Fees & Renewals

Fee Structure and Renewals

Your initial payment of $90.00* covers you for 12 months after your entry first appears in the WWOOF Book and WWOOF App. Your Host entry will be available in the WWOOF App immediately. For an additional $10 we will include the PDF E-Book, WWOOF Hosting - A Practical Guide by WWOOF Hosts, Trevor and Amanda Roberts. (This is a special price for new Hosts only, this guide normally sells for $15.00) Applications must be received by the 15th of April for inclusion in the July Book and the 15th of October for inclusion in the January Book.

Renewals are then payable yearly, and we will send you a Tax Invoice 4 to 6 weeks before the deadline for changes to the next WWOOF book. You must respond to this notice before the deadline, which will be clearly indicated on the renewal invoice, to ensure your entry and any alterations are included in the next book.

If we do not hear from you before this deadline, we will remove your entry from the book. Renewal rates are $65.00* per year or $50.00* for concession card holders. If you would like a copy of the next edition of the WWOOF Book, this can be purchased with your renewal for $15, Apps are now included with all Host renewals.

Deadlines for renewals and/or changes to your entry details: April 15th for the July edition or Oct 15th for the January edition.

*If you provide us with a copy of your current organic certification with an AQIS accredited Certifying body Host registration and renewal is free.

The WWOOF App is updated weekly to include New Hosts and all alterations to Host entries. We prepare an Amendment Sheet freely available to all WWOOFers who have a WWOOF Book, which is updated each week, advising of all new Hosts, deleted Hosts and important contact detail amendments.

If you decide to discontinue as a Host, you may still receive inquiries for a while after your details have been removed from the WWOOF Book. Your details will be removed from the WWOOF App immediately.

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