommodation, jobs, working, holiday, budget, adventure, tax, tours.

*Worked in Australia and need to claim your Tax back? can organise this for you. If you register your details at you will avail of an AUD $20.00 discount to be redeemed when you are ready to apply. Register today and get some money for your travels!!!

* Landbase Australia is a mail forwarding service which provides travellers with a single, stable postal address where incoming mail is recorded and forwarded correctly - even if travel plans are changed.

* Western Tourist Radio - We operate tourist radio stations in the South West of WA and are developing our website as a visitor information portal.

* is a free service Australia wide linking people with a common interest in travelling together at no cost. The idea is to cut down on petrol costs for drivers and increse the options for passengers while improving social interaction within the commuting and travelling community.

* Rideshare and Campervan Relocations Offer or find a lift on - Australia's biggest rideshare site. It's the cheapest way to travel around the country and a great way to meet backpackers and travelers in Australia. also offers campervan relocations which allow you to hire a campervan for just $1 per day.

* Rhino Car Hire - Compares prices from all local and leading car hire suppliers to find you cheap rates on car hire in Australia. Launched in 2007, they won the award of Best Car Hire Website 2010 at the Travolution Awards in London.

* Travellers Car Market offers you (the travellers and backpackers) a free, easy to use service to offer and search for a car, which is perfect for you to travel through Australia

* Travellers-autobarn - Cars and Vans for Backpackers. So you can do all the WWOOFing you want to on your holiday in Oz.

* Camperman Australia is an campervan hire company based along the East Coast with hire locations including Cairns, Townsville, Adelaide, Airlie Beach, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Freecall 1800 216 223 our friendly team now to stay on budget during your Australian getaway.

* Hippie Camper Australia ~ Campervan Rentals for the traveller who wants to hit the road on a budget and style. We have locations located in each major eastern capital of Australia and one way rentals are always welcome.

* Rent a car with ezicar, compare rates with all the major car hire companies including Europcar, Hertz, Avis and Budget to find the best hire car deal.

* Campervan Hire Australia - Compare prices for Australian campervan hire and save with Salamanda Travel. We aim to find you the best price for your Australian campervan hire or motor home rental. Also check out our latest campervan hire specials.

* Tiger Car Rental provides low cost car hire in thousands of locations throughout Europe and Worldwide.

* KEA Campervan Hire Australia KEA Campers provide campervan hire and luxury motorhome rental in Australia with locations in Sydney, Perth, Cairns & Brisbane. Contact us today!

* Boomerang Australia Studies can help you in French, Spanish, Italian and English with everything concerning study programmes in Australia on student visas, tourist visas and working holiday visas. Our services and advice are free of charge and we will help you organise your project!!

* Visas Australia The World's leading Company in processing and issuing visas for Australia. If you are not an Australian or New Zealand passport holder you will require a visa to enter Australia. We ensure that your application is processed quickly leaving you to concentrate on planning the rest of your trip. We are an Australian Tourist Board and Australian High Commission approved service with over fifteen years experience in this field. We pride ourselves on our professional and friendly service, which we deliver at a budget price.

* Australian Visa Specialists our team are able to assist anyone to to travel to Australia for either tourism or business. With expert knowledge in processing short and long stay tourist visas for Australia, our dedicated team are happy to advise on all aspects of your trip. We also assist in processing New Zealand Working Holiday visas and Australian Working Holiday Visas.

* Overseas Emigration Visas - A Registered Migration Agency Apply online for an Australian working holiday and get your visa printed in your passport when you arrive in Australia. It's not only easy, it's cheap as well!

* eVisas to Australia (Pty) Ltd : Australian Eta Visas Travel Visas to Australia. Official Provider of online Visas for tourist, visitor and business travellers to Australia. Guaranteed lowest price online at Only AUD$13. Fast, simple and secure, open 24/7.

* The Migration Bureau is an international visa consulting company specialising in obtaining skills, business, and family residence visas for Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

* Working Holiday visas and ETA's from the Visa BureauAustralian immigration specialists offering working holiday visas, ETA's and permanent migration visas for Australia.

* Australian Visas offers Visa advice for Australia and the UK. If you have an eligible passport, you can apply online for an Australian electronic visa.

* Visas 4 Australia Company offer friendly, professional service ensuring your application is processed quickly, leaving you to concentrate on planning the rest of your trip.

* Australian Migration Forum is a British expats and Australia Immigration Social networking forum

* Australia Visa Immigration is Australia's leading provider of visa and immigration advice and is regulated by the Australian Government.

* Australian Travel Visas has a specialist team who will discuss your visa requirements and assist you in deciding the best Australia travel visa for you.

* Visa First process working holiday visas, skilled migrant visas, tourist and business visas for over 30,000 people travelling to more than 100 countries every year. We also organize everything that you need in Australia, new Zealand, UK and Ireland before you leave including tax numbers, arrival packages, bank accounts, SIM cards, jobs advice and much more!

* Travel to work specialise in assisting travellers to open bank accounts worldwide. In Australia they have partnered with the ANZ bank who have 484 branches around the country. Apply for a bank account and they will provide you with your account details by e-mail in 4-5 days. Simply show your passport/drivers license at any ANZ branch in Australia to access funds immediately and have your ATM card sent to you within a couple of days

* Air Ninjashows budget airlines that are not found on most booking engines (about 100 exist). It also allows the user to check several booking engines with only a few clicks. Basically, it provides a more complete picture of available flight options. does not sell tickets. We only provide information on where to find the best flight.

* The Gap Year Travel Store UK is a UK based online store, providing a wide range of backpacking essentials and travel accessories for RTW travel. Specialising in lightweight and compact travel equipment, as well as stocking a variety of travel backpacks, first aid kits, mosquito repellents and travel gadgets to make your trip easier. Get all the gear you need for your gap year in one dedicated online store!”

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