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Danielle Francis

Hi Wazza,
Thanks very much for reply. 🙂 I appreciate it.
I am interested in going that way… but that might be by end of this year and next year onwards.. I have a son finishing school year 12 this year who’s ready to move out and I will working away long distance about half of this year and trying to get some work close by this year before my son finishes school and I embark on my journey around Austrialia to find other like minded people to work with in the future on regular basis. I will put you down on the list to visit. I will call message you back this year.
Thank you again. Your welcome to call message me anytime about work dates and arrangements.
Looking forward to organising to meet you on my full trip around Australia. Let me know any time what time of year you need the most help and I will see if I can help you with that.
Danielle Francis
Thanks for being an organic grower and a grower who is willing to give me experience. I am excited. Talk soon. 🙂

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